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Aflazero: food safety, aflatoxin detection and decontamination, technological innovation to protect consumers and the agricultural industry.

  F6 (pav. 4F.06)


Makerino, electronic board for IoT applications for prototyping projects requiring low energy consumption, low-medium computing power interfacing sensors and actuators

Sicheo Srl

The AgriFoto platform allows the monitoring of agricultural fields where photovoltaic systems have been installed.

  C11 (pav. 4C.11)

Kaloian Stanimirov Gueorguiev - Edoardo Stazio - Renzo Fabrizio Carpio

We provide a cutting-edge B2B platform that connects environmentally impactful companies with indoor farmers. Our unique approach leverages the controlled environment and reliable data provided by indoor farms. This ensures that businesses can offset their carbon emissions and water footprint through credible and traceable projects. With Agrisky, companies can make a meaningful impact on the environment while fostering sustainable partnerships.

Studente Ciro Pellecchia e Achille Moscardino

Our project was designed to significantly reduce the pollution caused by the spraying of chemical products such as copper and sulfur in the vineyards. Copper is a heavy metal and for this reason toxic to soils while sulfur causes serious irritation to the respiratory system and to the skin of men. These two pollutants are very harmful to our ecosystem and the environment. Unfortunately, these products are widely used in agriculture because they are used to fight diseases such as Peronospora and Oidium. These fungi affect all agricultural cultures but in particular the excellent vine of Made Italy for the production of quality wine.

Emilio Destratis

Discover the Magic of Wine with Amelie: A Voice-Guided Wine Assistant. Unlock the world of wine at your fingertips. #AmelieWine

Ceramiche NOI Scarl

Antibacterial tableware of various colors with particular certified properties, microwave and dishwasher safe.

4E ITTS Alessandro Volta di Tivoli - Guidonia

SaveWater 2 #SaveEarth is a must. #Agricolture sustain people. #AquaTerra project can help us to take care about #water and #environment.

Arrigoni S.p.A.

Gli Agrotessili innovativi Arrigoni, attentamente progettati, migliorano l’agricoltura aumentando le rese delle colture, riducendo l’uso di pesticidi e ottimizzando le condizioni ambientali per la crescita delle piante.

  F16 (pav. 4F.16)

E.G. Di Domenico, L. Toma, F. Ensoli

Diagnostic assay to determine antibiotic activity in biofilm-forming microorganisms, using a standardized diagnostic system, called BeST.

Fabrizio Vallongo, Cristian Vieri

Company that produces beer and organizes the largest circuit of padel events for both amateurs and famous people such as Italy Padel Tour BOMBEER

  F1 (pav. 7F.01)

Maurizio Boccacci Mariani, Vanessa Giannetti, Mattia Rapa

As part of specific departmental and multidisciplinary initiatives (Department of Management) for consumer protection and developed within the Commodity Laboratory, we have identified a cluster of specific and innovative indicators [molecular markers] which allow to better characterize the perceived quality of some commercial food products.In particular, we applied our model to pasta [primary sector of interest], craft beers, grappa and coffee. The main aim of our studies is to discriminate commercial products which, thanks to their specificity - deriving in particular from "mild" industrial treatments - can benefit from "premium price" logics.

  H3 (pav. 6H.03)

Arianna Bosco, Matteo Cappellari, Vincenzo Cassano, Elena Gasparrini, Beatrice Locatelli

Fermenter that enhances the feeling of sharing that food gives. Open source, designed for digital manufacturing.

Antonio Di Giovanni

Circular Farm is a circular urban farm, where nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed.

  D13 (pav. 4D.13)

One Network Technology

ONE METWORK three technologies: Augmented Reality, 3D technology and NFC sharing, which have allowed us to bring a Unique and innovative product to the market.

Patrizia Bagnerini, Echrak Chnib, Antonio De Donno

The adaptive vertical farm, a project of the UNIGE spin-off Space V, will enable growing vegetables in orbit and in future lunar settlements.


IiOT device for sprouting, growing with out soil and chemicals reducing use of water and power

  C21 (pav. 3C.21)

Elaisian srl

Elaisian is a scaleup that offers a decision support system for field pathogen prevention, vegetative and water monitoring of crops.

  F7 (pav. 4F.07)

Raul Bartalini Bigi classe V A Elettronica e Robotica IIS Tito Sarrocchi Siena

"Solid and liquid feed dispenser" allows you to feed and water domestic birds in your absence.

Studenti di 3C e 4C dell’indirizzo Biotecnologie Ambientali

Creation of environmentally friendly fabrics using digital 3D printing technologies, by bacterial cellulose obtained from agri-food waste.

Andrea Vitaletti

Food pairing is a method of identifying which foods go well together.

  H3 (pav. 6H.03)

I ragazzi del corso "Enofood Experience" della Fondazione ITS E.A.T. di Grosseto

"Franchino il robottino" is a robot capable of moving autonomously on the ground and, thanks to the advanced technology with which it is equipped, will be able to analyze the technical parameters of the ground. This allows the farmer to have the results in real time (or in any case a few minutes after the analysis) without having to wait days (as in the current laboratory analysis method).

  E2 (pav. 6E.02)


Low environmental impact production of innovative functional foods with fruit produced by agricultural businesses in the Sabine area The FRUFUN project proposes the valorisation of fruit production surpluses

Angelica Tufi e Romualdo Lodovici

How the environment in which one is found affects the sensory perception of food/products

  F3 (pav. 4F.03)

Mario Soranno - CEO

Girasole is the first IoT network that uses AI for precision agriculture, wildfire prevention, and animal welfare.

Restaino Domenico, Bruno Maddalena, Orlando Imma, Maggio Giovanni, DeCarlo Donatella, Schiavone Valentino and Bellettieri Vincenzo

Experiment smart and green processes for farms that are also economically sustainable

Agugliaro Anna , Amato Salvatore, Di Vita Deborah , Donzì Giulia

Hermes' Friends is an App designed to inform and monitor drivers engaged in loading, transporting and unloading goods services.


The mission of the European SWITCH project is to enhance knowledge and opportunities among European citizens to facilitate their transition towards more healthy and sustainable diets.

  C10 (pav. 4C.10)

Media Engineering SRL

Certainly, here's a summary of the capabilities of an AI-powered holographic avatar trained in agri-food topics:

An AI-driven holographic avatar in the agri-food sector can be a valuable ally. It can provide detailed information about foods, assist in preparing personalized dishes, and assess the environmental impact of food choices. Furthermore, it helps users monitor diets, suggest trends in the agri-food sector, and guide food purchases. By educating on food safety issues and sustainable farming practices, it can promote healthy and responsible eating behaviors. In agriculture, it offers support for optimized farming practices and data analysis. In summary, this AI avatar makes the agri-food sector more accessible, informed, and sustainable, for both consumers and producers.

  A4 (pav. 4A.04)

Luigi Ferrigno, Gianfranco Miele, Luca Tari

Innovative integrated multi-physics platform for monitoring, efficiency, analysis, and predictive diagnostics in Smart Factories, Smart farms, and Smart Homes

Small Giants

Enriched with insect flour, our products are mega tasty and packed with planet-positive protein. Ready to join this food revolution?

Università degli Studi Roma Tre
Sapienza Università di Roma
Università degli Studi di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale

The future of sustainable agriculture will also depend on the adoption of innovative technologies like those being experimented with by researchers from some universities in Lazio.

  B1 (pav. 4B.01)

Carmine Bourelly, Luigi Ferrigno, Gianfranco Miele

IoT smart sensor for Radon gas concentration monitoring in indoor working places according to the EU Council Directive 2013/59/EURATOM.

f.lli garuti srl / centro studi doria

innovative packaging, eco-sustainable, 100% recyclable, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

Marco Bascietto, Alessandro Alivernini, Loredana Oreti

LIFE FOLIAGE aims to improve forest governance through the digitization of administrative procedure and the implementation of satellite imagery.

  D8 (pav. 6D.08)

Cristina Panti, Matteo Baini, Maria Cirstina Fossi (Università di Siena). Stefania di Vito, Elisa Scocchera, Marzia Mattioli (Legambiente)

Life MUSCLES, circular innovations to protect the sea

Dr. Elisabetta Tomaino

The bioplastic that comes from the valorization of agro-industrial waste for food packaging with a vision of circular bioeconomy

Augusto Federici e Francesco Gasperoni

We connect small producers to families who want to go back to their roots, eat what has been harvested in the morning and delivered to their tables in the afternoon, fresh, seasonal and at Km0.

  F10 (pav. 4F.10)

Rossella Manganiello, Mauro Pagano, Roberto Ciccoritti, Roberto Tomasone, Carla Cedrola

The micro-lab is an innovative portable and easy-to-use system equipped with low-cost digital and sensorized devices to continuously monitor the main chemico-physical parameters of storage liquids of some agri-food products.

Luigi d'Aquino

The 'Microcosm to grow plants under biotic and abiotic conditioning' is an innovative device for growing plants under laboratory conditions like under wild and crop conditions, suitable for basic and applied reasearch.

  C4 (pav. 4C.04)

Fiorella Sinesio, Elisabetta Moneta, Marina Peparaio, Eleonora Saggia Civitelli

Modulate the perception of salty and sweet taste through taste-taste and taste-smell interactions and adaptation to small and progressive reductions in the amount of salt/sugar in foods.

  B7 (pav. 4B.07)

Pasquale Iavecchia

Revolutionize automation with our Arduino based controllers. Experience seamless integration and smart control for homes and industries. #Innovation #Automation #MakerFaire

Castelli International School, Rome Grade 8

Biofabrication at Castelli International School. Replace plastic with a sustainable material that grows on agricultural waste to make a lamp

Vittorio Boneschi - Paolo Pezzolla

MyEasyCarbon is a digital platform developed to support farmers and the agrifood supply chain to increase food safety, treacebility and sustainability.


New way of making ice cream, using liquid nitrogen to achieve a truly unique outcome as well as focusing on minimizing waste for a more sustainable approach. Combined with a chance of turning one product into multiple different outcomes. From juice, to ice cream or popsicle.

  F2 (pav. 4F.02)

Team NAO&SFCS I.I.S. "G. Marconi" Nocera Inferiore (SA)

The project called (NAO&SFCSacronym of AO &SMART FOOD CONSERVATION SYSTEM aims to create a low-cost solution based on an IoT and AI architecture to monitor and manage food conservation.

Adriano Giannini

It's a “beverage design” editorial format, consisting of a short story associated with a tea or herbal tea bag, whose reading time coincides with that of infusion: 5 minutes.

posti s.r.l.

An agrifood metaverse with metabolic avatars, blockchain-tracked products, and immersive technologies for healthy and sustainable nutrition.

Daniele Pizzichini, Gian Paolo Leone, Matteo Dogali, Emilia Pucci, Valeria Poscente, Claudia Zoani

New bakery products, valorisation of food waste and by-products, circular economy, "green" extraction technologies, supercritical CO2, membrane extraction

  C2 (pav. 4C.02)
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