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- Nikhil Deshpande - Jesus Ortiz - Carlo Canali

Advanced Technologies for Fall Mitigation and VR-based Interactive Training for Workers Working at Heights

  E12 (pav. 5E.12)

Emanuele Giacomini, Leonardo Brizi, Luca Di Giammarino

Precise, cost-effective 3D mapping system for advanced perception functions.

Studente Ciro Pellecchia e Achille Moscardino

Our project was designed to significantly reduce the pollution caused by the spraying of chemical products such as copper and sulfur in the vineyards. Copper is a heavy metal and for this reason toxic to soils while sulfur causes serious irritation to the respiratory system and to the skin of men. These two pollutants are very harmful to our ecosystem and the environment. Unfortunately, these products are widely used in agriculture because they are used to fight diseases such as Peronospora and Oidium. These fungi affect all agricultural cultures but in particular the excellent vine of Made Italy for the production of quality wine.

Roberto Meattini, Alex Pasquali, Davide Chiaravalli, Claudio Melchiorri, Gianluca Palli

The University of Bologna showcases AI-driven robotics, highlighting projects in manipulation, industrial production, and quality control, fostering innovation.

Paolo De Rossi, Stefano Cazzaniga, Andrea Gri, Diego Almerares

We put out fires faster and more efficiently

Gruppo di Ricerca in Automazione e Controllo - Università di Roma Tor Vergata

Hardware and software development of a real-time control system with rad-hard specifications for manipulators operating on nuclear fusion reactors


Modular control unit for data collection from any Computerized Numerical Control

  D10 (pav. 6D.10)

CODiART , fondatori D'Alleva Nicola e Laureti Muriel Vienna

A cobot for digitizing works of art, gigapixel images are unique, encoded, and encrypted, with very high resolution.

Cortelli Luca

Cortex is a universal controller for CNC automation, customizable, safe, and versatile. The goal is to take CNC technology to the next level.

Raul Bartalini Bigi classe V A Elettronica e Robotica IIS Tito Sarrocchi Siena

"Solid and liquid feed dispenser" allows you to feed and water domestic birds in your absence.

Luigi Ferrigno, Gianfranco Miele, Luca Tari

Innovative integrated multi-physics platform for monitoring, efficiency, analysis, and predictive diagnostics in Smart Factories, Smart farms, and Smart Homes

iotilize.me - Matteo Giaccone, Francesco Goberti, Francesco Castellano

iotilize.me shows the real-time amount of waste inside any kind of container, taking collectors work to a new level

ITSRED Academy

For a better construction site we must be able to trace the products used, up to their correct installation

f.lli garuti srl / centro studi doria

innovative packaging, eco-sustainable, 100% recyclable, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

Massimiliano Di Cuia

LabelBay the first software for automatic creation of print-ready graphic files for personalized products sold online on marketplaces and ecommerce

  F5 (pav. 5F.05)

Nicholas Cicuzza Mattia Scarselletta coordinati dal professor Martino Pasquale Itis Don Giuseppe Morosini di Ferentino

Towards the agriculture of the future: a new method, a new way of working

IIS "Verona Trento" di Messina

refitting of disused materials for the construction of an electric vehicle with microcontroller management systems

Rossella Manganiello, Mauro Pagano, Roberto Ciccoritti, Roberto Tomasone, Carla Cedrola

The micro-lab is an innovative portable and easy-to-use system equipped with low-cost digital and sensorized devices to continuously monitor the main chemico-physical parameters of storage liquids of some agri-food products.


Experience the future of control surfaces with Mine S - a versatile, customizable, and innovative modular controller for diverse applications.

Pasquale Iavecchia

Revolutionize automation with our Arduino based controllers. Experience seamless integration and smart control for homes and industries. #Innovation #Automation #MakerFaire

Walter Lucetti

Intelligent autonomous ground robot with 3D eyes that analyzes the surroundings with AI.

Luigi Spera

Padel Trend "Future" is an innovative laboratory of ideas linked to the promotion and development of the sport of the moment and its applications in the digital and technological fields

Khaled Megahed CEO and Business Development Manager,Dr M.Nazmy Co-Founder e CTO

RML (Rome Mobility Link) unites sustainable transport, school management, and accessibility through innovative RFID wearables and cloud connectivity.

Gentile Michele, De Nardis Andrea, Triveri Samuele, Nardone Riccardo

A way to take care of your plants. A way to help our planet.

marco liguori

POPPASTELLA - a corner of Naples worldwide

3CE _ ITIS "G.Galilei"_IIS Pontecorvo

This is a project about an intelligent system which, through an IoT application, makes waste collection more efficient and smart

Giorgio Marcatili

Revo5 is the modular and innovative CNC machine, ideal for every work requirement.

Autori: prof. Luciano Maggi, studente Matteo Grena e Christian Persizza - classe 5^EA indirizzo elettrotecnica dell’Istituto Superiore “Pietro Paleocapa” di Bergamo –

A PLC controlled plant for sorting and recycling materials. A refurbished Robotic Arm (Scorbot ER3) sorts objetcs based on colours and code.

E. Menegatti, L.Tonin, S. Tortora, A. Del Felice, A. Pretto, S. Ghidoni, R. Carli, G. Rosati, G. Boschetti

This booth hosts the joint exhibition of all the research laboratories of the University of Padova active in the field of robotics.

  D8 (pav. 5D.08)


Robotizr helps people and companies in adopting and purposefully using robotics and advanced industrial automation machines.

Cristian Vendra

Sanitron is the most effective solution on the market for sanitizing shopping trolley handles, positioned directly between the rows of stored trolleys.

  A14 (pav. 6A.14)

Chiarelli Giovanni, Corsi Filippo e Obinu Cristian classe V A Elettronica Robotica IIS Tito Sarrocchi Siena

The objective is to implement a wheelchair with an electrified head-controlled system specially thought for paraplegics, i.e., person with inability to voluntarily move the upper and lower parts of the body; a series of sensors were placed on the perimeter of the chair to avoid obstacles and to provide information on the surrounding environment.

Ing. Gabriele Burnelli

The Magic Box is a device that can be used to increase safety in scientific laboratories by reducing electrical risks

Massimo Proia, Maddalena Mariani, Antonella Della Bella

A dialogue between tradition and innovation to rethink silk as a new "Made in Italy" excellence.


A robot with artificial intelligence capable of monitoring and acting on the malfunction and structure of the wind turbine blade.

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale DII, Università di Trento

New class of sustainable robotic technologies: mobile, flexible, collaborative, wearable with sustainable and multifunctional materials to reduce the environmental impact.

4BM ITIS "G.Galilei"_IIS Pontecorvo

Two-stroke engine created with a 3D printer in PLA material with planetary gearbox driven by an electric engine

Christian Bronzini, Devis Dudau, Lorenzo Rossini, Lorenzo Olivieri, Nicolò Bernardini, Giacomo Battistelli, Luca Manoni, Simone Sebastiani

It is an innovative, green, project aimed at enhancing monuments through interactive lights controlled by your smartphone.


Fermentation times, energy costs and environmental impact reduced by 30 percent.

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