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invicta , Dott Domenico Brocato & Ing Mario Macia
We present hybrid helicopters, that is, an internal combustion endothermic engine, which is powered by an electric motor: a "modular" single-seater that can offer maximum versatility for type of outfitting and another larger one for search and rescue, patrolling, and use humanitarian. We have employed innovative paints with nanotechnologies and POLYUREA ballistic on flying machines that can meet multiple needs.
  A9 (pav. 7) - INVICTA - Domenico Brocato e Mario Mascia

Pierfrancesco Panunzi
Now you can do incredible magical effects with little expense and lots of inventiveness using only Arduino and App Inventor (Android).
  E4 (pav. 6) - Pierfrancesco Panunzi

Device capable of improving road safety, consisting of an intelligent signal capable of showing a speed limit that varies according to weather conditions. it co …
  C24 - Off Limits
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