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Explore makers, exhibitors and projects coming to Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition

AURAT-I.I.S. "C.Facchinetti"
AURAT it's a team of students that make a robotics shows. Our strength is the team work that it allowed us to grow up,our passion has involved our hosts subject …
  C13 - AURAT

Roberto Benetti
A photovoltaic system is both awesome and unpredictable. Your energy bill is not so unpredictable and definitely not that awesome. Upgrade your hot shower to th …

Classe IVA Istituto Tecnico Tecnologico Aldo Moro Passo Corese, Rieti
The project implements an automated system to monitor and optimize the garbage collection. An Ultrasonic ranging module HC - SR04connected to Arduino Yun, allow …
  C18 - Automazione e Ambiente

Daniele Ingrassia
We are by now invaded by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. They spread everywhere and for whatever kind of use, from taking an aerial video of a party to flying over a …
  Y12 - Autonomous Assembly aVOIding Drone

Awesome Shield UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Once you write code that brings hardware to life, you suddenly realize the world is literally at your fingertips, and anything is possible. With pre-assembled h …

BABELINO is a night lamp for children which, by means of an integrated MP3 player, tells stories in foreign languages that can easily be downloaded from the int …

Alvaro Passeri
We hear a music jurassic park, from the egg out of the noise, then it cracks, and slowly begins to break a Baby Velociraptor, looks around with attitude frighte …

Liceo S.S. "E.Fermi"
The project brings pediatric robotics in the hospital. This is a highly innovative program because there is no similar use of NAO with children in hospital. NAO …
  C15 - Baby Goldrake

Guglielmo Lisi
Bamboo Bici Lab is the Italian project that provides the knowledge and tools to build bamboo bicycles. Anyone will have the opportunity to create a customized b …

Banca IFIS Group is the only independent banking group in Italy specialized in the sector of trade receivables, non-performing financial loans and tax receivabl …
  K1 -

Bare Conductive
At Bare Conductive we develop materials, hardware and kits for you to get creative with electronics. Come to our stand for a chance to play with paper pianos, …
  G33 - Bare Conductive - Paint sensors and get creative with Electronics!

Roland DG
The solution is made by using of a Roland printer designed to print on the plane by UV technology by colors which, through a modification applied by Slic3r, ret …
  A7 - Roland DG

BEEVERYCREATIVE is a Portuguese startup that develops and sells desktop 3D printers and aims to be among the top players of this industry. At the end of 2013, t …

Luigi Francesco Cerfeda
Information technology evolves at a dizzying pace and is often complicated and stressful to control all the electronic devices that surround us. So, new User In …
  O4 - BESOS - Bio Engineering Systems for Open Society

Francesca Colonia e Giulia Nicolai di Betterpress
Betterpress is the name of our studio of traditional printing with movable type in Rome. It’s also the name of the research project that we carry out through …
  V16 - BetterPress

Fab Lab Toscana
We dream about machines having a personality. We dream about a robotic painter that adds some personal touch to each of his paintings. That's what Bipolar graph …

Hubout Makers Lab
Biblioduino is culturale project. It is a kit designed to be lent in the public library and it consists of an Arduino board and various components (LED, sensors …
  U31 - Hubout Makers Lab

PaLEoS snc - Dr. Stefano Dominici
PaLEoS in collaboration with Geology and Paleontology Division of the Natural History Museum of Florence, proposes a project about scanning and 3D printing tech …
  V28 - Bigger is Better

HERE IoT Forum
Many of us at HERE are makers at heart. A few of us decided to create a side project called the Bike Navigation. This is a companion device to a phone designed …

Giovanni Alli, Sergio Savaresi, Ivo Boniolo, Paolo Lisanti
BIKE+ all in one is an innovative electric powertrain that allows you to save up to 40% of the oxygen with no needs to charge the batteries, thanks to a patente …
   - Zehus BIKE+ all in one

CLASSE 4° ITI - IIS VOLTA DI NUORO prof Gianfranco TORE docente di Elettrotecnica ed Elettronica
The vinification machine BINUBONU2013 is exploited in wine cellars for the automated analysis of red wines fermentation in micro vinification and quality vinifi …
  C8 - BINUBONU 2013

Giulio Romeo, Pasquale Careddu
The Bioclimatic Solar Aquarium is a special tank for aquaculture, designed to be placed outdoors in way to optimize opportunity of natural light while minimizin …
  J7 - Bioclimatic Solar Aquarium

Associazione Roma Makers
The BioHack Lab is the first biohacking laboratory made in an Italian FabLab. The project was born as a result of the first edition of the Italian BioHack Acade …

Renato Reggiani
BioPic is a layered LED organic vegetable garden for your home. And here is how it works: You receive a container with soil and a specific paper that contains o …
  B24 - BioPic "Your little garden in the big city" - Orto a LED in Kit

Alessandro Zampieri con Fablab Roma Makers
"Open Sorso" is an open source project involved in craft beer making, that aim to diffuse open source recipes, an open source DIY digital kit to control and pro …
  B32 - Birra "Open Sorso"

Hugo Plácido da Silva
Out-of-the-box, BITalino includes easy to use software & hardware blocks with sensors for electrocardiography (ECG), electromyography (EMG), electrodermal activ …

3D printer made ​​entirely in Italy ! Developed by us is the mechanical and electronic parts . Electronic card with 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 F processor. Custom …

BNL, con oltre 100 anni di attività, è uno dei principali gruppi bancari italiani e tra i più noti brand in Italia. Con circa 1000 punti vendita su tutto il …
  G3 -

Mauro Cerelli
BoardOne is a multicore development system @ at 80 Mhz clock. Can execute multitasking applications using shared hardware resources (memory, pins). The CPU have …

Open BioMedical Initiative
BOB is an open source, low cost and 3D printable neonatal incubator. It increases the accessibility to a life-saving technology in the several World areas where …
  O9 - Open BioMedical Initiative

Adam James Cavallari, Andrea Alessandi, Pietro Paolo Rimonti
bPhone U10: the first cellphone specifically designed for children and their parents. In today’s world, where technology is everywhere and communication tool …
  U30 - bPhone U10. Il primo telefonino di sicurezza pensato per te e per i tuoi bambini.

Marisa Liuzzi
Bussola Creazioni it's a project of Marisa Liuzzi, a 32 years old maker from Acquaviva delle Fonti, a small Apulian town. After her studies in History of Arts s …
  X2 - Bussola creazioni: between tradition and modernity

the Spacetrip
Buzzi Space Trip is a school project made by a group of students that are in the 5th class of the information technology address of the ITS Tullio Buzzi in Prat …
  C30 - Buzzi Space Trip - Un'avventura spaziale

Thomas Brusati
www.byomusic.it is the first italian website for custom and handmade musical instruments. A musician (or anyone who wants to create a custom instrument) can go …
  V20 - ByoMusic

Riccardo Ricci, Andrea Mazza
Byxee is an advanced vision system device that use artificial intelligence algorithms to detects hazards and irregularities on the road before you get there. By …
  J23 - Byxee - the first smart active safety device for bikes

Antonio Gelfusa
It is a device that, in case of obstruction of the grid of the manhole, allows it to open up, automatically, to allow water into the sewer system. The invention …

Home of the popular PCB Design Software EAGLE, established in 1988 in Germany. EAGLE offers 3 modules on one common interface (Schematic Editor, Layout Editor, …
  Y3 -

Cambiami comes from an idea by Studio D’Arc (Desperate Architects Rome City), an architecture and design practice founded in Rome in 2007 by Rosa Topputo and …
  D10 - Cambiami

Media Direct, with more than 7,700 schools and 800 universities served in Italy, is a leader in the education sector since more than 20 years. With the CampuSto …

Contemporary scientific and technological research are changing the way man relates to his body. Synthetic biology, advanced prosthetics, biohacking let imagine …

renato corrente
our company produces chickpeas and olive cicerale Salella dented the Cilento also fig of Cilento
  B17 - Presidi Slow Food

ELIS è una realtà educativa non profit che ha al suo centro la persona e il lavoro, con le sue attività propone la professionalità come servizio al bene com …

Marco Raggi, Davide Clocchiatti, Matteo Crispo, Diego Mestroni, Fabio Pirioni
Leonardo is a new device that allows you to recharge your smartphone in a secure manner. It was designed to be placed in public locations for the convenience of …
  F17 - Charge Box LEONARDO by Phone Italia

Bosatta Stefano, Bosatta Silvio, Davie Coira, Furio Bellorofonte, Michele Sancassani
Inspiration, passion and 20 years of experience are the key ingredients behind project “SteSil Bike”. Our skills in matter of 3D design and high-precision …

Mirco Piccin, Gloria Spagnolo, Chiara Piccin, Emma Piccin, Enrico Piccin aka "The Pignolo Gang"
Choc-o-mat is a kit to convert a standard RepRap 3d printer, into a system for decorate or print with creams. In the kit there are 2 peristaltic pumps, used to …
  U24 - FabLab Castelfranco Veneto + Treviso Arduino User Group

Team Officucina - Francesco Bombardi
The Food Innovation Program and Acetaia San Giacomo are bringing a new food experience to the “Contaminazioni” area of Maker Fair-Rome. We’ll be using the …
   - Faceto - kit for home production of vinegar - Acetaia San Giacomo

Conny's Kreations
La continua ricerca di innovazione in una tecnica classica e antica come le vetrate delle cattedrali e delle lampade Tiffany, mi porta a sperimentare sempre nuo …
  D18 - Circuiti Tiffany

CircuitMaker is a powerful electronics CAD (schematic and PCB design) software from Altium, built for makers. Octopart is a powerful component search engine tha …
  J28 -

Cisco è leader mondiale nelle tecnologie che trasformano il modo con cui le persone si connettono, comunicano e collaborano, attraverso reti intelligenti e arc …

ITI "MEDI" - San Giorgio a Cremano
How many times have knocked on the door and you were not in the house? This intercom is connected to your phone alerting you that someone is looking for you. Al …
  C19 - Citofono intelligente
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