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Digital infrastructure promoting circular, resilient, and digitally-based mode of production, grounded in the collaboratively developed and globally shared data as commons on the web.

Mauro Cerelli - Devboards.it

ESPpy32 electronic dev-board for IoT applications. Based on ESP32 you can easily develop awesome applications with DEBUG feature!


Makerino, electronic board for IoT applications for prototyping projects requiring low energy consumption, low-medium computing power interfacing sensors and actuators

Bruno Luziatelli, Mauro Cerelli e Gianluigi Perrella

From Pick&Place to #ESPy32. How to cover the whole process, designing and realizing a small amount of assembled electronic boards (PCBA).

s-ol bekic

a compact, open-source "isomorphic" MIDI keyboard with colorful hexagonal keys

  E10 (pav. 3E.10)

ITS D.E.Mo.S Academy 3D Flakes printing

"Our revolutionary project offers an affordable and eco-friendly 3D printer, promoting innovation and sustainability in sectors such as education and industry. Maker Faire Rome provides a key opportunity to share this vision and connect with the innovative community."

IIS Palmieri Rampone Polo

Innovativo programma didattico che comprende un insieme di attività progettuali finalizzate all’invio di palloni sonda e relativi payload nella Stratosfera.

Beatrice Bocci

ACTA is an Eco-sustainable Collection, inspired by Etruscan history, in a contemporary and genderless vision.

Marco Rampin

Customizable collectibles electronic audio devices for DIY and audiophiles who wish to discover new lands in their beloved leisure fields.

Fabrizio D'Eramo

ART-HOUSE CANDLE: creation of handmade wax object, realized with antique method and new technological machineries

  E12 (pav. 4E.12)

Studenti e studentesse dell’Università degli Studi di Trieste

Two rooms inside the university: An office to design, a construction site to build. And then the sea to experiment.

Nicola Nazareno Pirozzi, Massimiliano Santoro, Luigi Tarantino, Antonio Grotta, Vincenzo Cioffo, Christopher Caruso

In Italy, we print 2.3 billion bills made up of non-recyclable thermal paper yearly. Moreover, to produce this paper, we clear-cut an area as wide as New York City (190 million trees) and process this paper with 140 million liters of water.

BILLD is a cleantech startup which has two main goals:

  1. Digitize bills through in-cloud technology;
  2. Collect the Offline Market’s big data.

The dematerialization of receipts occurs through an innovative device compatible with the main cash registers on the market. This hardware is integrated with 2 built-in APPs (one dedicated to B2B Customers and one to B2C Users)

Jovanovic Aleksandar e Mijajlovic Marco - ITIS "C. Zuccante" Mestre (VE) Italy

BlindView is a product that aims to make museums more accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired.

Irena Stolic and Zoja Kukic Dordevic

Bracelet Maker is a robotics toy specially designed for girls, enhancing their interest in coding and engineering through play.

  E14 (pav. 4E.14)

Lars Oberhofer, Katerina Koleva, Magda Żukowska, Heïdi Sainte-Catherine and Riccardo Calcagno

Brailly is a 3D-printed, interactive cube that transforms Braille learning into a fun and easy activity.

IT Archimede di Catania - Dipartimento di Informatica - Studenti : Presti Gabriele, Gaetano Scuto, Boninelli Leonardo, Lo Castro Federico, Mirko Sicurella

C-Eyes: transforming the world for the visually impaired through AI-powered glasses that narrate surroundings for enhanced autonomy and safety.



(PATENTS EUROPEAN EP3743290, U.S.A. US16961833)



( PATENTS EUROPEAN EP3743290, U.S.A. US16961833 )

Medaarch - in collaborazione con WASP e Lab Mec

"Digital Fabrication for the Renaissance of Made in Italy At Maker Faire Rome 2023 the Center for Digital Craftsmanship by Medaarch, the space dedicated to Manufacturing 5.0 for the enhancement of future talents."

Arianna Bosco, Matteo Cappellari, Vincenzo Cassano, Elena Gasparrini, Beatrice Locatelli

Fermenter that enhances the feeling of sharing that food gives. Open source, designed for digital manufacturing.

One Network Technology

ONE METWORK three technologies: Augmented Reality, 3D technology and NFC sharing, which have allowed us to bring a Unique and innovative product to the market.

Armando Elefante

Cosplus is a team of artists who embody refined futuristic aesthetics in their wearable creations, using 3D printing and vacuum-forming.

Mariia Hrozdova

Old felting technologies in modern design

  E8 (pav. 4E.08)

Giovanni Sannino - Luca Di Capua - Roberto Di Maggio

The innovation of our business project lies in the creation of a fully customisable racket. The racket is a blank canvas where the player can decide to customise it down to the smallest detail, making his racket unique in design.

  D10 (pav. 7D.10)

David Braccini

Dotzero, a Tuscan sneaker startup, revolutionizes the industry through upcycling, creating a recyclable and everlasting shoe.

Dario Colozza, Laura Banut


With more than 25 years of experience in the field of music production, acoustics and sound engineering, Elliptical produces hi-end limited edition design speakers being able to offer through the 3D printing technology unique frontiers in shapes, materials, colors and customizations.

E-Agle Trento Racing Team: la squadra di Formula Student dell’Università di Trento

A maker-style electric single-seater: from the extensive use of additive manufacturing to the development of dedicated electronics and software

Riccardo Pedone, Gabriele Di Blasi - classe 4BE dell'ITIS Elettronica ed Elettrotecnica - Istituto Scolastico Enzo Ferrari di Susa (TO)

FideLIS: an eco-sustainable robot able to make art and museums inclusive through LIS.

Valentina Segnalini, Gabriele Pollastrini

Flippy is an engaging game for visually impaired children that stimulates movement, coordination, and inclusion through sounds and tactile interactions.


Biomechanics applied

  D5 (pav. 7D.05)

Massimiliano Ferrari - RetroMaximo

Replica of the "flux capacitor" from "Back to the Future"

  G2 (pav. 3G.02)


Improve your quality of life with static magnetic stimulation: innovation is in the palm of your hand

Fondazione ITS Biotecnologie

Unveil the future of orthopedic recovery: an innovative, speedy and comfortable medical breakthrough for fractures, outshining traditional plaster casts.

marco magliozzi

Glimoire® creations are born from the passion for objects from the past. The processing takes place in several phases, with the use of semi-precious metals and specific techniques of craftsmanship.

Roberto Asquini

Design your own battery free LoRa radio sensor using the H10 optimized hardware components and the RIOT Real Time Operating System for IoT

HaRmonicV Control & Consulting - Università degli Studi di Rome Tor Vergata

The revolution in personalized training programs and fitness analysis

Jacopo De Benedictis

Interactive multimedia installation for consulting archival materials

Roberto Tascioni

Intelligent and open source electrification kit suitable for a large variety of bicycle models

Andrea Mullineris

The World’s First iPhone Case that you can Plant after use from which you can see flowers and plants grow

Infinit Sound Fx: Daniel Rosero and Katalina Soto

Achieve organic control over your sound effects using this versatile multi-instrument sound effects processor.

  C9 (pav. 5C.09)

Rainer Kuth

3d printing opens a new horizon of making buoyancy elements for scuba diving and snorkeling using common affordable 3d printers

Maria Clelia Scuteri

Invaerso challenges the limits of the conventional world through a unique and innovative supply chain to create non-ordinary jewels that have the ability to leave a significant and profound mark.

Avelon Bardhi, Pietro Chillè, Giorgia Grilli, Francesco Tuzzi

A game designed to help teach children about sustainability and waste recycling through a fun challenging game.

ITSRED Academy

For a better construction site we must be able to trace the products used, up to their correct installation

Ideatore Claudio Gioserio

Innovative LED lamps thanks to exclusive invention patent, with unique design, high luminous efficiency, and anti-glare technology

  C13 (pav. 3C.13)

Castiglione Carola, Cappiello Mattia, Frova Giacomo, Macciachini Mattia

A game that aims to enhance fine motor skills, logic, observational abilities, creativity and that teaches the child balance.

Cristina Panti, Matteo Baini, Maria Cirstina Fossi (Università di Siena). Stefania di Vito, Elisa Scocchera, Marzia Mattioli (Legambiente)

Life MUSCLES, circular innovations to protect the sea

Marco Fellin, Roberto Scotta, Emanuele Sartori, Ario Ceccotti, Daniele Casagrande, Andrea Polastri, XLAM Dolomiti spa

LifeShell. Life in a shell: life saving wooden furniture protecting from earthquakes collapses.

Sartorato Caterina, Vanini Fabiana, Maistri Gabriele, Gorra Elisa

Macro-Micro allows you to learn fundamental categories and their subcategories through an immersive experience of images, opening children's minds to discovery.

  I14 (pav. 3I.14)


Maria Patrizia Marra Jewels - Salento designer This is where her jewels are born, inspired by memories of the past, nature and her homeland. Jewels that speak of the sea, of fragrances, embellished with starfish, prickly pears, seahorses and corals. His creations represent a bridge between the past and the present, between Salento and the new context of the modern city, without losing sight of the details of the refined craftsmanship of each jewel, all made in bronze and silver. Intended for women of all ages, the fundamental characteristic that unites them is feeling free, refined and elegant.

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