Exhibitors 2023



MyCamicia is excited to introduce its revolutionary 3D measuring booth, set to completely change the world of custom tailoring.

MyCamicia's measuring booth is a technological masterpiece: in just 30 seconds, utilizing its advanced 3D scanning technology, it can create an extremely accurate virtual avatar. This process captures over 290 precise measurements of the human body, ensuring a perfect fit for every customer. Once the avatar is created, thanks to MyCamicia's digital configurator, each participant can customize their own tailor-made shirt according to their preferences.

From collar sizes to sleeve lengths, down to the minutest details like buttons and detachable collars, every aspect can be tailored to meet the needs and style of each individual.

This launch event is a unique opportunity to see the measuring booth in action, to feel the high-quality fabrics firsthand, and to interact with the MyCamicia team to learn more about their vision and services offered. Whether they are fashion enthusiasts, demanding professionals, or simply in search of a flawlessly tailored shirt, this event is not to be missed.

  A8 (pav. 5A.08)
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