Explore makers, exhibitors and projects coming to Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition

Silvia Di Anselmo
Materials do it yourself is a kit dedicated to the children, with the aim of developing in children the awareness of the processes of work that lie behind the objects of our daily life.
  A2 (pav. 7) - Sapienza Università di Roma - Saperi&Co

MIchele Maris
Play with a simple experiment, and discover how astronomers are able to understand if a planet, outside our Solar System can be inhabited or not. But please, do not boil or froze the inhabitants.

Gaetano Saurio
PoommaRobot is created with an old smartphone, an Arduino board and a cooking pot for Neapolitan sauce. It’s a first version of an hardware and software platf …
  K6 - Poommarobot - The First Smart Pot in the World
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