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Nuovi prodotti da forno da sottoprodotti alimentari

Nuovi prodotti da forno da sottoprodotti alimentari

New bakery products with high added value made with the use of new ingredients high in valuable proteins and health-promoting compounds obtained from sidestreams of the agrifood industry - whey, oilseeds and brewer’s spent grains – treated by mild and green technologies such as membrane technologies and supercritical CO2 extraction. This is the objective of the project “PROVIDE - PRotein and biOmolecules sources for nutritional security and biodiVersity of bakery products in a cIrcular fooD system”, funded under the ERANET SUSFOOD2 - CORE Organic programme.

Nuovi prodotti da forno da sottoprodotti alimentari

Daniele Pizzichini, Gian Paolo Leone, Matteo Dogali, Emilia Pucci, Valeria Poscente, Claudia Zoani

Daniele Pizzichini - Daniele Pizzichini is a Biotechnologist. He graduated in Molecular Biology in 2003 on the topic "Metabolic engineering of carotenoids in potatoes" at the University of Rome La Sapienza and obtained his PhD in 2008 at the University of L'Aquila on "Saffron transcriptomics". In 2004, Daniele began a collaboration with GENELAB s.r.l. (spin-off of ENEA), exploring the field of applied process technologies and in particular membrane filtration techniques. Since 2007 he has been the technical director of GENELAB S.r.l.
He has followed many projects in the field of valorization of agronomic biomass such as milk, whey, mill waste, pomace and so on. He participated and led specific process research and technology transfer activities in collaboration with various Italian food industries (Oleifici Mataluni, Cantina Calatrasi, Urbani tartufi): among these experiences one of the most relevant (2009-2012) was the industrialization of a ENEA patent, a prototype-plant based on membrane filtration technologies dedicated to the recovery of polyphenols from the by-products of olive pressing was designed, built and executed in the early stages by the Genelab team. This project gave rise to a new Start-up Phenofarm. The Genelab experience continued with the LIFE4MAR-PICCOLO Project (www.lifemarpiccolo.it) in partnership with ENEA, where a pilot membrane plant was created for the removal of organic pollutants-heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) from the sediment of the Mare Piccolo of Taranto was designed and executed by Genelab staff. Since 2015 Daniele has obtained the position of researcher at ENEA and is currently engaged in projects and collaborations with public institutions and private partners in the field of valorisation of by-products of food and non-food effluents deriving from dairy, brewery, olive oil and olive oil supply chains for the recovery of chemical substances with high added value for the food and/or nutraceutical sector or for applications in the agronomic field and for the recovery of water in a circular bioeconomy perspective and to increase the sustainability of production processes.

Gian Paolo Leone - Chemical engineer, carries out R&D activities in the bioeconomic field through the study of processes including mild technologies (supercritical fluid processes; evaporative spray-drying processes; membrane separation processes) applied to agri-food, marine and biological resources in the sector textile, to obtain biobased products with high technological value / added value for uses in sectors such as food, nutraceutical, cosmetic, textile also through the pursuit of "zero waste" objectives according to cascade valorisation approaches of primary matrices and/or first secondary. In the field of supercritical fluid extraction, it has expertise in the development and optimization of extraction processes of compounds with high added value (e.g. bioactive molecules, oils with high nutritional value, oils for cosmetic use) from agri-food and marine matrices , primary (e.g. microalgae; hemp / flax seeds) and primary secondary (e.g. tomato and wheat processing by-products) through the use of benchtop extraction equipment and the running of a pilot plant. In the textile sector he has carried out R & D activities for the development and optimization of coloring / finishing processes of fabrics and yarns using supercritical fluid processes (sustainable textiles). In the field of spray-drying technology, he has expertise in the optimization of evaporation and/or encapsulation processes through spray-drying of primary and secondary agri-food matrices or deriving from waste from the textile production sector for the prototyping of new products in the field food, nutraceuticals, protection of cultural heritage. In the field of membrane separation processes, he currently works in the treatment of biogas production waste (digest water) for their valorisation in the agronomic field.

Matteo Dogali - Graduating in Biotechnology, at the University of Tuscia he carried out an internship at the Agro-industrial Processes technological hall of the C. R. Casaccia in the context of the valorisation of waste from the brewery (threshers), olive oil (vegetation water) supply chain ), dairy products (whey) using membrane technologies. He is currently carrying out experiments aimed at presenting a three-year thesis entitled "Extraction of bio-molecules from agro-industry by-products using chemical-enzymatic pre-treatment processes and membrane technologies".

Emilia Pucci - Research assistant at ENEA, Casaccia Research Centre - Biotechnology and Agroindustry Division, PhD in Environmental and Evolutionary Biology and Dr. in Food Sciences and Human Nutrition. Specialist in the development and application of atomic spectroscopy and mass spectrometry techniques for the assessment of the quality and safety of raw materials and food products (with particular reference to certain classes of contaminants, such as toxic and potentially toxic elements), and for the characterisation of primary production agroecosystems and the traceability of raw materials and products along the food chain.

Valeria Poscente - Research assistant at ENEA, she is carrying out a PhD in Plant and Animal Production Sciences. With a master's degree in Food Sciences and Human Nutrition obtained in 2021, she is engaged in research activities related to the development and application of chemical-analytical methodologies to support food quality and safety and the circular bioeconomy. She is also involved in digital approaches for transparency and sustainability throughout the supply chain. Furthermore, she has experience in evaluating the microbiological shelf-life of food products and in studying the antimicrobial potential of by-product biomolecules from the agri-food industry, with their application in ecological packaging.

Claudia Zoani - Researcher at the ENEA Biotechnology and Agroindustry Division, graduated in Chemistry with a PhD in Analytical Chemistry. Specialist on atomic spectroscopic and mass spectrometry techniques and Metrology, she conducts R&D activities on Reference Materials and Methods; measurement uncertainty; food quality, safety and traceability; sustainability of agrifood systems; chemical risk assessment. Principal Investigator for ENEA for the ERANET SUSFOOD2 - CORE ORGANIC project PROVIDE, she is the Coordinator of the Research Infrastructure METROFOOD-RI – Infrastructure for Promoting Metrology in Food and Nutrition, included in the ESFRI Roadmap for the Domain Health and Food, and of the NRRP project PNRR METROFOOD-IT - Strengthening of the Italian Research Infrastructure for Metrology and Open Access Data in support to the Agrifood, focused on strengthening the Italian national component of the RI.

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