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Luciano Fumagalli

Life has sounds: listen to them with our Open-source hearing aid to rediscover the joy of communication with loved ones.

Antonio Pallotti, Francesca Laganaro, Annalisa Mancini, Raffaella Calabrese, Matteo Angelucci, Emanuele Piuzzi, Alessandra Paffi, Giuseppe Marano, Marianna Mazza, Giovanni Albani, Giuseppe Veneziano

Machine learning models based on grapho-phonological signals for screening and telemonitoring of Parkinson's and Depression

Carlo Giuberchio, Marchionni Marco

Aghetto: the first syringe that allows you to detach the cap and the needle with just one hand.

  A4 (pav. 6)

A. Iele, A. Ricciardi, M. Consales e A. Cusano (DING - Unisannio) & C. Pecorella, A. Cirillo, F. Ficuciello, B. Siciliano (PRISMA Lab, DIET- Unina) & R. La Rocca e V. Mirone (DNSRO - Unina)

Miniaturized probe, based on optical fiber technology and integrated inside a medical needle, for measuring the elastic consistency of biological tissues aimed at diagnosing prostate cancer.


In SynDiag we enable early diagnosis of gynecological cancers via ultrasound with artificial intelligence.

  H5 (pav. 3)

Belcastro Davide, Dorin Crainic Lucian

The application consists in receiving magnetic resonance images to the brain as input, through computer vision algorithms the image is analyzed

  H3 (pav. 6)

Ceramiche NOI Scarl

Antibacterial tableware of various colors with particular certified properties, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Fabrizio Frezza, Carmen Cantisani, Flavia Grignaffini, Maurizio Troiano, Lorenzo Piazzo

Machine-learning and deep-learning approaches have been developed to early identification and diagnosis of skin lesions.

  H3 (pav. 6)

Alberto Sciamplicotti

Video and photographic digital surgical archive

Associazione AstronomiAmo

Automated system aimed to meteor detection, citizen science and Sky and Air Quality level

  H5 (pav. 8)

E.G. Di Domenico, L. Toma, F. Ensoli

Diagnostic assay to determine antibiotic activity in biofilm-forming microorganisms, using a standardized diagnostic system, called BeST.

Salvatore D'Alessandro, Gianluca Cidonio

The innovative project in the field of tissue engineering aims to revolutionize the sector of regenerative medicine

  H3 (pav. 6)

Luisa Mannina, Cinzia Ingallina, Andrea Salvo, Mattia Spano, Giacomo Di Matteo, Pietro Matricardi, Chiara Di Meo, Anna Maria Giusti, Enio Campiglia, Alvaro Marucci

Prototypes of biostimulants for crops and supplements for human health obtained from artichoke and cauliflower production waste, will be proposed.

  H3 (pav. 6)

Dr. Eliana Capecchi

BIOTHINK & BIOTHINK REMOVER were born as innovative biotech-devices for the sustainable ink and de-inking in the tattooing and dermo-pigmentation

Orsini Matteo, Ferracci Isabella

Brushcob is a set of three scrub brushes for the skincare made with a biomaterial of our ideation based on corn cob, an abundant industrial waste.

  H3 (pav. 6)

Gruppo di ricerca del progetto BUDD-e, Politecnico di Milano (responsabile scientifico Marcello Farina)

An assistive autonomous robotic guide for blind and visually impaired persons

  A3 (pav. 6)

IT Archimede di Catania - Dipartimento di Informatica - Studenti : Presti Gabriele, Gaetano Scuto, Boninelli Leonardo, Lo Castro Federico, Mirko Sicurella

C-Eyes: transforming the world for the visually impaired through AI-powered glasses that narrate surroundings for enhanced autonomy and safety.



(PATENTS EUROPEAN EP3743290, U.S.A. US16961833)



(PATENT EUROPEAN EP3743290, U.S.A. US16961833)

Stefano Sforna, Diego Anastasi.

Cheap Fit makes your employees feel good, improving your company's productivity

  B4 (pav. 7)

Alessia Riente*, Giada Bianchetti, Alessio Abeltino, Cassandra Serantoni, Giuseppe Maulucci, Marco De Spirito

A tool to realize a personalized chewing pattern

ITS JobsAcademy - Smart Solutions - Freemind Design Studio

Choosy is the App that supports laboratory operators and technicians recommending the most sustainable types of sample preparation


Exploring the legal implications of the use of big data applied to scientific research in the age of Artificial Intelligence

Giovanni Sannino - Luca Di Capua - Roberto Di Maggio

The innovation of our business project lies in the creation of a fully customisable racket. The racket is a blank canvas where the player can decide to customise it down to the smallest detail, making his racket unique in design.

  D10 (pav. 7)

Pervasive Electromagnetics Lab - Università di Roma Tor Vergata

Wearable and implantable sensors for a monitored human body

Terrence Briscoe

DOOR-GIENIC is the new mechanical system for public doors, with higienic and safety functionality.

Volontari e-Nable Italia (Michele Praga, Alessandro Villa, Kabir Lovero, Alberto Navatta e altri)

Experiments and assistive devices created by e-Nable Italia volunteers for children with limb difference problems

Dr. Davide Piccinino

ECOLUV represents the match between the nature and the science of nanotechnology to give an innovative of sun protection

Fabiano Bini, Michela Franzo', Simona Pascucci, Francesco Gioia, Francesca Romana Nobili, Mariano Serrao, Franco Marinozzi.

The proposed prototype is a mixed reality system, consisting of an optical viewer (HoloLens2) connected to the PC, specifically implemented based on suggestions from patients and neurologists for the neurorehabilitation of the upper limbs.

  H3 (pav. 6)

Giuseppa Lonoce, Eliana Maraglino, Alessandro Tripodi

Platform allows quality company to elderly, provided by young people, in order to improve their social, mental and physiological well-being

Valentina Segnalini, Gabriele Pollastrini

Flippy is an engaging game for visually impaired children that stimulates movement, coordination, and inclusion through sounds and tactile interactions.


Biomechanics applied

  D5 (pav. 7)


Improve your quality of life with static magnetic stimulation: innovation is in the palm of your hand

Fondazione ITS Biotecnologie

Unveil the future of orthopedic recovery: an innovative, speedy and comfortable medical breakthrough for fractures, outshining traditional plaster casts.

Giancarlo PELLIS

Device for training balance in an autonomous, fun and motivating way

  B2 (pav. 7)

Liorni Niccolò, Petrizzelli Francesco, Napoli Alessandro, Biagini Tommaso, Bianco Salvatore Daniele, Mangoni Manuel, Adinolfi Marta, Giovannetti Agnese, Caputo Viviana, Mazza Tommaso.

Meet GLUT1 Deficiency Syndrome, a rare and often misinterpreted genetic disease, at our booth! Immerse yourself in GLUTIFY, our virtual reality environment, where you'll actively explore our groundbreaking research

  H3 (pav. 6)

Mohamed Hatab

A non-profit organization that aims to enhance the lives of amputees through providing them with 3D printed prosthetic devices

  I1 (pav. 3)

Nicolò Boccardo, Riccardo Galviati, Andrea Marinelli

HANNES, the prosthetic hand and wrist

  E9 (pav. 5)

Annachiara Aiello, Dario Balboni, Giacomo Carfì, Sebastian Serra

HearAgain is a mobile application that enables deaf people to participate better in small group conversations, using voice transcription technology.

HaRmonicV Control & Consulting - Università degli Studi di Rome Tor Vergata

The revolution in personalized training programs and fitness analysis

Gaetano Carlino,Salvatore Sgariglia, Antonio Amato, Giuseppe Pirillo, Denis Oliviero.

Your limb difference is your superpower I can feel my legs Your bionic journey start here.

Small Giants

Enriched with insect flour, our products are mega tasty and packed with planet-positive protein. Ready to join this food revolution?

Fabrizio Frezza, Maurizio Troiano, Flavia Grignaffini, Giulia Paloni, Fabio Mangini

We designed a Machine Learning (ML) and a Deep Learning (DL) for nuclei classification by using features extracted by immunofluorescence images.

  H3 (pav. 6)

Carmine Bourelly, Luigi Ferrigno, Gianfranco Miele

IoT smart sensor for Radon gas concentration monitoring in indoor working places according to the EU Council Directive 2013/59/EURATOM.

Maurizio Mario Murino

A tool to help medical professionals evaluate the empirical rigour of scientific papers.

Team Rookeys

LIFE PILLARS: a green infrastructure capable of mitigating urban heat islands and increasing biodiversity

Marco Fellin, Roberto Scotta, Emanuele Sartori, Ario Ceccotti, Daniele Casagrande, Andrea Polastri, XLAM Dolomiti spa

LifeShell. Life in a shell: life saving wooden furniture protecting from earthquakes collapses.

Matteo Di Troia, Andrea Bachini, Multiconnect, Alessandro Splendori e Manfredi Scanagatta. Come consulente tecnico la Reelco di Paolo Aliverti.

We have created Light Wheel, an open-source board that repurposes components from discarded scooters, reducing environmental impact. We present a prototype application for manual wheelchairs, offering low-cost autonomous mobility for disabled individuals. The board provides advanced functionality and safety features, including speed control, anti-tipping measures, alerts, and collision sensors. Our project promotes innovation, social well-being, and the versatile potential of Light Wheel.

  A1 (pav. 6)
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