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Manuel Cavallin
"ORBITA" wins the 6th "Design and Creativity" competition promoted by Roson & Coccolo furnishings and BibanArt by Ivan Pressi, which had as its theme the creation of a hanger and an umbrella stand.
  E10 (pav. 6) - Manuel Cavallin

Classi 4° PTS ( corso Moda) e 4° TEN (corso Elettrico/Elettronico) Istituto di Istruzione Superiore “U. POMILIO” Chieti
SUN IN THE BAG: solar panel and LED technology to illuminate the inside of the bag when it is dark.
  A22 (pav. 9) - IIS U. Pomilio - Chieti

Teap Team: Livia Blasi, Anna Rita Mautone, Roberto di Vincenzo, Alfonso Tiberio
Teap is an app + temperature sensor that helps the user to brew the perfect tea. The user can choose from a range of preset teas, each one with different settin …
  B26 - Teap: your perfect cup of tea
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