Exhibitors 2023

Category "ITS 4.0"

ITS D.E.Mo.S Academy 3D Flakes printing

"Our revolutionary project offers an affordable and eco-friendly 3D printer, promoting innovation and sustainability in sectors such as education and industry. Maker Faire Rome provides a key opportunity to share this vision and connect with the innovative community."


Modular control unit for data collection from any Computerized Numerical Control

  D10 (pav. 6D.10)

ITS JobsAcademy - Smart Solutions - Freemind Design Studio

Choosy is the App that supports laboratory operators and technicians recommending the most sustainable types of sample preparation

Branca A., Bonollo L., Carotenuto D., Duric D., Gavrilescu I., Canazza S., Cantele M., De Guidi A., Marchioro F., Mecca N., Pristerà A. and Fumene Feruglio P.

Distributed multi-sensor system for environmental monitoring with a view to sustainability and reduction of electricity consumption and light pollution

  D13 (pav. 6D.13)

ITS Academy LAST - Verona

EGO is an integrated telemetry and sensor 4.0 system for the real calculation of the CO2 produced by means of transport. The system allows and certifies CO2 compensation

I ragazzi del corso "Enofood Experience" della Fondazione ITS E.A.T. di Grosseto

"Franchino il robottino" is a robot capable of moving autonomously on the ground and, thanks to the advanced technology with which it is equipped, will be able to analyze the technical parameters of the ground. This allows the farmer to have the results in real time (or in any case a few minutes after the analysis) without having to wait days (as in the current laboratory analysis method).

  E2 (pav. 6E.02)

First year Game developers and Cybber security expert

"Games Bond" is a multimedia experience of the "serious game" type whose objective is to raise user awareness of the security issues we face on a daily basis.

  G3 (pav. 6G.03)

Fondazione ITS Biotecnologie

Unveil the future of orthopedic recovery: an innovative, speedy and comfortable medical breakthrough for fractures, outshining traditional plaster casts.

Restaino Domenico, Bruno Maddalena, Orlando Imma, Maggio Giovanni, DeCarlo Donatella, Schiavone Valentino and Bellettieri Vincenzo

Experiment smart and green processes for farms that are also economically sustainable

Agugliaro Anna , Amato Salvatore, Di Vita Deborah , Donzì Giulia

Hermes' Friends is an App designed to inform and monitor drivers engaged in loading, transporting and unloading goods services.

ITSRED Academy

For a better construction site we must be able to trace the products used, up to their correct installation

Precision Farming Course - ITS Agroalimentare per il Piemonte

A new green and "spatial" way to Circular Economy and susteinability approach

  E3 (pav. 6E.03)


SPORTECH's objective was to create a sporty and elegant double jacket, made with a fine fabric and a technical fabric, using 4.0 technologies in different phases of production

  D9 (pav. 6D.09)

Classe BioqualTECH22 - Fondazione Vita

The project that we will bring to Rome for Maker Faire is called "Question of Chemistry" and it is the same project that won the first place in the category of "Immersive Technologies" of the ITS 4.0 project. The primary aim of our project was to find an innovative training solution capable of stimulating the curiosity of children , making the learning of scientific subjects a unique experience. The project was developed by our class of students of the course "BioqualTECH22".

  D15 (pav. 6D.15)

MITS ACADEMY UDINE - Corso Tecnico Superiore di processo, prodotto, comunicazione e marketing per il settore arredamento - Arredo navale, nautico e dell’hospitality

An immersive and experiential outdoor furniture created in collaboration with the MOROSO SPA company: a multifunctional space that can be used 24 hours a day

  D14 (pav. 6D.14)

Studenti del Corso Tecnico superiore - AR/VR AND GAME DEVELOPER b.f. 2022/2024

SAFE VR, the prototype that will allow you to navigate in a Safe and Inclusive Metaverse, accessible everywhere and to anyone

  E8 (pav. 6E.08)

Youssef Ait Ourtane, Samuele Celebre, Gabriele Germanetto, Federico Schiavon, Marco Silba, Marco Tarantini

Working on a DOTT scooter, one of the main global players in the field of urban Sharing Mobility, we build a support that allows to attach it securely to a light wheelchair.


The all-in-one application for inclusive tourism. A tangible support for a unique experience

  G2 (pav. 6G.02)

Fondazione ITS BACT - Studenti corso “Tecnico Superiore per la Conduzione del Cantiere di Restauro Architettonico”

Human – Machine Collaboration - Industry 5.0, Hi-Tech modular system composed of glove, drone, microscope and APP enhanced with IoT devices and ML Artificial Intelligence to identify the type of degradation and material in the Restoration of Cultural Heritage.

Accademia Italiana della Marina Mercantile

Celestial Sphere in virtual reality to facilitate learning and continuous training of astronomical navigation skills for seafarers

  D11 (pav. 6D.11)
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