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The LIFE FOLIAGE project (LIFE19 GIE / IT / 000311) aims to improve forest governance in the Lazio and Umbria regions. The specific objectives of the project are: digitalization of regional administrative procedures, monitoring of forests through remote sensing techniques, providing statistics and other information for forest policy development. During the Maker Faire we will present the digital services that we are developing in the LIFE Foliage project:

  • Forest Management Platform (FMP), intended for public administrations, law enforcement agencies, professionals, forest owners;

  • Earth Observation Platform (EOP), based on remote sensing technologies and specifically addressed to Public Administrations;

  • Forestry Survey and Information Platform (FSIP), to support forest investigations in the field with a mobile application;

  • Governance Support Platform (GSP), to provide valuable forest statistics to Regions and to all national stakeholders.
    A game on line "Landscape Hunt" will be available to the public to train and to test their capabilities to recognize forest cuts and other forest anomalies (eg fires), from satellite imagery.


Marco Bascietto, Alessandro Alivernini, Loredana Oreti

Marco Bascietto
PhD in Forest Ecology, working for 20 years in and for forests by drilling holes in trees or studying them from outer space without any physical contact, luckily for them! LIFE FOLIAGE project creator and manager, in an effort to couple forest digitization and remote sensing

Alessandro Alivernini
Researcher at council for agricultural research and economics - research centre for Forestry and Wood. My main research fields are forest resources monitoring and management, geomatics for natural resources assessment, ecological modelling. I am scientific responsible of the European project LIFE Foliage and other national projects.

Loredana Oreti
Ph. D in science technology and biotechnology for sustainability actually researcher at council for agricultural research and economics - Research Centre for Engineering and Agro-Food Processing (CREA-IT). My main research field are geomatic for environmental management and forest monitoring by remote sensing and field survey of course!

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