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Alessandro Giacomel di Officine Robotiche

An autonomous painter robot that creates watercolor paintings made at home with easily available or 3D printed material

  E.16 (pav. E)


Large 3D prints. Materials and technologies that can lead to 1: 1 scale replicas for cinema and manufacturing.

  E.07 (pav. E)

Alessandra Di Giacomo

The proposed project involves visitors in the creation of a multifunctional promotional gadget

  D.05 (pav. D)

Fulvio Airaghi

A simple slider which aim is to create a low-price and high performance equipment, booth for professionals and simple lovers.

  I.07 (pav. I)


My new toilet seat for the disabled was created to give life to an inclusive and innovative project, it does not exist on the market.

  J.1.02 (pav. J)

Fabrizio D'Eramo

ART-HOUSE CANDLE: creation of handmade wax objects, realized with antique methods and new technological machineries

Michele Bianco (interferentia srl), Prof Gian Luca Marcialis, Ricercatori Giulia Orr - Marco Micheletto - Andrea Panzino (UNICA)

Biometric Right Data Treatment is an innovative solution designed with advanced biometrics modules developed with artificial intelligence technics for having full management of digital informations sharing between a community of individuals registered with their biometrics data in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) EU 2016/679

Prof. Luca Maria Neri

New photonic system analyzing the lipid content in hematic cell membrane as an innovative diagnostic marker for several diseases


Industrial Hemp

  J.T.01 (pav. J)


Count corrugated cardboard sheets in a pile to detect discrepancies according to what is printed in the processing card

  J.2.19 (pav. J)

VAHA - Virtual Architecture Handicraft Art

VAHA presents the works of digital craft born within the "Bottega Virtuale". The projects arise from listening to the needs of end users and above all from the cooperation of more professionalism.


Anti-glare safety device for motor vehicles. protects from the suns rays, from car headlights and the artificial lights

Prof. Michele Pinelli

New technologies of fluid machines and hydraulic components to be used in power transmissions that use eco-friendly fluids

Michela Musto / Flavio Galdi - The Spark Creative Hub

The project consists of a catalog of complex forms that emerge from the freeze of generative growth in precise moments

  J.T.17 (pav. J)

Massimo Proia, Maddalena Mariani, Antonella Della Bella

Filanda 4.0. A dialogue between tradition and innovation to rethink silk as a new "Made in Italy" excellence.

Camilla Gironi e Sara Muscolo

FLUID is a system of phygital interfaces for human-machine interaction in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

Classe 4A dell'indirizzo di Meccanica Meccatronica ed Energia dell'Istituto Mattei di Conselve (PD)

This is a hydraulic bench that automatically measures the thermal power handed over by heated water to the air.

Davide Rubino, Domenico Abbruzzese

The project shows the functioning of a 3D printer with infinite axis, focusing on programming and on the main elements that compose it.


Wheelchair designed with brushless motors. Handy, practical, fun and ecological

Claudio Cagnazzi

The SOF'up kit allows you to lift and move armchairs, sofas, sofa beds, storage beds and more by controlling everything with your voice

Responsabili: Ilaria Giannetti, Andrea Micheletti - Team: Alessia Bisconti, Gabriele Mattei, Alessia Terrezza

Lasercut origami structures is a multidisciplinary research and educational project dedicated to the 'file to factory' design of origami structures.

  D.12 (pav. D)

Matteo Carbone, Simone Giacomini 4 CA, ITI OMAR NOVARA

We have been designed and developed an antiviral facemask which uses nanotechnology to stop viruses including COVID-19.


Moi composites

MAMBO (Motor Additive Manufacturing BOat) is a real boat 3d printed in continuous fiberglass thermoset material. MAMBO demonstrates a new, unique shaped boat that cannot be achieved with traditional manufacturing.

  J.03 (pav. J)

ENEA - Dipartimento SSPT - I Laboratori della Divisione PROMAS

Sustainable materials and technologies for energy harvesting and 3D printing for energy applications.

  J.S.00 (pav. J)

ITS moda Pescara

The Merlino 4.0 project involves the ancient Merlino wool mill in weaving on ancient looms of brand new jackard fabrics for total look companies starting from a design of the Zero Waste model, sustainable and fashionable, for a modern woman.

  J.2.16 (pav. J)


SetTopBox that solves the problem of the television standard changing in 2021, by also offering the possibility of watching streaming contents via internet, with additional fuctions for the safety of the old people

  F.11 (pav. F)

Annalisa Di Bernardino, Valeria Jennings, Giacomo Dell'Omo, Enrico Cadau, Marco Cacciani

Development of low-cost microsensors for real-time meteorological and air quality monitoring.


PolyShaper: the best CNC desktop foam cutting machines

  E.04 (pav. E)

Marco Bozzola

We bring professionally-engineered, upgradeable lighting hardware together with Open Source firmware and 3D-printable expansion kits. 100% Makers-friendly!

Elisa Nicolia

By imitating the hygromechanical properties of pine cones that react to the change of humidity in the air, this experiment makes use of 4D printing for the programming of natural hygromorphic compounds: the transformation of these modules is integrally integrated into the printed architecture thanks to the control and the design of the printing direction and the manufacturing and assembly method of wood (active layer) and fiberglass (passive layer). This experimentation envisages a potential application in the architectural field for membranes and roofing systems

Fab Lab Barcelona

Welcome to Fab Lab Barcelona, we use our digital fabrication facilities to prototype, fabricate and test these ideas in the real world as research, education and innovation.

  K.10 (pav. K)

Collettivo di artisti Riscarti

Riscarti is a multidisciplinary artistic "container" for making waste materials useful goods, works of art and design: ethics and aesthetics of recycling to promote sustainable lifestyles.

Amleto Picerno Ceraso

The Advanced design for Architecture and Craft Specialization School trains young professionals able to combine tradition and innovation.

Riccio Giulio Giuseppe.

The shower chair that makes even inaccessible showers, accessible.

  J.1.10 (pav. J)

Domenico Prattichizzo

We will show prototypes of robotic grippers made by combining soft materials with magnetic actuators and devices capable of recreating tactile sensations in VR / AR environments.

  B.04 (pav. B)

Prof. Donato Vincenzi

A charging station with high efficiency solar cells and plus energy for nighttime illumination

Classe 4A Chimica ITI Cannizzaro Catania

From citrus peels it is possible to obtain, by steam distillation, natural solvents with low environmental impact.

  J.2.14 (pav. J)

Victor Monu,Michele Florio,Arcadie Caprita

The first wake-up bed for deaf people.

  J.1.01 (pav. J)

Daniele Vetrucci

A laboratory power supply with variable sinusoidal voltage 0-230V, variable frequency 2-100Hz and galvanic isulation!

  F.01 (pav. F)

Sara Costantini, Letizia Cruciani, Miriam Gabriele

Stone Paper: construction elements made with non-traditional materials for temporary and sustainable structures.

  D.02 (pav. D)

The Ant Team

We propose a set of open projects dedicated to the manufacturing of diy electronics prototypes: our little "The Ant" CNC and our last top secret project!

Lisa Salaris, Massimiliano Ceppi, Gabriele Saba, Dario Vucinic, Fabio Zanchetta, Lorenzo Elia, Mariavittoria Ghezzi

UniTS Racing Team is the official student's Formula SAE team that aims to develop and manufacture an electric racing car.


My new toilet for the disabled was developed to give life to an inclusive and innovative project, it does not exist on the market.

  J.1.02 (pav. J)

Tommaso - Luca - Desiree - Daniele

RECO2 is a Cleantech startup that through a revolutionary production process based on the circular economy produces products for green building.

  J.T.13 (pav. J)


The Yeastime team offers devices that optimize the fermentation process by reducing time, costs and environmental impact.

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