Explore makers, exhibitors and projects coming to Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition

Giancarlo Pellis
Three systems to determine the center of the knee are presented; the first based on the study of the trajectory of the leg in flexion-extension through a "robot …
  O6 - Il centro di rotazione del ginocchio

Alberto Alessandrini
Design and marketing portable beach safe! (safe portable container)The safe is equipped with a 110 Db alarm sound system, 3D Motion sensors X, Y, Z, and Accelerometer
  E1 (pav. 8) - Alberto Alessandrini start up yeppayeppa s.r.l

Makerlab Ipsia Galilei
Rescue drones against terrorist attacks in public places including schools, hospitals ... Book Preview "Drones between Art, Cinema and Audiovisual"
  B15 (pav. 9) - IPSIA G. Gallilei - Castelfranco Veneto (TV)

Alessio Morale & the LibrePilot Team
Two robot implementations using the opensource LibrePilot firmware, originally aimed at powering drones
  D4 (pav. 7) - Officine Robotiche
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