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L'innovazione nel confezionamento delle spezie

L'innovazione nel confezionamento delle spezie

This is innovative packaging
that at the moment we are the only ones in Italy to package e
Specifically, it differs from the classic PET case/container found
currently on the market as it is equipped with an open and close cap
practical and useful for use, compared to the pencil case which
once opened it is difficult to close again.
Furthermore, we specify that the packaging material prevents the product
inside it takes on humidity and gets wet during domestic use a
difference from the paper case.
The container is the same one that has been used for years in the dairy sector for liquids, adapted by us to contain dry products (spices), modifying the production process of a packaging machine created for liquid products.
Finally, we thought about protecting the environment, a topic in
this very heartfelt period, using a 100% recyclable material,
FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

L'innovazione nel confezionamento delle spezie

f.lli garuti srl / centro studi doria

We are pleased to introduce F.lli Garuti srl, as a company for the import, packaging and wholesale of food products, present on the market for over 50 years and specialized in the Ho.Re.Ca., G.D. channel. and G.D.O.

Our company, located in Lazio, with a 1000 m2 factory, offers a wide range of high quality products under the "Pavone" brand, such as drugs, spices, aromatic herbs, candied fruit, dried fruit and cake decorations.

Pavone customers can rely on a vast range of products, in different formats, all subjected to constant and careful checks.

The company has ISO9001, BIO, BRC, IFS certifications.

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