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Confartigianato Imprese
Presenting Confartigianato's services for digital transformation
  D3 (pav. 4) - Confartigianato Imprese

Angelo Savarino
The LDRM 868 is a long distance radio controller. It is a customizable product which can give a lot of technical solutions in terms of long distances radio iss …
  K5 - LDRM 868 - Long distance radio messenger/actuator (868 Mhz - 6Km)

Italian handcrafted real wood cover: combines the maximum strength of polycarbonate with the beauty of the best selected woods, to ensure protection and style to your smartphone.

Richard Garet
The Four Horsemen is an installation that utilizes text from the Book of Revelation to caption digitized handmade 16mm celluloid.
  D43 (pav. 7) - Richard Garet
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