Exhibitors 2022

Maker Faire Rome 2022: discover our makers, exhibitors and all the selected projects!

Pietro Milici

A new prototype of a geometric-mechanical device for the popularization and the teaching of calculus by hands-on activities

  C.35 (pav. C)

Team del corso di Wine Marketing Manager di ITS Agroalimentare Piemonte con Annoluce sas

Blockchain and NFT Technology to create a unique digital certification for collectible wine bottles linked to multimedia augmented file. A new experience for wine market

  O.16 (pav. O)

In the tenth edition of Maker Faire, CampuStore will bring many new educational solutions and technologies for schools, teachers and anyone involved in train …
  P.11 (pav. P)

ITS BACT - Istituto Tecnico Superiore per Tecnologie Innovative per i Beni e le Attività Culturali e il Turismo

Smart Safety on construction and restoration sites – IoT, Machine Learning, Solar Power and 5G Technology


A VR application of the environment in which the Scipionyx Samniticus, known as Ciro, lived.

Team del corso di Incoming Event Manager di ITS Turismo e Attività Culturali Piemonte con Annoluce sas

A new approach discovering a cities and finding their MUST SEE

  O.17 (pav. O)

Ira Sulejmeni, Cofondatrice - CEO; Emanuele Torrisi, Cofondatore - CIO/CTO; Lorenzo Scarpelli, Cofondatore - CCO

Clearchain is a blockchain based tracking system for agri-food companies to safely track their products and monitor their quality.

Fatih Kazim Duymaz

Co Print is a multi-filament 3D printing module that enables all 3D printers on the market to produce multi-material models with a single print tip.

  C.05 (pav. C)

Onorato Passarelli - IIS ITG ITI Vibo Valentia

Domotic and entertainment system, in virtual reality, managed with the thought by people with motor disabilities.

  P.06 (pav. P)

Emiliano Gatti

Learn the history of ancient Rome in an engaging and interactive way, your robot is your character in ancient Rome, you have to lead it to the Colosseum, you will receive support from QR codes on the playground that will display animations and information in augmented reality, when you will have arrived at the Colosseum you will discover the thrill of being a gladiator challenging other players in a no holds barred combat inside the "Colosseum" arena. Are you ready for the challenge?

  O.27 (pav. O)

Tetsuji Katsuda

Robots play musical instruments. They also sing & talk.

  L.2.03 (pav. L)

Federica Trovalusci

A compactor vehicle for urban waste characterized by high functionality and low environmental impact was developed thanks to the collaboration of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" and Fratelli Mazzocchia company

  E.A (pav. E)

Maria Cristina De Rosa, Davide Pirolli, Benedetta Righino, Chiara Camponeschi

New candidate drugs designed with AI_assisted computer simulations

  E.14 (pav. E)

Domenico Prattichizzo

We will show how to recreate an interaction with remote/virtual environments and wearable haptic devices.

  B.30 (pav. B)

Domenico Formenton

Tool for the detection of fencing points to be used in the open air

  L.T.17 (pav. L)

Rudy Semola, Davide Bacciu, Vincenzo Lomonaco

Continual Brain: Continual-Learning-based SaaS for different AI application domains is easy to integrate into devices and cloud systems.

USBy ... the device that warns you when the electricity is cut Devices capable of sending alerts in the event of a power failure had already been on t …
  F.10 (pav. F)

Letizia Marsili, Enrica Franchi, Francesca Capanni, Laura Carletti, Ilaria Ceciarini, Guia Consales, Lorenzo Minoia

The blue crab is a Mediterranean invasive species: our goal is to turn this harmful presence into a valuable resource.

Olimpia Pino, Mauro Gaspari, Luca Ferrari, Alessandro Ciraolo


  L.T.09 (pav. L)

Luca Provenzano Giuseppina Porciello Maria Serena Panasiti Salvatore Maria Aglioti

Investigating moral behaviour in immersive virtual reality settings by means of an online dice game

  B.20 (pav. B)

Fabrizio De Cesaris; Mario Baioli

3D printing of "Temple of Vesta" model to verify the reaction of the model to earthquake stresses

  D.26 (pav. D)

chaoyan sun; Angela Giambattista;

The product is designed for promoting blood circulation

  D.23 (pav. D)

DHLab – Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici - Roma Tre

A showcase of research activities run in our DHLab applying ICT to Archaeology, Geography, Italian Literature, Paleography, Art History.

Silvia Casalinuovo; Saperi&co;

Breath analysis Mask

Digi-Key Electronics is an authorized global distributor of electronic components, offering more than 13.4 million products from 2300+ quality name-brand man …
  F.11 (pav. F)

Jessica Podda

DIGICOG-MS is a time-efficient, smartphone- and tablet-based app for self-assessment and monitoring of cognitive functions for people with Multiple Sclerosis

  L.T.06 (pav. L)

Fjolla Voca; Viktor Malakuczi Co -supervisor prof.ass. Micheal Russo

Digital Craft for pets- A personalisable dog muzzle for fablab based production

  D.31 (pav. D)

Sandra Chistolini e il team del Corso di Perfezionamento in outdoor education

The project invests in digital knowledge, creates multimedia educational products, gives opportunities to investigate about innovative methodology in outdoor learning.

Michaela Gallucci

Our novel, wearable glove eliminates the need for a keyboard and assists those with wrist injuries by enabling single-hand typing!


The design of a shower system that aims at sustainability, creating good habits, raising awareness of water and energy savings and generating concrete economic benefits for the consumer. DocciA ++ does not affect comfort, but, on the contrary, improves the user experience, making the shower smart and interconnecte

dock3 - the startup lab

Discover the startups graduated from dock3, available to tell their story and to meet people interested in collaborating.

  D.08 (pav. D)

Terrence Briscoe

DOOR-GIENIC is the new mechanical system with hygienic functionality, to lock/unlock a door, without hand interaction.

ITIS "E. Fermi" - Tommaso Abitante, Tommaso Coviello, Matteo De Vivo, Emma Pucci, Valerio Leonetti, Emanuela Colangiuli.

It makes driving vehicles on two wheels easier, safer and smarter. Messages and sensors for innovative driving.

Florence Robotics - Luca Bigazzi, luigi Pannocchi, Stefano Gherardini, Enrico Boni, Michele Basso

Drone Open-Source in grado di supportare applicazioni sviluppate dall'utente per la guida autonoma avanzata.

Intelligent Systems Lab, Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata

Innovative, Intelligent and Autonomous Drones at University of Rome Tor Vergata

  E.02 (pav. E)

Dynamis PRC

Team Formula Student of the Politecnico di Milano. Participating in the international university championship, the aim is to design and build an electric single-seater equipped with an autonomous driving system in just one year

Michele Praga (e-Nable Italia), Alessandro Villa (e-Nable Italia)

A bike adapter device for children with limb difference problems, configurable to be adapted to the user, can be entirely build with a 3d printer using a flexible filament

Roberto Arrigucci

This app speeds up the recording time of the pool parameters and gives bureaucratic security

Carmen Rotondi; Eugenia Maria Canepone; Saperi&co

2d rigid pattern printed on textile

  D.29 (pav. D)

Samir Buzatu, Andrea Lombardo, Michele Ottaviano, Francesco Pilato, Christian Violo - ITET “Rapisardi Da Vinci” - Caltanissetta

A system consisting of a set of devices capable of analyzing the state of water pollution over vast geographical territories.

  P.14 (pav. P)

Roni Bandini

Anticipates power outages with Machine Learning inside the outlet

  C.38 (pav. C)

Kelly Heaton

Exploring the meaning of life through energy, frequency, and vibration

  L.1.06 (pav. L)


Multiscale and multimaterial 3D bioprinting technology that enables the biofabrication of heterogenous and hierarchical 3D cellular constructs mimicking biological tissues.

  L.T.07 (pav. L)


ELIO is a special set of electronic boards dedicated to programming teaching and prototyping of electronic projects through visual programming

  L.1.11 (pav. L)

Giuseppe Cristiano Milluzzo

"Emergency Power Stop", EPS. Accessory for the safety of the pilot VDS flight, PPG and TRIKE paramotor category. It shuts down the engine if it starts at maximum number of revolutions due to a mechanical or pilot problem.

Pio Alfredo Di Tore, Stefano Di Tore, Lucia Campitiello, Michele Todino, Fabrizio Schiavo



Emotionary is a structured sentiment analysis system that can identify expressions in the text that express a given emotion.

  B.07 (pav. B)


We are an energy company. We concretely support a just energy transition, with the objective of preserving our planet and promoting an efficient and sustaina …
  AREA M - Eni

Etichub srl è uno spin-off dell’Università degli Studi di Pavia specializzato nella valutazione di sicurezza, qualità ed efficacia di prodotti cosmetici …
  C.19 (pav. C)

Peetri Lasteaed - Põhikool, 7 class

Students created games about European countries, their flags and capitals. They used the web-based programs Scratch and AppInventor to make games.

  P.16 (pav. P)
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