Exhibitors 2023

Category "AI - Artificial Intelligence"

Maria Pia di Buono, Raffaele Manna, Giulia Speranza

Advanced Technologies for Heritage Enhancement for Novel Applications

Innereo team

Ai music platform to increase mind focus.

Maccagni Giacomo, Federico Minutoli

We will start with an overview of the Machine Learning models covered within Reply R&D. We will then move on to a focus on a robotic agent such as SPOT by Boston Dynamics. From here we will have the basis to move on to an implementation of Embodied AI Agents controlled completely with voice in natural language.

Marco Cristofanilli

Generative AI Project demo based on Italian GPU Cloud infrastructures.

  A4 (pav. 5A.04)

Maurizio Mario Murino

A tool to help medical professionals evaluate the empirical rigour of scientific papers.

Eugenio Cannada Bartoli

We help to relieve stress before it happens

  L3 (pav. 4L.03)


Syntesi is an advanced summarization solution based on semantic understanding, designed specifically for the newspaper industry.

  A7 (pav. 5A.07)

Daniele Miorandi, Giulia Boato, Diego Taglioni, Rossana Bartolacelli, Stefano Tavonatti, Antonio Luigi Stefani, Luca Zardini

Artificial Intelligence and blockchain against deepfakes on social media

  A1 (pav. 5A.01)
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