Explore makers, exhibitors and projects coming to Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition

Il laboratorio Ceramic & Graphic di Marcella Renna, con sede in via Santa Croce 16/E a Bologna, è un luogo in cui l’antica arte della ceramica si unisce alla …
  B8 (pav. 8) - MARCELLA RENNA

Studenti Sapienza, soci di BIS-Italia - sezione italiana della British Interplanetary Society
Spaceflight simulator of orbital flight, designed to experience approach (rendezvous) and docking maneuvers to the International Space Station of the Soyuz-TMA …
  Padiglione Sapienza - Sapienza University of Rome

Josè Angelino / Simone Pappalardo
The Josè Angelino and Simone Pappalardo propose a sound installation composed by several elements that recreate a self-organizated system. This system is composed by independent sound installations that interact each other strongly . Each installation modifies its parameters, looking for an unstable and temporary equilibrium point, responding to the solicitations of the other elements and trying to adapt to any perturbations of the enviroinment in which the installation is setting up. This generates a continuously evolving musical form in which different sound generation mechanisms merge, producing a vocabulary of electromechanical timbres in continuous transformation.
  F24 (pav. 3) - Josè Angelino / Simone Pappalardo
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