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"AflaZeroUV & Aflazero": Box UV per individuare aflatossine negli alimenti e impianto di decontaminazione. Protezione alimentare con raggi UV e trattamento per garantire sicurezza e salute."

AflaZeroUV is a device that uses ultraviolet rays to detect aflatoxins in food. The food sample is exposed to UV rays, and the detected fluorescent reaction allows for determining the presence and quantity of aflatoxins. An innovative solution for ensuring safer food. The AflaZero decontamination system is an advanced system that utilizes a specific process to remove or reduce aflatoxins in contaminated food. By applying controlled conditions of temperature and treatment time with ozone, the system ensures the destruction of aflatoxins, making the food safe for human consumption.


The Aflazero Project is a pioneering initiative focused on food safety and quality. It aims to tackle the issue of Mycotoxin contamination in agricultural commodities, which poses a significant health risk to consumers worldwide. The project brings together a team of experts in the fields of food science, technology, and agriculture.

Through extensive research and development, the Aflazero Project has developed innovative solutions for aflatoxin detection and decontamination. The AflaZeroUV device, utilizing ultraviolet technology, can accurately identify the presence and quantity of aflatoxins in food samples. This enables quick and reliable assessment of aflatoxin contamination levels, facilitating timely interventions to ensure food safety.

Furthermore, the project has introduced the AflaZero decontamination system. This advanced system employs a specific process, including ozone treatment, to effectively remove or reduce aflatoxin levels in contaminated food. By implementing controlled conditions of temperature and treatment time, the AflaZero system guarantees the destruction of aflatoxins, making the food safe for consumption.

The Aflazero Project has garnered recognition for its significant contributions to food safety. Its innovative technologies and approaches have the potential to revolutionize the agricultural industry, safeguarding public health and ensuring the delivery of high-quality, safe food to consumers globally.

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