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Kode has been creating Artificial Intelligence products and solutions for its customers for over 10 years in the logistics, industry 4.0, chemical and healthcare sectors. Thanks to its experience and mix of multidisciplinary skills, it is the ideal technological partner for companies that want to embark on a path of
digital transformation, leveraging Data Science to improve and simplify
own business thanks to Artificial Intelligence. In addition to custom projects, Kode
offers four AI-powered vertical products:

  • FactorAI: for the digital transformation of companies

  • Kodelivery: for logistics optimization

  • Vega Toolkit: Tool to apply multiple QSAR models for screening and regulatory needs

  • FAST: variable selection tool based on a full-search approach


Paolo Cintia

Paolo Cintia, Data Scientist at Kode, has a PhD in Computer Science, with experience in research between Pisa, Boston; worked at NorthEastern University, in Estonia ed
in Brazil. Paolo has been a consultant for ITU, the UN agency for
telecommunications, and a research associate at the ISTI-CNR in Pisa. He has
participated in European research projects in the fields of Big Data and Machine Learning with focus on the study of human mobility. He recently published sports analytics themed articles on the main scientific journals in the sector and in 2021he wrote, together with Marco Malvaldi, the book “Rigore di Testa - storie di calcio, paradoxes and algorithms. Football and numbers as you have never imagined them” (published by Giunti editore).

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