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Maker Faire Rome 2021: discover our makers, exhibitors and all the selected projects!

Discover here all the exhibitors of the 2021edition of Maker Faire Rome - The European Edition

Robert Manolea - Mauro La Rocca

Industrial IoT, Structural Health Monitoring, Smart Mobility and Smart Energy are just some of our targets.

Bill Balaskas & Stop LAPD Spying Coalition

An algorithm describes an areas predicted crime rate on its historical average rate of crimes combined with recent trends. Exposing crime data as a social construct intended to contain, control and criminalise Black, brown and poor communities.

  H.D (pav. H)

Stefano Di Persio, Luca Di Persio

BEYOOND is the first Italian cloud-based and multi-purpose platform for self-service AI for SMEs, offered in SaaS mode.

Lorenzino Piazzi - CLING-O-MATIC SRL

CLING-O-MATIC SRL PER MAKE TO CARE La nostra startup ha brevettato una nuova tecnologia e realizzato una nuova macchina in grado di assemblare in tridimensione e senza cuciture parti di prodotti indossabili.


J. Liotti, F. Guzzo, P. Allegro, D. Mainieri

Production of food, feed and biopolymers from organic residue of various kinds with black soldier fly and spirulina

  J.S.05 (pav. J)

Annalisa Santucci



Susanna Albertini

What is the circular bioeconomy and what are the bio-based applications in everyday life? Come and visit the interactive house of the BIOECONOMY Village to discover how the sustainable future is already a reality

Michele Bianco (interferentia srl), Prof Gian Luca Marcialis, Ricercatori Giulia Orr - Marco Micheletto - Andrea Panzino (UNICA)

Biometric Right Data Treatment is an innovative solution designed with advanced biometrics modules developed with artificial intelligence technics for having full management of digital informations sharing between a community of individuals registered with their biometrics data in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) EU 2016/679

Prof. Luca Maria Neri

New photonic system analyzing the lipid content in hematic cell membrane as an innovative diagnostic marker for several diseases

Helena Nikonole

In Bird Language, artificial intelligence looks for patterns in bird sound to build a Universal Grammar of Bird Language, a metaphor for communication between nature and technology in which a human being is not necessary.

  H.B (pav. H)

Inventor Felix Nate Boakye- founder of black brain robotics and mechanism project, supported by Javier costilla.

It is a scrap built, a handmade, it educates the audience and the Project will be attractive to the audience due to how it functions.

  K.07 (pav. K)

Emanuele La Rosa, Angelo Giuseppe Ruotolo

Blink is a project that allows a disabled quadriplegic to use the computer through the blink of his eyes.

  J.1.04 (pav. J)

Emanuele La Rosa, Angelo Giuseppe Ruotolo

Blink Lite is a bluetooth device that allows you to use your PC through the use of two buttons

  J.1.04 (pav. J)

Marco Martucci, insieme alle allieve del triennio del corso "Servizi per la Sanit e lAssistenza Sociale dellIIS C. Cavour di Vercelli

"BodyMove" was created with the aim of offering both able-bodied/disabled people, opportunity to perform exercises guided by sound

Manuel Bottini

Dive into our virtual reality games like never before with our sensors!

  E.11 (pav. E)

Daniele Leandri, Giuseppe Torino, Beppe Pennesi

Braccione (Big arm) is a mechanical arm 2 meters long. It is made with some servos and with the extensive use of used materials. Braccione imitates your movements when you draw on its control graphics tablet.

  K.06 (pav. K)

Ezia Bruno e Riccardo Bruno

Br Milano was born of two Italian brothers, Riccardo and Ezia Bruno. The brand is a combination of tradition and innovation.

Federico Giannakopoulos

I have designed a single-driver electric vehicle and am realising it. My idea is to enable other young makers to build their vehicle more easily.

Francesco Cencioni, Simone Cancelli, Lorenzo Parri, STIE srl

Building ML, Machine Learning and Business Analytics applied to home and building automation

Prof. Carlo SANSONE; Prof. Gian Luca MARCIALIS; Prof. Donato IMPEDOVO; Prof.ssa Donatella CURTOTTI

This is a proposal that - exploiting an integrated interdisciplinary approach of computer engineering, law and psychology - aims to contrast the actions of bullying and cyberbullying, the last great challenges of modernity

The thinking clouds, Women's Brain Project

Calliope is a voice assistant for the emotional communication of patients with Parkinson's disease and for the empowerment of caregivers.


Matteo Salini, Elisa Minari, Giovanni Bellino, Emma Manghi, Laura Boscaini, Pietro Ravanetti, Michelangelo Lefante, Anna Ghiretti, Luca Bocedi, Maddalena Moretti, Francesco Rodighiero, Daniele Khalousi

Solutions for inclusive tourist facilities: one Welcome Kit, ten customizable objects for esthetically and functionally-ready-to-host-everyone rooms.

Ingegner Andrea Dogliotti

CAMOSCA: Enabling normal electrical wheelchairs afford steps and even steep stairs, safely and completely self-driving, maintaining maneuverability in normal conditions.

  J.1.08 (pav. J)

Giacomo Cesari

Spore and pollen sampler for vineyard / agriculture

  J.2.03 (pav. J)

CampuStore is an Italian family company, leader in the educational market, that for 30 years has been carrying out innovative educational projects for school …
  C.05 (pav. C)


Industrial Hemp

  J.T.01 (pav. J)

Paolo Cirio

A series of photos composed of French police officers faces processed with Facial Recognition software commenting on the potential uses and misuses of Facial Recognition and AI by questioning the asymmetry of power at play.

  H.15 (pav. H)

Gianfranco Diretto

Determination of the chemical-qualitative characteristics of the Italian espresso and specialty coffees.

  J.S.14 (pav. J)


Count corrugated cardboard sheets in a pile to detect discrepancies according to what is printed in the processing card

  J.2.19 (pav. J)

Cecilia Gramiccia, Elena Gramiccia

Gluten Free and Organic Jerusalem artichoke chips, with no preservatives or added sugar. Excellent as snacks and aperitifs

Anna Ridler

Circadian Bloom is a screen-based visual clock that tells the time through flowers, inviting us to explore other, non-human ways of understanding time.

  H.12 (pav. H)

Giovanni Colaneri, Mario Baioli

Winding machine for FDM filaments managing and trasfering

Michela Ceracchi

The prototype to explore the illusionary perspective space: chose your combination, take a photo of the result! Which one is better?

  D.04 (pav. D)

Robotics Brain and Cognitive Science (RBCS) and COgNitive Architecture for Collaborative Technologies (CONTACT) units of IIT.

Can you beat a robot in a card game? Learn about human-robot interaction research and test yourself!

  B.10 (pav. B)

Massimiliano Ferrante, Stefano Badessi, Paulo Sacramento, Sveinung Loekken

Bringing together local data, Earth Observation and Machine Learning to better quantify the quality of the air we breathe.

  J.1.26 (pav. J)

Elia Gasparolo

Connective tissue. Biotextile with Memory. Perfumes, textures and flavours today turned into skin. Fabric that connects and re-signifies the cycles.

Intellimech is a consortium of 41 companies (in 2021), mainly from Lombardy, dedicated to research in the field of Mechatronics, including advanced electroni …
  B.11 (pav. B)

Renato Paciorri

The proposed device is based on an Arduino Mega connected to a sensor that measures the concentration of O3

Fisica in pillole

The smartphone is a physics laboratory. We will find out how sensors work and the physics hidden in our pockets.

  J.1.23 (pav. J)

Kyriaki Goni

An imaginary encounter between astronomer Johann Friedrich Julius Schmidt (1825-1884) and neural network DeepMoon, both of which set out to count lunar craters.

  H.07 (pav. H)

Searcode SRL

Coverride is a dynamic case that enables user to customize their smartphone design instantly with image, video and animated background.

Cubbit | M. Moschettini, S. Onofri, A. Cillario, L. Posani

Cubbit is Europe's first distributed cloud: its zero-knowledge technology protects your privacy 100%, while saving 40kg of CO2 per TB stored.

  J.T.23 (pav. J)

Tommaso Caligari, Giada Bausani, Zineb Kamal 4CA-1EB ITI OMAR NOVARA

We produced Cu2O nanoparticles to develop an artificial photosynthesis process to convert CO2 and water into methanol.


T-shirt with smart fabrics and high-tech sensors to measure vital parameters and transmit data to electronic applications.

  J.2.21 (pav. J)

Mindshub APS

CyberOrto is a system that allows you to manage a small vegetable garden in autonomy. You decide, through an application, which vegetables to plant and will provide for their cultivation, alerting you when they are ready for harvest.

Silvio Potente - Luca Potente

Cycled transforms the only thing that pollutes in a bicycle: The Tire!

  J.T.09 (pav. J)

Stefano Maria Mari, Luciano Teresi, Roberto Maieli, Antonio Budano

Do you want to specialize in artificial intelligence? come and visit us!

  C.04 (pav. C)

Project Red

Design of an autonomous rover according to Project Red: the working methodology, the software, the autonomous navigation and the prototype.

  K.09 (pav. K)
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