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Fill the Gap

Fill the Gap

Fill the Gap is a platform that allows quality companionship to the elderly which connects the elderly person and the person with whom they decide to spend their time with specific matching. Our collaborators are young people who receive adequate training guaranteeing a safe service. Through the Fill the Gap platform, the elderly (or a family member) who is at home or in a private facility (RSA) can fill out a questionnaire in order to register on the platform and allow us to collect as much useful information about your habits and needs. Using an algorithm, the profiles of our young collaborators compatible with her needs are proposed to the elderly, to choose who to meet and share experiences.

Giuseppa Lonoce, Eliana Maraglino, Alessandro Tripodi

Fill the gap was born from the collaboration of fourfriends, young students and professionals with transversal experiences and skills whose foundation lies in the common goal of improving people's quality of life. The team is made up of Giuseppa lonoce, MSc student in Biomedical Engineering at Università degli Studi di Pisa with various interests including the world of entrepreneurship shared with the second member of team, her friend Eliana Maraglino, student in Medicine and Surgery at Università degli Studi di Pisa. Finally, the last member of the team, Alessandro Tripodi, a Telecommunications Engineer who has been working in the IT field for ten years as a technical support engineer and is passionate about technology and information security.

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