Explore makers, exhibitors and projects coming to Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition

Niccolò Calandri, Riccardo Balzaretti
Hive-Tech is the first IoT-AI Beehive remote monitoring system.

Patrizio Manfucci
Robi is a baby robot that recognizes about 250 commands. When he speaks his mouth lights up, his eyes change color and moves in a very natural and expressive. Robi is an android that dances to the rhythm of music issued from a speaker inside. Thanks to the sophisticated voice recognition system and to the answers, talk to the robots will be a natural experience. It works independently, without programming. Anyone can interact with him, even children. This robot is the first of a new generation of androids for families.
  C28 (pav. 5) - Patrizio Manfucci
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