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Mauro Rossi, Vincenzo De Sena

A proprietary enzyme treatment of wheat gluten is effective in suppressing the inflammatory response in intolerant people without influencing its technological properties

Feed Srl

The project aims to present the nowadays AGRICULTURE 4.0 innovations that improve the companies quality and save economic resources

Azienda agricola DI GIROLAMO SARA

Presentare le innovative tecnologie dell AGRICOLTURA 4.0 che consentono allazienda di migliorare la qualit della produzione e dei proprio prodotti, rispettando lambiente


The project aims to present the nowadays AGRICULTURE 4.0 innovations that improve the companies quality and save economic resources


The first solution in the world that lets you enjoy every glass of wine by enhancing the wine lover experience.

5^ A ET ITT "E. Majorana" di Milazzo

Our product APS 2.0 is an ALL IN ONE SOLUTION as with a unique system it grants a complete protection to all adverse weather conditions. It is not a luxury product, actually it is cheap. APS 2.0 is a protection for plants and its main feature is to intervene when there are hostile weather conditions.

  P.09 (pav. P)

Enrico Santangelo (CREA), Silvia Arnone (ENEA)

Recovery and exploitation of organic waste through the bioconversion process operated by the larvae of the soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) - HERMES Project

Bioeconomy Village

What is the circular bioeconomy and what are the bio-based applications in everyday life? Visit the interactive house of the Bioeconomy Village to find out how the sustainable future is already a reality.

  L.1.13 (pav. L)

Team del corso di Wine Marketing Manager di ITS Agroalimentare Piemonte con Annoluce sas

Blockchain and NFT Technology to create a unique digital certification for collectible wine bottles linked to multimedia augmented file. A new experience for wine market

  O.16 (pav. O)

Letizia Marsili, Enrica Franchi, Francesca Capanni, Laura Carletti, Ilaria Ceciarini, Guia Consales, Lorenzo Minoia

The blue crab is a Mediterranean invasive species: our goal is to turn this harmful presence into a valuable resource.

Roberto Arrigucci

This app speeds up the recording time of the pool parameters and gives bureaucratic security

Fab Lab Barcelona

Fab Lab Barcelona is a research and education centre rethinking the way we live, work, and play around the world!

Francesco Maria Bucarelli / Claudia Atorino

Sauces and vegetable preserves of potatoes, eggplant, peppers, zucchini, pumpkins fermented by Lattobacillus (Rhamnosus, Plantarum) and/or autochthonous microflora

  L.S.25 (pav. L)

Guido Palombi, Manilo Caputo

Let's fight the food waste together! Yummy fresh food from your favourite food stores with unbelievable discounts.

Agro Camera

Specialty food development and innovation

  L.S.16 (pav. L)

Francesca Romana Bertani (CNR-IFN); Luca Businaro (CNR-IFN); Fabio Chiarello (CNR-IFN); Annamaria Gerardino (CNR-IFN); Luca Fiorani (ENEA); Claudia Zoani (ENEA)

Measuring food quality with light: spectroscopy at the service of food safety

Gruppo operativo FRUFUN
  • Low environmental impact production of innovative functional foods with fruit produced by agricultural businesses in the Sabine area
  L.S.23 (pav. L)

Simply SFA

Test sight, smell, taste and touch and discover how these influence your choices, by playing you will make them become aware

  L.S.18 (pav. L)

Agro Camera

Sustainability theme: impact of one's lifestyle on the environment, value of land, importance of biodiversity

  L.S.17 (pav. L)

Mario Soranno

Girasole is the first mesh sensory network that uses AI for precision agriculture, fire prevention and animal welfare

Studenti del II anno dei corsi ITS Tech&Food

The project has developed a new beverage, made of Cascara, a waste of the coffee production, to satisfy the growing demand for novelties in the soft drink market.

Univ. "Roma Tre" - Univ. di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale - Sapienza Univ. di Roma

Innovative technologies for sustainable agriculture



Komposta is an innovative kitchen hood that is able to cook or transform fruit and vegetable waste into compost by harnessing the heat produced by the stovetop.

Giacomo Manera

Design of an artificial intelligence model for the recognition of crop diseases and creation of dedicated software and hardware for maximum performance.

Marco Bascietto; Alessandro Alivernini; Loredana Oreti; Lorenzo Crecco; Benedetta Cucca

LIFE FOLIAGE aims to improve forest governance through the digitization of administrative procedure and the implementation of satellite imagery.

  L.S.22 (pav. L)

Gianluca Patrassi

Machine for the automatic production of fried treats: the sweet side of automation


Hi-tech monitoring for the sustainable management of the olive grove ecosystem in Lazio.

  L.S.23 (pav. L)

Sabrina Distefano; Tommaso Martelli; Antonio Genovesi; Giosetta Ciuffa; Alessandro Donati; Mattia Santinelli; Daniele Di Carlo; Andrea Di Mauro; Roberto Angeletti, Valeria Marchionni, Laura Fini, Emanuele Tarducci

Olive X-Ray is a portable telescopic radiograph for monitoring oil-fly infestation. It can monitor the quality of the olives directly in the field, without damaging the product

  O.04 (pav. O)

Studenti del corso di Meccatronica dell'ITS Smart di Fermo anno 2021-23 e azienda partner IOTALAB srl.

Sensorizing mice traps to know the behavior of rodents in real time and make the rodent control service more efficient.

Virgilio Maretto

From blockchain traceability to the talking receipt, this project aims to enhance agri-food products through new technologies.

Tehnical school, Slavonski Brod, Croatia, Mechanical computer technician, 4th grade

The press for cold pressing of oilseeds works on the principle of compressing the mass in it body by means of a spiral-shaped shaft that pushes the mass that we press forward.

Andrea Nuti, Alessandro Nanni, Leonardo Tanci

The goal of our project is to use NFT tokens for the protection from counterfeiting of luxury food products such as wines, truffles, etc. between various owners. With this system it is possible to reduce the risk of counterfeiting of luxury food products by 99%.

  O.15 (pav. O)

PuroSole, Digitarch Farm

Purosole, coffee roasting systems, food cooking and lighting of the environments, through direct solar light.

Ing. Chimenti Umberto, Ing. Schinco Francesco

ReWaBot is a robotic system that provides complete management of a restaurant with virtual menus and kitchen support.

Agro Camera

Roman quality food craftsmanship presents itself to the City and the international public with a selection of high-quality specialties

  L.S.16 (pav. L)

Claudia Zoani, Emilia Pucci

la doppia piramide alimentare; i colori e le stagioni degli alimenti, i 5 sensi & gli alimenti; la filiera agroalimentare; autenticit & frodi; spesa sostenibile

  L.S.14 (pav. L)

Fabio Leccese Laboratorio di Misure Elettriche ed Elettroniche del Dipartimento di Scienze dellUniversit degli Studi Roma Tre

Sensors for an innovative amphibious drone whose movement is based on the pendulum system

  D.05 (pav. D)


Systems for the sustainable control of Drosophila Suzukii and other pests relevant to Lazio fruit growing

  L.S.23 (pav. L)

Johnny Moretto

Aquaponic SmartAP is an offgrid green system able to grow fresh vegetable without chemiecals and by saving 90% of water

  L.S.10 (pav. L)

Patrizia Perego, Alessandro Alberto Casazza, Margherita Pettinato

Sustainable and improved extraction using green solvents for the recovery of high-added value compounds

Annamaria Bevivino

The role of the ENEA Biotechnologies and Agroindustry Division in the frame of PNRR on Sustainable Food Systems

  L.S.12 (pav. L)

PhD Antonello Bonfante (Senior Researcher at CNR)

Sustainable models of grapevine cultivation: new approaches to support precision agriculture in the vineyard

  E.14 (pav. E)

The Terranauts (Franco M. Battagello, Michela Mascia, Marco De Vellis, Marco Granati, Ivano Basile, Federica Saponaro, Fulvio Petti)

Data-driven Agritech solution for small-medium grapegrowers. Integrating satellite data, ground sensors and proprietary drones with A.I. and returning predictive knowledge(ware)

Giorgia Pontetti

How can food be produced in future? What commonalities does it have with future space food? Futuristic hydroponic cultivations in modern appliances and a 3D food printer for healthy snacks-on-the-go.

Scienze e tecnologie Alimentari in Sapienza

Innovation in Food Science and Technology into the Sapienza University of Rome

  L.S.08 (pav. L)


Fight against climate change in the olive production chain through the enhancement of pomace and pruning residues.

  L.S.23 (pav. L)

Antonio Zarlenga and HyAware Lab of the Engineering Department of the University of Roma Tre.

How do contaminants and water move in aquifers? The project simulates the main phenomena of the hydrological cycle in groundwater


Fermentation times, energy costs and environmental impact reduced by 30 percent

  L.S.26 (pav. L)
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