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Franco Zullo
MyPersonalDresser is an Italian innovative sartorial concept who offers to the customers exclusive tailor made & eco-friendly products, characterized by: - Sup …
  N12 - MyPersonalDresser: Capi e Accessori eco-friendly in 100% fibra di legno

Giovanni Mannara
This project is a pedal board and a maker style joystick, in fact it was printed with a plasma laser and folded with a hydraulic press, I used 3 potentiometers: accelerator, brake, steering wheel. All this controlled with arduino using the UnoJoy library which allowed me to simulate a Joystick, what this means, when I connect the arduino to the PC it is not read as arduino but Joystick.  It is possible to use it with any game, for the respect I made a video on Youtube only of the steering wheel here is the link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCQKoZ5gcmk&t=1s) is a DIY project but with this does not mean that the details have not been taken care of, I am attaching the photos below. Hope you like it !!
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