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Gianluca Ciuffreda, Alessandro De luca
Let's have fun while learning electronics and building smart devices ! Programmable electronic boards in assembling kit, equipped with schematics, components and instructions so that users can have fun while learning electronics.

Alberto Augello e CoLaborando
LAPARY is a simple and great device that allow to everyone to lear and to train oneself in laparoscopy's technique. LAPARY is a kit of few components that can be assembled on any case or box and through an external monitor It allows you to look what's happening inside the case and what are you doing inside the case as well.

Guido Ottaviani
Lino is a robot designed as a development platform to study outdoor navigation and built to participate to Magellan category challenges (autonomous navigation i …
  R3 - Officine Robotiche

Virgilio Maretto
Trust Delivery is a new ecosystem that guarantees food delivery based on consumer guarantee and trust. The restaurant ensure the customer a transparent prod …
  Virgilio Maretto
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