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Category "Life "

Lorenzo Di Marino, Nicola Scogliamiglio, Orazio Dell'Aversana
Python, Disability support, embedded systems, informatic support, biomedically support, disability, autonomy disability, inclusion, informatic ausilium, blinding people, distropic people support, deaf and dum.

Gerardo Francesca - Enrico Bruzzano
Motivational Camera System, track and show the evolution of your body
  E17 (pav. 6)

Francesco Lomascolo - associazione AccordiAbili - fablab Officine080
Thanks to this customizable device we make it possible for people who cannot play a real musical instrument due to diminished motor skills to play a synthesized musical instrument.

Biomedical Lab (Luigi Battista, Noemi Giorgio e Fabio Giuseppe Battista)
MyVenus is a new telemedicine system for patients receiving Home Mechanical Ventilation

Giancarlo PELLIS
Neutral Balance PRO is designed to provide 12 apparatus, each of which is characterized by a precise stability (R/H) ratio
  D33 (pav. 6)

OpenRampette is a co-designed service to improve the accessibility of shops for people needing ramps.
  D10 (pav. 6)

Federico Gualdi, Roberto Lucchisani, Nicholas Silvestri
Optical Wheelchair was developed to increase the autonomy of disabled people. It can detect face expressions with a particular Intel camera which manage the wheels consequently

Mattia Strocchi
Orion is a wearable system capable to enhance human physics skills through an exoskeleton, controlled with ease by your gestures.

Paper8 Pocket Boats
Follow the Next Generation Paper8 Series: SmartWood, the most beautiful and performing folding dinghy ever built in the world, fast like the wind, fast like the future.

The design and development of Painteraction was realized at Atlas Centre—Sementera ONLUS by the clinician, art therapist Simone Donnari with the support of Magali Rochat, who holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. In 2015, Leva Engineering srl (Torino, Italy) s
Painteraction tool emerged from clinical experience with ASD children. But every child enjoys playing on a screen just using body movements.

Giuseppe Airò Farulla, Andrea Bulgarelli, Marco Indaco, Ludovico O. Russo
A Telecommunication System for Deafblind People.

Biomedical Lab (Luigi Battista, Noemi Giorgio e Fabio Giuseppe Battista)
PD-Watch, the wearable device for patients with Parkinson's disease

Mauro Soligo
Robotic Platform for outdoor sourvelliance.

Elettra Robotics LAB
Poldino is an educational project, our proposal is to involve people to robotics project, with an inexpensive kit.
  C22 (pav. 6)

Gaetano Saurio
Poommarobot is the robot born from the union of an aluminum pot and an old smartphone.

Ing. Leonardo Spacone
Is an innovative driving system based on speed and power parameters driven by ground orography and route, which can increase the mileage of electric vehicles

Gioele Spinella, Matteo Raffaelli
Project X-Brain is a mind controlled robotic hand based on the development of a new technology which allows us to control any device or application with Brain Waves.

Christian Gentile
The Psykoboard electric skate is designed for urban mobility. The board is made of carbon fiber.

Fabio Lagata, Ingenere elettronico. Ely Rozenberg, Industrial Designer
The "Quo vadis" bracelet is a wearable electronic item (Wearable Eletronics) that is part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Bracelet is designed to assist and monitor disadvantage persons in archaeological parks through sensors and GPS and Wi-Fi antennae.

Sara Savian e Mauro Alfieri
Improve your hands with reHub: the glove that can easily collect data thanks to its sensors system and 3D software

Niklas Sallali
Rhex is an open source hexapod robot able to walk, make complex movements and track defined color objects.

Antonio Iacchetti, Michele Garbugli, Nicola Piva, Simona Ferrulli
A photovoltaic film, plastic, coloured, thin. Being available in custom shape it can transform every surface into a photovoltaic generator.

Elettra Robotics LAB - IIS Cobianchi (Verbania)
Robot football player with four wheels and omnidirectional movement. RoboCupJunior rules compliant, it can identify, capture and kick the ball.
  C22 (pav. 6)

Stefano Gustin
robotic legs to carry loads up to 100 KG with remote control
  F22 (pav. 6)

Elettra Robotics LAB - IIS Cobianchi (Verbania)
45cm tall humanoid robot. 19 degrees of freedom, motherboard and software control panel specially developed.
  C22 (pav. 6)

Elettra Robotics LAB
55cm tall humanoid robot with 20 degrees of freedom. Movedby digital servomotors RC 40kgcm. ATmega128/PIC18F2321 controller .
  C22 (pav. 6)

Gabriele Ermacora, Ludovico Orlando Russo, Michele Maffucci
We are makers, educators, artists, engineer, technologists, geek, visionaries, professors, designers and passionates about robotics together for sharing our experience, our ideas, our knowledge about robotics. We think robotics is cool and we think that can change soon the world. Our aims: * show projects * share knowledge * inspire other robot-makers * networking

Tommaso Manini - Donatella Musarò - Luca Olmi - Giulia Ramella - Francesca Rodino - Laura Salatino
S’Trike is a multifunctional vehicle that has been designed to have three functions: trike, tricycle and stroller.

Safe Track seems like a regular blind guy's stick but thanks to a particular proximity sensor, it is possible to signal to the blind person the idea of the distance between the tip of the stick and the nearest obstacle.
  D25 (pav. 6)

Fabio Roveti in collaborazione con OCM (Officine Creative Marchigiane)
Sbigulway hooks him to any movable object. It has a maximum speed of 20 km / h and autonomy of 15km

emanuela corti, ivan parati, alessia moltani
Sensewear is a collection of smart clothes and accessories that emphasize the use of senses. Their primary purpose is to stimulate and improve awareness of our senses, while training us to better use them all.

Carolina Valli
Assistive musical instrument that allows people with limited motor skills to express using rhythmic patterns or audio sequences

Antonio Esposito
Open source electronic system for directly supplying power to an electric water heater using offgrid photovoltaic modules, without an inverter

Salvatore Mica Alessandro Leone Gianmarco Pinto Danilo Catalano Alessandro Collesano
Skeym is a Gamified Assessments Platform. It can measure 12 Attitudes and 10 Soft skills through immersive and engaging videogames.
  D30 (pav. 6)

Anisia Lauditi, Diego Gibello Foglio, Giorgia Crida, Luca Rabezzana, Maurizio Contu
SMArty is a brachial device made of steel and aluminium which can be mounted on a wheelchair.

The first CATAMARAN for coastal reconnaissance with REMOTE GUIDE printed in FDM and realized using interchangeable modules.

It's a small device that can detect bad posture either when sitting or standing and warns you through a slight vibration.

Marcella Toma; Giovanni Malacarne; Lorenzo Galleani; Eugenia Crisafulli; Giacomo Petraglia; Alessandro Meneghini; Matteo Monsello
Open Source removable tray with adjustable tablet support and elbow holders for electric wheelchairs.

Luca Di Massimo, Raffaele Pepe, Andrea Perali
The amazing magnetic properties of superconductors.
  E25 (pav. 6)

Francesco Pezzuoli, Dario Corona, Juri Bruciati
Talking Hands: a wearable device translates Sign Languages. The signs can raise their voice!

Giuseppe Prencipe, Alessandro Tommasi, Cesare Zavattari, Francesco Zavattari, Alice Marchetti, Gregor Giannella, Ivan Giannella, Tessa Ullmann
Tennis Commander: the first software for wearable devices to monitor tennis players' performances smartwatch

Softcare Studios
TOMMI is a virtual reality game developed to reduce stress and pain in hospitalized children with cancer.
  D36 (pav. 6)

Realizzato da Viorel Balan, Valerio Ghiano, Giacomo Mosso, Marika Palmacci, Lorenzo Sacchetti durante hackability@pininfarina.
A tools that allows David that is a boy withot one hand, to make the backbends is training.

Alfredo Maglione, Ketty Paller, Marco Facchini, Daniele Cortellazzi
Have you ever measured the quality of your life? Now thanks to UpSens it is possible!

Giacomo Volponi
Kit for the sailing anti-capsizing transformation of the kayak, and/or security tool that avoids water penetration inside the capsized closed kayak.
  E21 (pav. 6)

Giulio Berretta
Voice Instrument is an opensource interface able to connect to electronic devices and speaks numbers and messages.

Alessio Morale & the LibrePilot team
A line follower and a drone powered by the LibrePilot opensource firmware

Roberto Colella, Antonio Petitti, Matteo Fanchini
Waybration is a navigation support system for visually impaired people practicing SUP, based on low cost flight control unit and two custom-made vibrating anklets.

  B12 (pav. 6)
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