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Digital infrastructure promoting circular, resilient, and digitally-based mode of production, grounded in the collaboratively developed and globally shared data as commons on the web.

Francesco Maria Bucarelli, Laura Paganini


Il Team di MappaX : Marco Di Vito, Marco Mauti, Marco Morelli, Daniele Scaglia

Communities Crowdmapping Crowdfunding Co-design Social innovation Technological innovation Reporting Participation Stakeholders Opportunities Local social Local development Placemaking Tactical urbanism Innovation

  G25 (pav. 6G.25)

Beatrice Bocci

ACTA is an Eco-sustainable Collection, inspired by Etruscan history, in a contemporary and genderless vision.

Freie Maker e.V.

Freie Maker e.V. is a maker community from Aachen, Germany. Freie Maker wants to let people get access to technologies, through DIY, OpenSource, and learning by doing. With Alice, we want to give people a playful way into quantum technology basics. This is mostly achieved with led games, with technology hidden behind an artistic, natural surface.

  C15 (pav. 3C.15)

Marco Rampin

Customizable collectibles electronic audio devices for DIY and audiophiles who wish to discover new lands in their beloved leisure fields.

Centro interdipartimentale di ricerca DigiLab - CoopCulture

ArcheoVerso: an integrated ecosystem of 3D virtual fruition and services for Cultural Heritage within digital metaverses.

Fabrizio D'Eramo

ART-HOUSE CANDLE: creation of handmade wax object, realized with antique method and new technological machineries

  E12 (pav. 4E.12)

Dr. Eliana Capecchi

BIOTHINK & BIOTHINK REMOVER were born as innovative biotech-devices for the sustainable ink and de-inking in the tattooing and dermo-pigmentation

Jovanovic Aleksandar e Mijajlovic Marco - ITIS "C. Zuccante" Mestre (VE) Italy

BlindView is a product that aims to make museums more accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired.

Kevin McAleer

Bubo is a Steampunk-style companion robot that can toot pictures based on a user's hand gestures.


Video museum guide in sign language for deaf visitors, open source, easily configurable and adaptable to individual museums.

Marcella Stilo

Cartalana is an independent brand of jewellery inspired by Nature, creations is entirely handmade from paper in Italy.

Medaarch - in collaborazione con WASP e Lab Mec

"Digital Fabrication for the Renaissance of Made in Italy At Maker Faire Rome 2023 the Center for Digital Craftsmanship by Medaarch, the space dedicated to Manufacturing 5.0 for the enhancement of future talents."

CODiART , fondatori D'Alleva Nicola e Laureti Muriel Vienna

A cobot for digitizing works of art, gigapixel images are unique, encoded, and encrypted, with very high resolution.

Armando Elefante

Cosplus is a team of artists who embody refined futuristic aesthetics in their wearable creations, using 3D printing and vacuum-forming.

Liberini Giorgio

Stage costume with a wearable device capable of illuminating based on the movements of the wearer, designed for dancers and performers.

  C20 (pav. 5C.20)

Sofia Menconero, Leonardo Baglioni, Marco Fasolo

The perspective study of a panel from the “Storie di san Bernardino” attributed to Perugino revealed a contracted space, represented in three dimensions by the ‘objective model’. In contrast, the ‘ideal model’ eliminates the deformation and maintains the architectural proportions. The installation creates a physical model that allows even non-specialist audiences to appreciate the scientific results by positioning the eye (or camera) at the fixed viewpoint to verify the overlap between the view of architectural model and the painter’s perspective.

  H3 (pav. 6H.03)

Mauro Bonomi, Davide Bonomi, Federico, Bonomi, Davide Antonio Pesco

Deentra enables anyone to produce sustainable energy by purchasing and installing a photovoltaic panel on a company's roof.

Simone Donnari

Immerse Yourself in the World of Comics and Become Your Favorite Character!

  C21 (pav. 5C.21)

Giulia Bordi

A journey into the 3D of the medieval church of Santa Maria Antiqua in the Roman Forum to discover its incredible paintings

Riccardo Pedone, Gabriele Di Blasi - classe 4BE dell'ITIS Elettronica ed Elettrotecnica - Istituto Scolastico Enzo Ferrari di Susa (TO)

FideLIS: an eco-sustainable robot able to make art and museums inclusive through LIS.

Massimiliano Ferrari - RetroMaximo

Replica of the "flux capacitor" from "Back to the Future"

  G2 (pav. 3G.02)

marco magliozzi

Glimoire® creations are born from the passion for objects from the past. The processing takes place in several phases, with the use of semi-precious metals and specific techniques of craftsmanship.

Sergio Scarcelli

A multidimensional and immersive installation, a tribute to Pablo Picasso in the 50th anniversary of his death. A manifesto against the wars curatorship by Riscarti

  A1 (pav. 4A.01)

Jacopo De Benedictis

Interactive multimedia installation for consulting archival materials


3D printing project preserving Italian cultural heritage: restoring and replicating Guarnieri's 'Il Cannone di Paganini

Antonio Ianiero

An exhibit about the the extraordinary beauty of oscillatory motions

  C19 (pav. 5C.19)

Infinit Sound Fx: Daniel Rosero and Katalina Soto

Achieve organic control over your sound effects using this versatile multi-instrument sound effects processor.

  C9 (pav. 5C.09)

Fondazione Mondo Digitale

Cutting-edge prototypes, from artificial intelligence to immersive reality, digital making and gaming, and others activities of the Phyrtual Innovation Gym.

Jerelyn Creado

Bringing together old age art and new age art to make the perfect artisanal pair of shoes.

  H6 (pav. 4H.06)

Michela Addis, Giorgia Masili, Caterina Conigliani, Luca Spinesi, Elina De Simone, Luca Aversano, Mariachiara Giorda, Elisabetta Bonvino

Cultural Heritage is a key driver of individual well-being and resilience. Our project tests this relationship

Responsabile scientifico: Daniele Calisi. Con: Stefano Botta, Alessandro Cannata. Grazie all’aiuto di: Lorenzo Carbonari, Matteo Durante, Michela Di Seri, Marco Peperoni Romano

Terragni in Rome: three never completed projects for Via dell'Impero. VR for the immersive representation of the virtual architectural space.

Ideatore Claudio Gioserio

Innovative LED lamps thanks to exclusive invention patent, with unique design, high luminous efficiency, and anti-glare technology

  C13 (pav. 3C.13)

Castiglione Carola, Cappiello Mattia, Frova Giacomo, Macciachini Mattia

A game that aims to enhance fine motor skills, logic, observational abilities, creativity and that teaches the child balance.

associazione culturale Infomadarte

The art of using fantasy, creativity and imagination to conceive something useful and enjoyable at the same time!"

  Experience Lab 12 (p

Pierfrancesco Panunzi

Now you can do incredible magical effects with little expense and lots of inventiveness using only Arduino and App Inventor (Android) and 3D print.

  C24 (pav. 3C.24)


Maria Patrizia Marra Jewels - Salento designer This is where her jewels are born, inspired by memories of the past, nature and her homeland. Jewels that speak of the sea, of fragrances, embellished with starfish, prickly pears, seahorses and corals. His creations represent a bridge between the past and the present, between Salento and the new context of the modern city, without losing sight of the details of the refined craftsmanship of each jewel, all made in bronze and silver. Intended for women of all ages, the fundamental characteristic that unites them is feeling free, refined and elegant.

Gianmarco Merlini - B.P.S.

MusicHArt transforms music into works of abstract art with the aim of representing the artist's intimate communicative message

Mylène Cave, marquetry & wood art - arts & crafts

Wood veneers inlays hand-crafted to make illustrations, custom board games and pregnancy ultrasounds as thin as lace.

  E11 (pav. 4E.11)

Rodolfo Bonnin, Davide Carollo

Build your next virtual pipe organ workstation with full open-source projects and components.

  C6 (pav. 5C.06)

Sandra Chistolini

Cultural Heritage and handmade creation

Alexandra Covor

Program your own butterfly-shaped wearable electronics with PicoFlutter, a STEAM kit for young learners!

  H11 (pav. 3H.11)

Alexandra Covor, Mihnea Stoica, Constantin Craciun

PicoLight is a pocket-sized adjustable light for low-light photography, based on the Raspberry Pi Pico.

  H11 (pav. 3H.11)

Giosuè Caliano, Francesca Mariani

The PICUS is a dedicated "tester" for restorers for rapid diagnosis at low cost.

  F13 (pav. 6F.13)

GenB, BlueMissionMed

Discover green and blue economy, for a sustainable and healthy Planet.


Art and wine together, to bring handmade and the human factor to the center, a form by Riscarti festival of upcycling

  A3 (pav. 4A.03)

Liberini Giorgio

A remote-controlled rose used in the show "Frantumi" by choreographer Mizar Tagliavini. It combines electronics and art, highlighting their synergy.

  C20 (pav. 5C.20)

Segmento Futuro

Unleashing empathy through new media languages

  G13 (pav. 8G.13)

Studio Quadro Quantico

A space to interact and explore our projects.

  G8 (pav. 8G.08)
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