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- Nikhil Deshpande - Jesus Ortiz - Carlo Canali

Advanced Technologies for Fall Mitigation and VR-based Interactive Training for Workers Working at Heights

  E12 (pav. 5E.12)

Roberto Meattini, Alex Pasquali, Davide Chiaravalli, Claudio Melchiorri, Gianluca Palli

The University of Bologna showcases AI-driven robotics, highlighting projects in manipulation, industrial production, and quality control, fostering innovation.

Centro interdipartimentale di ricerca DigiLab - CoopCulture

ArcheoVerso: an integrated ecosystem of 3D virtual fruition and services for Cultural Heritage within digital metaverses.

Medaarch - in collaborazione con WASP e Lab Mec

"Digital Fabrication for the Renaissance of Made in Italy At Maker Faire Rome 2023 the Center for Digital Craftsmanship by Medaarch, the space dedicated to Manufacturing 5.0 for the enhancement of future talents."

Paola Barra, Guglielmo Belmonte, Andrea Antonio Cantone, Rita Francese, Marco Giammetti, Raffaele Sais, Otino Pio Santosuosso, Aurelio Sepe, Simone Spera, Genoveffa Tortora, Giuliana Vitiello

Commigo is a VR platform that uses different collaborative scenarios. Users will interact and collaborate with other users in multiplayer.

  A15 (pav. 5A.15)

One Network Technology

ONE METWORK three technologies: Augmented Reality, 3D technology and NFC sharing, which have allowed us to bring a Unique and innovative product to the market.

iCTLab e Università degli Studi di Catania

Through advanced DeepFakes technology, our tool offers the ability to replace, in a live manner, one's face with that of famous celebrities.

  F2 (pav. 5F.02)

Giulia Bordi

A journey into the 3D of the medieval church of Santa Maria Antiqua in the Roman Forum to discover its incredible paintings

Progetto ENACT

Exergames for Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis

  E1 (pav. 5E.01)

IIT Dynamic Legged Systems lab

IIT's quadruped robots in action

  E2 (pav. 5E.02)

Gaetano Carlino,Salvatore Sgariglia, Antonio Amato, Giuseppe Pirillo, Denis Oliviero.

Your limb difference is your superpower I can feel my legs Your bionic journey start here.

Althea Frisanco, Matteo Lisi, Luca Provenzano, Marina Scattolin, Martina Fusaro e Salvatore Maria Aglioti

Role models, social touch, and moral behavior inside the metaverse

  E6 (pav. 5E.06)

EY, CREA, Peroni, pOsti, Simplysfa

The "Immersive Cube" is a three-dimensional environment that offers an immersive experience by projecting content, images and videos onto all the inner surfaces of the cube.

Fondazione Mondo Digitale

Cutting-edge prototypes, from artificial intelligence to immersive reality, digital making and gaming, and others activities of the Phyrtual Innovation Gym.

Invisible Cities srl

Discover how timekeeping has contributed to the evolution of technology through an exciting VR 360 journey

  C1 (pav. 5C.01)

Responsabile scientifico: Daniele Calisi. Con: Stefano Botta, Alessandro Cannata. Grazie all’aiuto di: Lorenzo Carbonari, Matteo Durante, Michela Di Seri, Marco Peperoni Romano

Terragni in Rome: three never completed projects for Via dell'Impero. VR for the immersive representation of the virtual architectural space.

V.E.T.RO.: Luca Distefano, Anna Fumagalli, Giuliano Giampietro, Jamila Naffati, Catia Romaniello, Vincenzo Maria Vitale, Prof. Marilena Vendittelli

Immerse yourself into a 3D virtual reality environment and feel haptic feedback by simulating medical procedures.

  D10 (pav. 5D.10)

Medici Senza Frontiere

Discover the work of Doctors Without Borders aid workers in the field through a virtual journey.

  H6 (pav. 8H.06)


lnteractive virtual reality path on the heritage of the Museum of School and Education, Department of Education, Roma Tre University

posti s.r.l.

An agrifood metaverse with metabolic avatars, blockchain-tracked products, and immersive technologies for healthy and sustainable nutrition.

Enrique Canessa e Livio Tenze

glasses-free real-time 3D vision to generate light-fields (or Native) 3D images or videos from a single webcam and in real-time

  E2 (pav. 3E.02)

Classe BioqualTECH22 - Fondazione Vita

The project that we will bring to Rome for Maker Faire is called "Question of Chemistry" and it is the same project that won the first place in the category of "Immersive Technologies" of the ITS 4.0 project. The primary aim of our project was to find an innovative training solution capable of stimulating the curiosity of children , making the learning of scientific subjects a unique experience. The project was developed by our class of students of the course "BioqualTECH22".

  D15 (pav. 6D.15)

Invisible Cities srl

An immersive experience to discover the original splendor of the monuments of Imperial Rome perfectly reconstructed in 3D in an unprecedented journey through time and space.

  C1 (pav. 5C.01)

Studenti del Corso Tecnico superiore - AR/VR AND GAME DEVELOPER b.f. 2022/2024

SAFE VR, the prototype that will allow you to navigate in a Safe and Inclusive Metaverse, accessible everywhere and to anyone

  E8 (pav. 6E.08)

Alberto Greco, Alessio Iannizzotto, Roberto Garofalo

An advanced system for the monitoring of psychophysiological status to prevent physical and psychological injuries at workplaces.

We Do Fablab

Learning by playing with technology to perform daily activities and prepare for independent living

  A5 (pav. 6A.05)

Giovanni Ammirati, Luca Cernia, Emanuele Lauro, Davide Ferrauto

Sigma is a controlled environment where players take the role of citizens in a virtual world and evolve their characters.


The all-in-one application for inclusive tourism. A tangible support for a unique experience

  G2 (pav. 6G.02)

IIS Marconi Civitavecchia

Yet another weathering station… but really different! A multidisciplinary approach from MicroPython to Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality.

Saverio Giulio Malatesta; Laura Leopardi; Paolo Rosati; Roberta Manzollino; Paola La Torre; Mariflora Caruso; Giulia Chellini

The Hatrix Reloaded is a collector of ideas, methodologies, prototypes and digital applications in the world of cultural heritage.

Accademia Italiana della Marina Mercantile

Celestial Sphere in virtual reality to facilitate learning and continuous training of astronomical navigation skills for seafarers

  D11 (pav. 6D.11)

Peetri Lasteaed-Põhikool, 7. class

Students created virtual tours in European capitals. They used the web-based programs CoSpaces and SketchUp to take virtual tours of European capitals. 3D objects have QR codes to access virtual tours.

  C6 (pav. 8C.06)

Gruppo ITIS Q.SELLA Biella - ProgressusLab

VirtualProSkills is an innovative project that provides hands-on experience in professional fields through virtual reality simulation.

MUltimedia & SEcurity (MUSE) Group

Users' Movement analysis in Virtual Reality for Quality of Experience assessment.

Dott. Juri Taborri, Prof. Giuseppe Calabrò, Dott. Andrea Zingoni, Dott. Michele Materazzini

La realtà virtuale e l'intelligenza artificiale per creare un ambiente educativo accessibile e inclusivo per studenti con disturbi dell'apprendimento.


Weart develops wearable and portable technology products for the digitalization of the sense of touch, to be added to our multimedia experiences.

  E3 (pav. 5E.03)

Riccardo Susinno

Virtual reality services and metaverse experiences for the Italian wine industry.

  I2 (pav. 3I.02)

World Skate

World skate arrives at maker faire with a combination of traditional sports, sports innovation, esports and virtual technologies

  A1 (pav. 7A.01)
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