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Three automatic musicians - bassist, drummer, glockenspiel players - will play with other automatic musical instruments and one "human" musician.

  I.01 (pav. I)

Helena Nikonole

In Bird Language, artificial intelligence looks for patterns in bird sound to build a Universal Grammar of Bird Language, a metaphor for communication between nature and technology in which a human being is not necessary.

  H.B (pav. H)

Marco Martucci, insieme alle allieve del triennio del corso "Servizi per la Sanit e lAssistenza Sociale dellIIS C. Cavour di Vercelli

"BodyMove" was created with the aim of offering both able-bodied/disabled people, opportunity to perform exercises guided by sound

Daniel Sandoval Villa

Learn to create several musical instruments made with cardboard end recycled materials controlled by Micro:bits microcontroller.

Alvaro Passeri

The mini Jungle Band is a mini orchestra of four elements: The fox plays the Mandolin The turtle plays the Xilophane The squirrel plays the flute The cobra plays the Harmonica

The robot animals play with the musical score in MIDI format.

  I.05 (pav. I)

Tetsuji Katsuda

Musical robots and humans form a band and play original musical instruments. Instruments are a mixture of electronic and traditional musical instruments.


Riccardo Tesorini

This sound installation arises from the need to reflect the emotional disconnection we experience today due to the health emergency.

Silvio Scena

Modular Musical Instrument. Each module (1 octave, 12 dynamic keys ) can be used individually in stand-alone mode or assembled with others composing a full piano keyboard. The same object can be used for studio writing or recording, then musicians can use 1 or 2 octaves, or for live performances, then they can use 7/8 octaves. The modularity of the tool reduces its size, and thus favors the transportability. Pitchbend and Wifi module available!

  I.04 (pav. I)

Daniele Leandri, Giuseppe Torino, Beppe Pennesi

Pianoforte Destrutturato is a futuristic assemblage of indipendent keys (keys-in-freedom). Each key produces a sound that can be played and programmed independently.

  K.06 (pav. K)

Achille De Santis, Alessandra De Vitis

Musical instrument playing contactless. left hand adjusts volume, right hand the frequency

  I.03 (pav. I)

kapi (aka Filippo E. Paolini)

Sounds in space and fractured images merge, thus redefining the perceived reality as a function of a non-linear synaesthetic montage.

  H.E (pav. H)
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