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Digital infrastructure promoting circular, resilient, and digitally-based mode of production, grounded in the collaboratively developed and globally shared data as commons on the web.

AiCS - Associazione italiana Cultura e Sport

"Parete di Genere 2.0" (“Gender Wall”) is the sporting event that AiCS dedicates to raising awareness against gender violence. Having reached its second edition in 2023, it consists of a national padel event organized as a flash mob: from 10 am on November 25th, on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Gender Violence, simultaneously on all fields of AiCS padel participating in the initiative (around 20 in all of Italy in 2023), mixed couples will meet to play and discuss sport as a lever for inclusion with experts and judges, within the framework of the protocol signed with the National Association of Magistrates in February 2023.

  C1 (pav. 7C.01)

Beatrice Bocci

ACTA is an Eco-sustainable Collection, inspired by Etruscan history, in a contemporary and genderless vision.

Centro interdipartimentale di ricerca DigiLab - CoopCulture

ArcheoVerso: an integrated ecosystem of 3D virtual fruition and services for Cultural Heritage within digital metaverses.

Maria Pia di Buono, Raffaele Manna, Giulia Speranza

Advanced Technologies for Heritage Enhancement for Novel Applications

Jovanovic Aleksandar e Mijajlovic Marco - ITIS "C. Zuccante" Mestre (VE) Italy

BlindView is a product that aims to make museums more accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired.

CODiART , fondatori D'Alleva Nicola e Laureti Muriel Vienna

A cobot for digitizing works of art, gigapixel images are unique, encoded, and encrypted, with very high resolution.

Sofia Menconero, Leonardo Baglioni, Marco Fasolo

The perspective study of a panel from the “Storie di san Bernardino” attributed to Perugino revealed a contracted space, represented in three dimensions by the ‘objective model’. In contrast, the ‘ideal model’ eliminates the deformation and maintains the architectural proportions. The installation creates a physical model that allows even non-specialist audiences to appreciate the scientific results by positioning the eye (or camera) at the fixed viewpoint to verify the overlap between the view of architectural model and the painter’s perspective.

  H3 (pav. 6H.03)

Innereo team

Ai music platform to increase mind focus.

Giulia Bordi

A journey into the 3D of the medieval church of Santa Maria Antiqua in the Roman Forum to discover its incredible paintings

Francesco Capuzzi

Le electroneddas sono uno strumento che cerca di riprodurre fedelmente lo strumento tradizionale sardo "launeddas".

  C12 (pav. 5C.12)

Mario Baioli , Andrea Casale,

Innovative scenarios in PCTO training in which the methodology of learning by doing is applied.

  H3 (pav. 6H.03)

Jacopo De Benedictis

Interactive multimedia installation for consulting archival materials

Dr. Ferdinando Cannella, Industrial Robotics Facility (Inbot) - Dr. Arianna Traviglia, Centre for Cultural Heritage Technology (CCHT) - Dr. Gabriele Marchello, Industrial Robotics Facility (Inbot) - Dr. Alessandra Zambrano, Pompeii Archaeological Park (t

Revolutionizing Preservation: Robotics in Cultural Heritage and Infrastructure Inspection and Monitoring

  E10 (pav. 5E.10)

Gruppo Internazionale Collezionisti Telescriventi

The world and history of the TELEX service and Teletype and how it was yesterday and how it has been brought back to life today in the age of the Internet.


3D printing project preserving Italian cultural heritage: restoring and replicating Guarnieri's 'Il Cannone di Paganini

EY, CREA, Peroni, pOsti, Simplysfa

The "Immersive Cube" is a three-dimensional environment that offers an immersive experience by projecting content, images and videos onto all the inner surfaces of the cube.

Fabrizio Frezza, Maurizio Troiano; Marco Mastrogiuseppe; Fabio Mangini; Luca Balestreri

Use of Georadar (or Ground Penetrating Radar, GPR) and electromagnetic diagnostic techniques for subsurface investigations of cultural heritage and archaeological/paleontological sites/resources

  H3 (pav. 6H.03)

Autori: Andrea Abita, Francesco Onorati - Gruppo: Intelligenza Artigianale

Smart book storage with RFID detection for effortless book tracking and retrieval.

Maria Clelia Scuteri

Invaerso challenges the limits of the conventional world through a unique and innovative supply chain to create non-ordinary jewels that have the ability to leave a significant and profound mark.

Michela Addis, Giorgia Masili, Caterina Conigliani, Luca Spinesi, Elina De Simone, Luca Aversano, Mariachiara Giorda, Elisabetta Bonvino

Cultural Heritage is a key driver of individual well-being and resilience. Our project tests this relationship

Responsabile scientifico: Daniele Calisi. Con: Stefano Botta, Alessandro Cannata. Grazie all’aiuto di: Lorenzo Carbonari, Matteo Durante, Michela Di Seri, Marco Peperoni Romano

Terragni in Rome: three never completed projects for Via dell'Impero. VR for the immersive representation of the virtual architectural space.


Using 3D technology for inclusive teaching and learning, making scientific divulgation more accessible to everyone

MuSEd – Museo della Scuola e dell’Educazione “Mauro Laeng” – Dipartimento di Scienze della Formazione – Università Roma Tre - Italy

Educating for memory and cultural heritage by giving a voice to the objects of material and intangible history of education.

  E8 (pav. 8E.08)

Giulia Malabruzzi

A popup, interactive and dynamic book about the principles of Lina Bo Bardi’s designs

  H3 (pav. 6H.03)


lnteractive virtual reality path on the heritage of the Museum of School and Education, Department of Education, Roma Tre University

Adriano Giannini

It's a “beverage design” editorial format, consisting of a short story associated with a tea or herbal tea bag, whose reading time coincides with that of infusion: 5 minutes.

Sandra Chistolini

Cultural Heritage and handmade creation

ZenTime srl

P8 is a true Full Range Boat: an incredible Discovery Machine for discovering the Planet by breathing wind and adventure, wherever water is, wherever life is.

  C3 (pav. 7C.03)

Giosuè Caliano, Francesca Mariani

The PICUS is a dedicated "tester" for restorers for rapid diagnosis at low cost.

  F13 (pav. 6F.13)

Diana Ciufo, Alessio Placitelli, Daniela Dispoto

Pop Up City is a territory exploration project that through the use of personal devices adds, overlays, writes and reads virtual information to the physical context.

  H3 (pav. 6H.03)

Giuliana Lantino, Lorenzo Gallone e Valerio Cianfrocca

Enter the Game. Enter History!

  D1 (pav. 8D.01)

Enactus UniTS

Discover Quiet Office: a harmonious fusion of remote work, stunning landscapes, and cultural immersion. Redefine work-life balance.

ReMade Community Lab Team

Diffusion and experimentation of Design, Recycling and Manufacturing 4.0 processes for developing circular economy models in the city

Massimo Proia, Maddalena Mariani, Antonella Della Bella

A dialogue between tradition and innovation to rethink silk as a new "Made in Italy" excellence.

Dropper S.R.L.

Innovative radar-based system for real-time urban pedestrian traffic monitoring, enhancing safety and urban planning capabilities in crowded environments.

Spark Srl

Autonomous rover for archeological operations that explores and creates 3D maps of inaccessible sites using AI algorithms.

Fondazione ITS BACT - Studenti corso “Tecnico Superiore per la Conduzione del Cantiere di Restauro Architettonico”

Human – Machine Collaboration - Industry 5.0, Hi-Tech modular system composed of glove, drone, microscope and APP enhanced with IoT devices and ML Artificial Intelligence to identify the type of degradation and material in the Restoration of Cultural Heritage.

Alessia Ceccarelli, Lorenzo Zeppa, Antonio Musarra, Giacomo Montanari

HW: 1. aims to enhance the cultural heritage of Italy in the areas of archaeology, history, art history, libraries and archives.

  H3 (pav. 6H.03)

Saverio Giulio Malatesta; Laura Leopardi; Paolo Rosati; Roberta Manzollino; Paola La Torre; Mariflora Caruso; Giulia Chellini

The Hatrix Reloaded is a collector of ideas, methodologies, prototypes and digital applications in the world of cultural heritage.

Proskurina Iryna

Original Steampunk handmade jewelry from a mechanical watches. Ukraine. Kyiv.

Antonio Rosario Fiorillo

VeloLove organizes and promotes events mainly dedicated to the protection of cultural heritage, to the valorisation and better use of the territory by citizens and tourists, and to active mobility on an urban scale, i.e. the promotion of walking and cycling. VeloLove is the leading association of the GRAB-Grande Raccordo Anulare delle Bici di Roma project.

  B17 (pav. 7B.17)

Peetri Lasteaed-Põhikool, 7. class

Students created virtual tours in European capitals. They used the web-based programs CoSpaces and SketchUp to take virtual tours of European capitals. 3D objects have QR codes to access virtual tours.

  C6 (pav. 8C.06)

MUltimedia & SEcurity (MUSE) Group

Users' Movement analysis in Virtual Reality for Quality of Experience assessment.

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