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Bodynodes is a motion capture project made by a hobbyist for other hobbyists. Sensors can be worn and track the movement of the body. Then, the information can be used for different types of applications.

The most typical application is to control a character in a virtual reality game. Bodynodes makes the game more immersive than other systems because the sensors are worn and the player interacts directly with the new world. With the use of a VR headset or a VR cardboard, the player gets a fully immersive experience in the game.

The tracking information can also be used to create animations for videos or new games. Instead of going through days of animations, the animator can just track their own body and then work on the data collected using the Bodynodes sensors.

In the future, we will explore controlling drones and robots, transitioning from the virtual world to controlling the real world!


Manuel Bottini

I am Manuel and I am a passionate about technology. Graduated from the Politecnico of Turin as an Electronic Engineer I worked as a software developer for big companies like Reply (in Italy ), and Arm (in the UK). I now work in a startup called VNCAutomotive (still in the UK). I am currently living in Cambrigde in the UK.
I started working by chance on a side project years ago and even though the project was officially done I kept it going in my free time. That's how Bodynodes started.

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