Exhibitors 2016

Category "Fabrication"

Born in Italy from a single piece of real hardwood, hand sanded and finished with natural beeswax to enhance the look and feel of the wood.

Tamandua - Ferdinand Schmelzer Letizia Martinelli
Organic shaped sitting elements of easy-to-assemble tongue-and-groove silhouettes, based on a highly customisable parametric design workflow for CNC fabrication

Alessia & Co.
An open and playful DIY furniture system that makes your space meet your personality and life style flexibly.

Massimo Morganti
Momafab is a platform that creates a synergy between Augmented and Virtual Reality in the different worlds of Smart Cities, Museums, Arts, Tourism, Packaging, Publishing and Cinema.

MOPBIKE produce biciclette artigianali su misura interamente fatte in Italia - made in italy - di elevata manifattura e qualità. Il progetto viene fatto con e …
  B17 (pav. 8)

Davide Rizzardi, Maria Teresa Rizzardi, Andrea De Luca, Chiara Marchetti
Function, form, ethics, aesthetics: in short myfolia. Everyday wooden objects out of the ordinary.
  A37 (pav. 8)

Design for Craft
MyLux3D is a 3D printed personal lamp created from the shape of your face and customizable from your smartphone

Edoardo Mazzaracchio
This printer is a very-low cost full cubic meter printer - cheap, precise and hackable!

Sustainable Paulownia wooden surfboards also available in kits for self construction, longboard, alaia, handplane and powderboard.
  A32 (pav. 8)

Filippo Moroni, Pietro Gabriele
ONO - The First Ever Smartphone 3D Printer. OLO's not just a 3D printer, it's a game changer. OLO is 3Democracy

Andrea Marenghi, Valerio Campari
OpenBuilds is a modular linear guide system according to requirements to create a robust and precise mechanics.

Il Centro Stampa PandaMannaro, è un laboratorio di artigianato tecnologico, specializzato nella creazione e successiva lavorazione di prodotti innovativi. Le c …
  A26 (pav. 8)

ICTP Scientific Fablab - Carlo Fonda, Enrique Canessa, SciFabLab staff
A prototype low-cost extruder fed by industrial plastic pellets, to be used in a Reprap 3D printer.

PERPETUA we had to invent it
G-CASE entra nella famiglia PERPETUA e ne esprime appieno valori, bellezza e funzionalità. G-CASE (G sta per grafite) unico e rivoluzionario, è diverso da tut …
  A44 (pav. 8)

Fab Lab Frosinone Officine Giardino
FabLab Frosinone Officine Giardino will allow visitors to create a t-shirt with motifs and colors realized for Maker Faire.

Pivotmaker, professional and large-scale 3D printing affordable and available to more users.
  C24 (pav. 8)

Playcar è una startup innovativa nata per realizzare sistemi di trasporto dedicati alla mobilità sostenibile per le medie e piccole città italiane. Ha inizia …
  B13 (pav. 8)

Gainfranco Pulitano e Giancarlo Pianezzola
Plexi presented the draft of the "LIGHT TRAY" designed with digital technology and handcrafted plastic with CNC and thermoforming. Integrated with interactive electronic system.
  A33 (pav. 8)

Antonio Ianiero
A minimalist drawing machine that will draw on huge areas with great accuracy.
  C1 (pav. 8)

Sander Stroom
Self designed plywood boxes with mechanical locks. Useful as a piggy bank, tips jar or a birthday present for friends.

Azienda giovane che si occupa della lavorazione dell'EPS, comunemente chiamato polistirolo, attraverso il quale si realizzano dalle forme più semplici a vere e …
  B9 (pav. 8)

Italian handcrafted real wood cover: combines the maximum strength of polycarbonate with the beauty of the best selected woods, to ensure protection and style to your smartphone.

Flavio Prattico, Carmine Gianfagna, Francesco Riccio
The PolyShaper project is a new open source technology to model, through CNC machines, foams like polystyrene.
  C8 (pav. 8)

Re-find di Paolicelli Emilia
Re-find nasce dalle mani creative di Emilia Paolicelli e Rosaria Marraffino, upcyclers con la passione per la moda e l’amore per la natura. Con materiali di r …
  A36 (pav. 8)

REPIKS srls Tecnologie Innovative
T-LOCK KNIFE: an unprecedented device that blends craftsmanship and technology. The pure revolution in knives and tooling in general. BLACKSTATION: dromotic an intelligent device, which radically disrupts the traditional concept of multimedia interactive system for the promotion and communication of products / services / information
  A39 (pav. 8)

Caracol Studio + Wemake
Robotic Playground is an exhibition area of experimental robotic applications and big scale 3d printing applied in the field of art, design, and architecture.
  C31 (pav. 8)

Sara Vignoli
3D Elements of Nature is a modular system that allows creating green walls and elements of modular furniture with infinite combinations.
  A38 (pav. 8)

Digital Arts & Manufacturing Academy
The future of tailoring is in the digital world. The purpose of Sartoria Digitale is to integrate the traditional tailor's profession with the new digital machines for the design and rapid manufacture, offered by the world of Digital Fabrication.

Pushing the limit of 3D printing with a Sintratec Kit: Make extremely strong free-form parts with laser sintering.
  C29 (pav. 8)

The product will have low cost price, guarantees money saving, recyclable materials composition and a unique compact and modern design.
  A35 (pav. 8)

Natural Robotics
The SLS VIT is a low cost SLS 3d printer from Barcelona. The project will compare filament and SLS 3d printers outcome.
  C7 (pav. 8)

Design for Craft
Automatic smoothing machine for 3D printed objects

FabLab Palermo APS
An interactive souvenir, 3d printed, that displays the weather of the visited city, in real-time.

Stefano Corinaldesi
Printer with dryer included. Drying takes place before and during the 3D printing. This system allows you to print all of the hygroscopic polymers such as nylon, pbt, polycarbonate.
  C5 (pav. 8)

KRICA design
Digital handicraft made in Italy for joinable fashion accessories.

TEXA Telemobility is a range of products that allow the vehicle to remotely communicate with other entities, as the dealer, the workshop, a SOS center, the fleet manager, the owner of the vehicle.

Monica Marconi, Mattia Bonavolontà
Project in collaboration with the Thai Tourism Authority and the Thai Government. Sunglasses Bamboo with silk inserts on temples made by hand with the aid of CNC machines.

TryeCo 2.0 srl - 3D fashion and digital manufacturing
The project 3D FASHION & DIGITAL MANUFACTURING aims to combine the traditional dressmaking techniques with the use of new technologies.
  A27 (pav. 8)

Emanuele Balasso
Galassia 3D has implemented an experiment which ended successfully for the production of resins dedicated to prototyping of Bivalve dies
  B3 (pav. 8)

Johnathan Yen
Better prints in style with your Ultimaker

Cesare Rascel aka Custom Cez
We make powder coating available to everyone with our application kit, special powders and video tutorials. Fun and easy!

Wallfarm is the only compact solution in the world that grows hydroponic fruits and vegetables in a completely autonomous way. With Wallfarm everyone will be ab …
  A46 (pav. 8)

Emanuele Borasio
The recent introduc-on of wearable technology devices (smartglasses, smartwatch, smartbands, etc) has encouraged our team to develop new approaches to the use of augmented reality, particularly in support of industrial applica-ons.
  B6 (pav. 8)

Fab Lab Frosinone Officine Giardino
A mime and a stilt-walker will surprise the public of Maker Faire, showing the potentials of wearable technology.

Marco Armoni - Marco Quacquarini - Emanuele Ticà
DropSystem is a product conceived and realised with the aim of permitting everybody to pour liquids easily and fast.
  A45 (pav. 8)

Evgenia Elkind
Geometries & Mandala are two collection of wooden lasercut and hand finished  jewels. The jewel and the box are designed together. The box is a piece of poplar wood from where the jewel is cut out; the exceeding material doesn't go to waste but becomes part of the whole project. When you don't wear the jewel you can put it back in the box  and have a nice object to decorate your home.
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