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Myndoor is an innovative startup born in 2021 with the purpose of helping people to better know their emotions and stress levels and contribute, in this way, to improve their lives.

Stress and burn-outs are situations that every person faces throughout their life. The problem is that very often, people do not realize that they are under stress until the moment when this manifests itself in various forms (psychological, physical, social problems etc..).

Myndoor's technology is based on an algorithm, released through an API, capable of analyzing human semantics and measuring the user's level of emotional stress based on the observed variations in his way of communicating.
To achieve this result, texts and diaries of a large sample of volunteers around the world were analysed for over 7 years and compared both with their physiological parameters (heart rate, blood pressure, cortisol level) and with data collected from the administration of specific psychological tests and game functions.
The strength of the technology, in its mature phase, will be its passive character: the algorithm could be used to analyze the communications written by the user in the background and in real time, without retaining any type of trace registered, in full respect of the user's privacy. The algorithm is already integrated with the main messaging application such as slack or the private ones of companies.


Eugenio Cannada Bartoli

Eugenio is a marketing professional based in Milano, Italy. He graduated from Luiss and Bocconi University. As the Chief Marketing Officer at Myndoor, he has been instrumental in driving the company’s growth with data-driven marketing strategies.
In addition to his role at Myndoor, Eugenio runs his own communications agency. He offers specialized marketing consultation to a range of clients. His approach combines creative and strategic thinking to bridge the gap between a brand's vision and market needs.

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