Exhibitors 2021

Category "Robotics"

Research Center "E. Piaggio"

Robot next gen: anthropomorphic arms and quadrupeds for manipulating and exploring the real world.

  B.09 (pav. B)

Robotics Brain and Cognitive Science (RBCS) and COgNitive Architecture for Collaborative Technologies (CONTACT) units of IIT.

Can you beat a robot in a card game? Learn about human-robot interaction research and test yourself!

  B.10 (pav. B)

Loris Roveda*, Asad Ali Shahid, Marta Gandolla, Alessandra Pedrocchi, Francesco Braghin, Federico Fraboni, Luca Pietrantoni, Matteo Tozzi, Giovanni Fusi, Davide Fausti, Maurizio Mor

Passive exoskeleton for back-support in industrial operations.

  B.06 (pav. B)

Senior Researcher and Principal Investigator Antonio Bicchi

The IIT - SoftRobotics for Human Cooperation and Rehabilitation is located in Genoa at IIT Central Research Labs, but also has research facilities in Pisa (in collaboration with the Reserarch Center "E. Piaggio" of the University of Pisa), and in KmRosso area in Bergamo (in collaboration with the Intellimech Mechatronic Consortium). We also closely collaborate with researchers in IIT, in Pisa, at the German Aerospace Agency, the Arizona State University, the Universities of Rome and Siena, among many others.

  B.10 (pav. B)

Presidente Antonio Bicchi

AI fleshed out

  B.01 (pav. B)

Fanny Ficuciello

PRISMA Hand II is a mechanically robust anthropomorphic robot hand. It is highly underactuated, as the 19 joints are driven by 3 motors via elastic tendons. Nevertheless, the hand can perform not only adaptive grasps but also in-hand manipulation.

HARMONY develops robotic mobile manipulation technologies for assisting staff in hospital environments.

KUKA Med is an anthropomorphic robotic arm used to assist physicians in different applications like rehabilitation and dental implants.

da Vinci Research Kit is a robotic system for minimally invasive surgery.

  B.05 (pav. B)

Giuseppe Notarstefano, Ivano Notarnicola, Andrea Testa, Andrea Camisa, Guido Carnevale, Lorenzo Sforni

OPT4SMART goals: i) provide a theoretical framework to solve distributed optimization problems; ii) develop numerical optimization tools for cyber-physical networks

  B.02 (pav. B)

Prof. Vincenzo Lippiello, Laboratorio di robotica PRISMA Lab dell'Universit Federico II di Napoli

The PON-PlaCE project aims to test new technologies for the monitoring and eco-sustainable reuse of disused offshore platforms

  B.07 (pav. B)

Gianluca Palli - Universit di Bologna

Come and discover the robotic solutions for the manipulation of deformable objects such as cables and hoses developed in REMODEL

  B.08 (pav. B)

RAIN - Robotic Automation Inspection Laboratory

SLIM is the Snake-Like robot for Inspection and Maintenance that explore the most dangerous and inaccessible areas of industrial plants

  B.10 (pav. B)

Dr. Arash Ajoudani with the Human-Robot Interfaces and Physical Interaction (HRII) Lab group

A new generation of collaborative robots aiming at supporting workers during their activities both in manufacturing and hostile environments.

  B.10 (pav. B)

Domenico Prattichizzo

We will show prototypes of robotic grippers made by combining soft materials with magnetic actuators and devices capable of recreating tactile sensations in VR / AR environments.

  B.04 (pav. B)

Barbara Caputo

In this project, we will demonstrate state-of-the-art methodologies that Politecnico di Torino is currently exploring to develop the body of theoretical knowledge and algorithms necessary for robots and intelligent systems in general to learn autonomously about objects in an open-ended manner.

  B.03 (pav. B)
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