Exhibitors 2022

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Team del corso di Wine Marketing Manager di ITS Agroalimentare Piemonte con Annoluce sas

Blockchain and NFT Technology to create a unique digital certification for collectible wine bottles linked to multimedia augmented file. A new experience for wine market

  O.16 (pav. O)

Ira Sulejmeni, Cofondatrice - CEO; Emanuele Torrisi, Cofondatore - CIO/CTO; Lorenzo Scarpelli, Cofondatore - CCO

Clearchain is a blockchain based tracking system for agri-food companies to safely track their products and monitor their quality.

Onorato Passarelli - IIS ITG ITI Vibo Valentia

Domotic and entertainment system, in virtual reality, managed with the thought by people with motor disabilities.

  P.06 (pav. P)

Luca Provenzano Giuseppina Porciello Maria Serena Panasiti Salvatore Maria Aglioti

Investigating moral behaviour in immersive virtual reality settings by means of an online dice game

  B.20 (pav. B)

Fabrizio DAmico, Luca Bertolini, Antonio Napolitano, Jhon Romer Diezmos Manalo

Analyzing digital models of linear transportation infrastructure making use also of cutting-edge technologies such as VR & AR viewers

  D.13 (pav. D)

Mario Giampaolo, Loretta Fabbri, Caterina Garofano

360 immersive videos for job orientation for university students

Claudia Adduce, Michele La Rocca, Valentina Lombardi, Andrea Montessori, Pietro Prestininzi, Giampiero Sciortino.

The beauty of water shines in many phenomena. This project is aimed at illustrating some of them, highlighting their importance from the natural and industrial point of view.

  D.11 (pav. D)

The MEMEX consortium (9 partners from 6 countries in Europe)

Helping socially fragile people integrating in the society with storytelling via an Augmented Reality app.

  B.16 (pav. B)


The Immersive Fabroom series blurs the boundaries between reality and the fantastic digital universes imagined by Fabvision and Tiwi

Corso ITS Meccatronica per lo Spazio

integrated orientation system to support orientation within the Molinette Hospital of Turin.

Marco Scevola Layout s.r.l.s, ITS ICT Piemonte

OrientaVerso is aimed to follow up the research, exploration and implementation activities started in the framework of ITS 4.0, the MIUR initiative promoted and coordinated by Upskill.

  O.18 (pav. O)

Daniele Calisi (Dipartimento di Architettura Roma Tre), con Stefano Botta e il contributo di Alessandro Cannata e Massimiliano di Paolo.

Metaverse as a paradigm of representation and knowledge of architecture and complexity: AR and VR in the communication of the project.

29 corsisti del percorso BI.UNIQUE Bags Industry. Under Innovation Quality Excellence - Politecnico di Milano

SPARK@MITA - software of Spatial Augmented Reality as a Key for co-creativity

  O.11 (pav. O)

Saverio Giulio Malatesta, Laura Leopardi, Paola La Torre, Roberta Manzollino, Paolo Rosati

The Hatrix is a collector of ideas, methodologies, prototypes and digital applications in the world of cultural heritage.

CRC - Centro Ricerca e Cura - Donatella Tomaiuoli | Politecnico di Milano - Franca Garzotto

In the stutterings rehabilitation, the use of VR and biosensors increases the effectiveness of treatments, reducing time and costs.

  B.22 (pav. B)

MUltimedia & SEcurity (MUSE) Group

AI-based motion recognition through body language aiming at evaluating the quality of experience of the user in a virtual museum.

Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna di Pisa - Daniele Leonardis, Cristian Camardella, Domenico Chiaradia, Cristian Camardella, Tommaso Bagneschi, Antonio Frisoli

Wearable devices can not only sense signals, but also provide tactile feedback in immersive Virtual Reality and active motor assitance to the user. We show development of soft hand exoskeletons and haptic gloves for research applications in the field of VR neuro-rehabilitation.

  B.27 (pav. B)
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