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Francesco Maria Bucarelli, Laura Paganini


IIS Palmieri Rampone Polo

Innovativo programma didattico che comprende un insieme di attività progettuali finalizzate all’invio di palloni sonda e relativi payload nella Stratosfera.

Nicolò Girotti, Lorenzo Schiavello, Gabriele Santoro, Marco Durdea

This aerospace biology project will reveal the best culture method to obtain the resources necessary for survival on Mars.

Ilaria De Angelis, Barbara Cosciotti, Sebastian Lauro, Elisabetta Mattei, Elena Pettinelli.

Space view home wanted: Come walk among planets and moons of our Solar System and discover many astronomical curiosities

Patrizia Bagnerini, Echrak Chnib, Antonio De Donno

The adaptive vertical farm, a project of the UNIGE spin-off Space V, will enable growing vegetables in orbit and in future lunar settlements.

ESA - European Space Agency

Looking back to Earth. What Earth Observation satellites and their sensor discover everyday about our planet.

  L7 (pav. 3L.07)

Fondazione E. Amaldi

Fondazione E. Amaldi, enstablished in 2017 by the Italian Space Agency and the Hypatia Research Consortium, supports technology transfer processes in the space sector.

  L14 (pav. 3L.14)


Federico Giannakopoulos

IT2 in italian stands for seaplane test number 2. The objective of this project? Making experiments and explore innovative building methods between past and future.

Marco Bascietto, Alessandro Alivernini, Loredana Oreti

LIFE FOLIAGE aims to improve forest governance through the digitization of administrative procedure and the implementation of satellite imagery.

  D8 (pav. 6D.08)


MaCh3D is a smart Material Testing platform aimed to speed-up and democratize material testing moving it outside laboratories directly to industrial production or makers/students/innovators' desks.

Precision Farming Course - ITS Agroalimentare per il Piemonte

A new green and "spatial" way to Circular Economy and susteinability approach

  E3 (pav. 6E.03)

Giuseppe Talarico

The Personal Satellite is a "Sprite Class" Satellite. It is a sandwitch of three very small electronic cards: 1) The mother Board 2) The Payload Board 3) The Power Board.

  L6 (pav. 3L.06)

Università di Pisa

Sensorized aerostatic platform combined with a ground-based wireless sensor network for expert irrigation monitoring and management

Sapienza Flight Team

The project brings together a group of students from various Sapienza departments to realize UAVs for internationals universities Competitions.

Sapienza Rocket Team

Sapienza Rocket Team is a student team that designs, builds and launches sounding rockets and model rockets.

  L11 (pav. 3L.11)

Sapienza Space Team

Sapienza University Student Team building space-related projects and prototypes taking part in international competitions and space mission simulations.

  L10 (pav. 3L.10)

Sapienza Technology Team

We build planetary rovers with manipulators to participate in international competitions, using AI the rover autonomously perform martian missions and collect samples.

  G9 (pav. 3G.09)

Spark Srl

Autonomous rover for archeological operations that explores and creates 3D maps of inaccessible sites using AI algorithms.

Franco M. Battagello, Michela Mascia, Ivano Basile, Marco Granati, Federica Saponaro, Fulvio Petti.

Multi-channel integrated solution of A.I. digital models to manage criticalities and climate change challenges. The current focus is on Agritech: viticulture.

Giorgia Pontetti

How can food be produced in the future? How can food be produced in extreme environments? What does it have in common with future space food? These are some of the topics we want to "tell" at maker faire. Futuristic hydroponic crops within everyone's reach.

  F11 (pav. 4F.11)

Massimiliana Carello and the Politecnico di Torino Teams

The Politecnico di Torino presents the most important students Teams involved in sustainability, ecological aspect, low consumption, mobility, recycle, reducing environmental impact and promoting circular economy.

IIS Marconi Galletti Einaudi Domodossola 4INFA

Water Sampling Drone is an automatic surface water sampling system based on the STM32 microcontroller.

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