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Choosy is an App that recommends the most sustainable types of sample preparations and helps laboratory operators and technicians to learn in depth about them and test new ones independently. The user selects the material and the type of analysis that wants to carry out and the software suggests a list of compatible preparations (ordered by degree of sustainability). To make the app more accessible to users with different levels of training, there is a Tutorial section that explains how to carry out the selected preparation (video, textual description and simplified diagrams). Finally, the app is equipped with a Case History section created by the community.


ITS JobsAcademy - Smart Solutions - Freemind Design Studio

The authors of the project are:

  • The students of the Design and 3D Modeling course of the JobsAcademy Foundation located in San Paolo d'Argon (BG) - JobsAcademy offers courses in post-diploma education to train specialized technicians in Business, Technology, ICT, Marketing and Green sectors;
    In collaboration with:

  • Smart Solutions: Spin-off of the Chemistry for Technologies Laboratory of the University of Brescia, affiliated to the National Inter-university Consortium for Materials Science and Technology, recognized as an innovative Italian start-up until 2019.

  • Freemind Design Studio: design studio founded in 2014 specialized in product design innovation, service design development and user experience (UX/UI).

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