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Silvio Scena

Modular Musical Instrument. Each module (1 octave, 12 dynamic keys ) can be used individually in stand-alone mode or assembled with others composing a full piano keyboard. The same object can be used for studio writing or recording, then musicians can use 1 or 2 octaves, or for live performances, then they can use 7/8 octaves. The modularity of the tool reduces its size, and thus favors the transportability.

  C15 (pav. 5C.15)

s-ol bekic

a compact, open-source "isomorphic" MIDI keyboard with colorful hexagonal keys

  E10 (pav. 3E.10)

Emilio Destratis

Discover the Magic of Wine with Amelie: A Voice-Guided Wine Assistant. Unlock the world of wine at your fingertips. #AmelieWine

Marco Rampin

Customizable collectibles electronic audio devices for DIY and audiophiles who wish to discover new lands in their beloved leisure fields.

Innereo team

Ai music platform to increase mind focus.

Francesco Capuzzi

Le electroneddas sono uno strumento che cerca di riprodurre fedelmente lo strumento tradizionale sardo "launeddas".

  C12 (pav. 5C.12)

Dario Colozza, Laura Banut


With more than 25 years of experience in the field of music production, acoustics and sound engineering, Elliptical produces hi-end limited edition design speakers being able to offer through the 3D printing technology unique frontiers in shapes, materials, colors and customizations.

Ivano Pelicella, Marco Rossi

Hi-Sound Compact is the solution for you: the first professional stereo parabolic microphone specifically designed to work with your camera.

  C11 (pav. 5C.11)

Sezione INFN di Ferrara, Liceo Scientifico “A. Roiti”, MIT, Dipartimento di Fisica e Scienze della Terra dell’Università di Ferrara

BUILT IT, LEARN IT, SHARE IT: a new approach, more experiential, hands-on, collaborative, motivating and fun to Physics and STEAM

Infinit Sound Fx: Daniel Rosero and Katalina Soto

Achieve organic control over your sound effects using this versatile multi-instrument sound effects processor.

  C9 (pav. 5C.09)


Experience the future of control surfaces with Mine S - a versatile, customizable, and innovative modular controller for diverse applications.

Team "Black-Hole" - Istituto Superiore "Volta" - Castel San Giovanni - PC

Everyone can experience playing the piano

Gianmarco Merlini - B.P.S.

MusicHArt transforms music into works of abstract art with the aim of representing the artist's intimate communicative message

Rodolfo Bonnin, Davide Carollo

Build your next virtual pipe organ workstation with full open-source projects and components.

  C6 (pav. 5C.06)

Segmento Futuro

Unleashing empathy through new media languages

  G13 (pav. 8G.13)

Giovanni Ammirati, Luca Cernia, Emanuele Lauro, Davide Ferrauto

Sigma is a controlled environment where players take the role of citizens in a virtual world and evolve their characters.

Andrea Casella

An electronic orchestra formed by 5 floppy drives and conducted by Arduino.

  C10 (pav. 5C.10)

Rick MacDonald

How to use the latest low cost microcontroller and sensor technologies to create DIY electronic music instruments.

  C16 (pav. 5C.16)

Stefano Del Bufalo

An innovative and fun game for children's learning and beyond

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