Exhibitors 2018

Maker Faire Rome 2018: discover our makers, exhibitors and all the selected projects!

Ing. Flavio Lanese
Innovative patented, anti-seismic construction system, based on the mechanical assembly of reusable modules that can be made of different materials

LoRaWAN sensor network for monitoring critical infrastructures within Industry 4.0

Classe 3°A GAT - IIS Luigi Einaudi- Chiari
A mechanical seeder combined to an irrigation pipe-layer getting seeds sowed and pipes laid down in a single ride.

Britti Domenico, Cosco Donato, Fresta Massimo, Paolino Donatella, Trapasso Elena
The project is related to the use of a nanocarrier-loaded for Leishmaniosis treatment

Ilaria Giannetti, Tullia Iori (SIXXIGames) Claudio Intrigila, Paolo Bisegna, Nicola Antonio Nodargi (SMS)
SIXXI3DLab designs, with 3D printing, scale structural models (SMS) and serious games (SIXXIGames) increasing knowledge on Italian Engineering Heritage

Jeffrey Roe
Turn your head into a speaker that only you can hear with bone conduction.


SKY TO JOIN THE MAKER FAIRE IN ROME Sky will be present at the Maker Faire in Rome to take us to the heart of the Arctic, to the Svalbard islands through a 360 …
  A8 (pav. 7)

Alessio Morale & Officine Robotiche
A self built rover robot with autonomous capabilities based on opensource technologies(ROS, UNav etc.)

Andrea Martini
Sliding-3D the 3D Printer, equipped with an infinite printing plan, that simplifies the continuously printing.
  F25 (pav. 8)

Jan Baeyens, Roberto Lo Giacco
A step forward toward professional programming of Arduino and other boards.

Mariano Cerbone, Lorenzo Arena,
Mongoose is the first Smart Alarm for vehicles and bikes that use a innovative technology called NB-IOT, powerd by Vodafone.
  C5 (pav. 4)

Luca Tencati , Luca Gaspani
Our project involves the construction of a completely modular, flexible and versatile production line with the aim of filling, closing and labeling a personalized can directly from the customer by the web.

Gruppo progetto SHFB I.I.S "G. Marconi" Nocera Inferiore (SA)
Smart house for Blind (SMNVI project) is an automation tool realized to make more usable home enviroment for blind and low vision people

Lorenzo Riggi
SmartEyes' app lets you control your house with your eyes
  A8 (pav. 4)

Martino Colciago
SmartGreen is an hydroponic greenhouse automatized by Arduino and Raspberry Pi , controlled by an app or a bot on Telegram.

Giovanni Saggio, Vito Errico, Mariachiara Ricci, Franco Giannini, Carla Cenci
A sensory headwear allows the human head acting like a joystick.

3AI e 3BC I.T.T.S. "Volta" Perugia
A small user-programmable multi-purpose disk made of recycled paper with a NFC chip inside usable for greeting or emergency cards.

Gabriela Dudca, Lorenzo Pilat, Cristian Dudca with Fablab Belluno
A machine to mount SMD components all thanks to a XY Plotter Makeblock a compressor and the mWraw softwer.

Alessandro Oppo e Alessio Ciferri
smileBack, the smart back panel that helps people sitting down correctly and educate them to keep a good posture.

Antonio Bicchi
Meet Ego a humanoid robot with wheels, muscles, hands and head, and try to be a robot.

Visual Computing Lab – ISTI CNR
Advanced technologies for innovative cast-based digital fabrication, Tensegrity design e processing models for 3D printing

Maiseville Groupe Limited
Solar Pulse is a portable solar powered generator that support Off-Grid rural small enterprises with clean, reliable and affordable energy.

Reclamation of polluted water and soil by using plants

At this year's Maker Faire show in Rome, the Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corp and Sony Developer Program team present the new Spresense IoT development board. …

Marco Bertola, Marco Re, Gianluca Susi
The projects are devoted to the control of electronic instruments by using the Kinect controller or by using an electronic glove or vice versa the detection of the musician groove by using an electronic glove

Fabio Ballanti, Vito Errico, Giovanni Saggio
SoundGlove is a glove equipped with pressure sensors, strain gauges and gyroscope to play a virtual piano

Solutions & Services for Digital Fabrication, e-textile, Fashion Tech, Robotics, Industry 4.0 and Fab Labs Management. Creative Learning, Education and Courses …
  B25 (pav. 4)

Marco Simonetti - Diego Zabot - R3place - Biennio 2016-2018 TIB dell'ITS A.Volta di Trieste
Customizable Ergonomic Supports in 3D printing to improve the driving of electric wheelchairs and APP to support the clinical practice

SPIRULINA, A SPECIAL TYPE OF MICROALGA OF FRESHWATER, IS ONE OF THE MOST COMPLETE FOOD THAT THE NATURE GIVES YOU. Spireat is a start-up that produce spirulina and spirulina based products thanks to its innovative methods based in a circular economy way
  D11 (pav. 6)

ApuliaKundi si occupa di ricerca sulle micro alghe; in particolare produce SpirulinaK biologica, naturale, pura e Made in Italy.
  D10 (pav. 6)

Manuel Onorati, Giovanni Saggio, CUS Roma Tor Vergata
The Sports Movement of Rome Tor Vergata (CUS) launches the sport competition that uses the research conducted by Prof. Giovanni Saggio on wearable devices to create the first technological sports tournament. Take part too!

Stampa 3D sud
Stampa 3d sud is a young company, founded a few years ago from the passion for new technologies. Composed of a young and heterogeneous team, Stampa 3d sud gat …
  A5 (pav. 8)

Elisabetta Macchi
Digital pronto in ceramics support or thinks

Lorenzo De Luca with FabLab Belluno
Open Source stereo hi-fi Based on Volumio and Raspberry Pi, with web radio, music from USB, Spotify and Spotify connect

Robotics And Innovation Lab (Trinity College Dublin)
Stevie is a social robot, created as a general purpose research platform for robotics and artificial intelligence applications.

Strooder is plastic filament extruder, designed to convert raw or recyclable plastic into filament for your 3D printer.

Sandro Giammellucca
create a musical instrument with any waste or raw material

Classi 4° PTS ( corso Moda) e 4° TEN (corso Elettrico/Elettronico) Istituto di Istruzione Superiore “U. POMILIO” Chieti
SUN IN THE BAG: solar panel and LED technology to illuminate the inside of the bag when it is dark.

Fabiana Arduini, Stefano Cinti, Noemi Colozza, Maria Rita Tomei, Vincenzo Mazzaracchio, Eleonora Marcoccio, Danila Moscone
Paper-based (bio)sensors for a sustainable measurement of different compounds in biomedical, environmental, and agri-food areas.

Sviluppo Campania S.p.A. - Regione Campania
Sviluppo Campania is an in-house company of Regione Campania. Its mission is to contribute – under the Regione Campania guidelines – to carry out …

A. De Iacovo, C. Venettacci, S. Bruno, L. Colace
The objective of this project is the development of sensors based on colloidal nanoparticles to be integrated with front-end and conversion electronics.

Alessandro Paglialunga - Superelectric Srl
systemONE is a hyperspectral/mulristectral/thermal sensor for UAVs for Precision Agriculture, Environmental, Pollution Monitoring, Archeology, Utilities and Critical Infrastructures Monitoring.

Ernesto Limiti, Roberto Mugvero, Valentina Sabato
Master is organized in order to provide an integrated and multidimensional framework in three main areas: security, defence and intelligence.

Mimesis s.r.l. + Allievi ITS MAKER sedi Emilia Romagna
An innovative autonomic guide vehicle-lab for airflow accurate measurements in tunnels

T1N4 (Tina) is a humanoid robot, It can Walk, talk listen and play wiht AI at games as hangman
  C14 (pav. 9)

Danny Scheible and Eben Burgoon
Masking tape meets imagination forming an entire ever-expanding city made of tape!

Team Sapienza SDME - Sapienza Università di Roma
  E3 (pav. 5)

Techno-B Brace
This project aims to regulate posture by avoiding the traditional rigid correction tools, limiting the discomfort of people forced to use an orthopedic bust.
  A27 (pav. 4)

The company, founded in the early 1980s, now performs every service for radio broadcasts, including the civil design of technological sites, permit requests, ar …

TEKO Company was founded on 1957. Helping you gain a competitive advantage through innovative electronics enclosures. Teko delivers world-class enclosures to el …
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