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Classe: 3BC CHIMICA - Scuola: ITTS "A.Volta" - Perugia
A prototype of a device for the production of small food ball obtained by the spherification technique.
  D37 (pav. 9) - ITTS "A. Volta" - Perugia (PG)

Daniele Valentini, Vincenzo Mulone, Leonardo Mascarino
A 400W Wind Turbine that you can take with you anywhere. Light, easily assembled and efficient.
  A3 (pav. 3) - D. Valentini, V. Mulone, L. Mascarino, R. Vendetti

cristiano vanzolini, michele di berardino
The very first things a user look for - when in the metaverse - are his hands. This project aims to enable a full upper limb real time tracking for grasping obj …
  O1 - intentoVR dataglove - metaverse editor
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