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Nicholas Cicuzza Mattia Scarselletta coordinati dal professor Martino Pasquale Itis Don Giuseppe Morosini di Ferentino

Towards the agriculture of the future: a new method, a new way of working


Helios Domotics S.r.l.

lit has developed a user-friendly product that allows you to monitor domestic and commercial electricity.

Giuseppe De Lorenzo

LUCIESP - A real time display monitor for zucchetti, sofar solar and voltronic solar inverters and related batteries

  D16 (pav. 4D.16)

IIS "Verona Trento" di Messina

refitting of disused materials for the construction of an electric vehicle with microcontroller management systems

Pasquale Iavecchia

Revolutionize automation with our Arduino based controllers. Experience seamless integration and smart control for homes and industries. #Innovation #Automation #MakerFaire


Hi-tech monitoring for the sustainable management of the olive grove ecosystem in Lazio

  A12 (pav. 4A.12)

Laurent Muzellec

Learn how to automate plant watering and hack a mosquito swatter. Two projects do not seem to share much except the passion for innovation and sharing in a pure Maker spirit!

Vittorio Boneschi - Paolo Pezzolla

MyEasyCarbon is a digital platform developed to support farmers and the agrifood supply chain to increase food safety, treacebility and sustainability.


New way of making ice cream, using liquid nitrogen to achieve a truly unique outcome as well as focusing on minimizing waste for a more sustainable approach. Combined with a chance of turning one product into multiple different outcomes. From juice, to ice cream or popsicle.

  F2 (pav. 4F.02)

posti s.r.l.

An agrifood metaverse with metabolic avatars, blockchain-tracked products, and immersive technologies for healthy and sustainable nutrition.


Create and manufacture new products by reusing by-products of company processes such as: Cardboard, MDF, Chipboard, all FSC certified.

OfficineApogeo srls, Costantina De Mitri, Luca Di Massimo

Experiments on solar energy, wind energy, fuel cells.

  E12 (pav. 8E.12)


WeMake, fablab and makerspace in Milan, presents projects created to support communities in the development of objects and services for the common good.

Sandra Chistolini

Cultural Heritage and handmade creation

Alberto Alessandrini

portable safe from recycled plastic materials, with the use of used fishing nets

Giacomo Cacciamani, Giuseppe Saponaro

Packo helps e-commerce companies send their packages easily and sustainably adopting a circular model.


Adults academy Club membership campaign Clinic 2/3 days

  D1 (pav. 7D.01)

Karin Cappelletti

PADEL WOOD is the first didactical Padel racket entirely Made in Italy.

  D8 (pav. 7D.08)

Walter Turniano

Panda-Bike is a brand from Italica by Walter Turniano. Our company designs and produces standard and customized cargo bikes. Our cargo bikes are meant for those who love a green lifestyle: families, animal lovers, people with mobility difficulties, street food, delivery, promoters, etc...

  B18 (pav. 7B.18)

Khaled Megahed CEO and Business Development Manager,Dr M.Nazmy Co-Founder e CTO

Transforming parking management with Parko: a cutting-edge solution for efficient and sustainable parking services. #SmartParking #Innovation #Sustainability

GenB, BlueMissionMed

Discover green and blue economy, for a sustainable and healthy Planet.

Medere s.r.l.

Custom-fit and sports 3D-printed insoles with green materials for sustainable and comfortable foot orthotics, reducing environmental impact.

Gentile Michele, De Nardis Andrea, Triveri Samuele, Nardone Riccardo

A way to take care of your plants. A way to help our planet.

Matteo Beccatelli

Plantvoice helps farmers save water and maximize production, thanks to real-time plant sap reading.

Marco Ciarletti

Irrigate only when the crop needs it. Saves water, money and resources at the cost of a coffee a day

Gruppo Ecosistemi & Tecnologia - I.I.S. Piazza della Resistenza Monterotondo (RM)

POT is an instrument capable of measuring temperature, pH and TDS in water and understand if it is drinkable.

Astorino Flavio, Duino Claudio, Gallucci Michele

smart metering and energy analysis

  E20 (pav. 3E.20)

Ivan Martini

Precious Plastic Torino deals with the recycling of plastic at a domestic level through self-built machinery.

Team ThunderVolt - Istituto Superiore Volta di Castel San Giovanni - Piacenza

Applying piezoelectric sensors to vehicles to generate power in a completely green and free way

Enrico Santangelo (CREA), Silvia Arnone (ENEA), Eleonora De Santis (CREA), Francesca Lecce (ENEA)

An application to organic agro-food waste of CORS (Conversion of Organic Refuse by Saprophages) mediated by Hermetia illucens L.

IIS Giorgi-Woolf (RMIS121002), classe 4Bs, autori: Andrea Bianchi, Mattia Esposito, Davide Giardino, Emanuele Masini, Giulio Mischi , docente: Benedetta Macina, Angela Testa Piccolomini

The greenhouse is designed for environments where the growth of vegetation is hostile or specific periods of the year where climatic conditions do not allow it.

Antonio Durbé, Daniele Tommei

Sistemi di riflessone della luce solare: per illuminazione, cuocere, tostare il caffè, riscaldare, per concentrare l'energia termica.

  B4 (pav. 4B.04)

3CE _ ITIS "G.Galilei"_IIS Pontecorvo

This is a project about an intelligent system which, through an IoT application, makes waste collection more efficient and smart

Arash Moazenchi, Marco Oliva, Matteo Villani

Rcoffee recycles and turns coffee grounds into a biomass,the first product will be pellets

Amedeo Lepore

Il cestino “Intelligente”

  C9 (pav. 8C.09)

Denis Oliviero, Giuseppe Pirillo, Gaetano Carlino, Salvatore Sgariglia, Antonio Amato

RoboButts is a mobile robot equipped with a robotic arm with the purpose of collecting cigarette butts.

Rome Technopole Spoke 5 CNR

Innovation, Education and Outreach for a Sustainable Future

Matteo Sambucci, Marco Valente, Luciano Fattore, Riccardo Martufi, Ilaria Rossitti, Ilario Biblioteca, Sara Taherinezhad Tayebi

Use of recycled rubber from end-of-life tires and PVC pellets from the recycling of electric cables in the creation of lightweight cement


Systems for the sustainable control of Drosophila Suzukii and other pests relevant to Lazio fruit growing

Marco Consales, Eugenio Zimeo e Andrea Cusano (DING - Unisannio) & Donato Madaro, Fernando Capone, Gino Maza e Nicolino Cardone (ASIA S.p.A.)

Tracking system able to massively track waste sacks produced by citizens and collected by trucks to calculate in a more precise way for TARIP computation

Kseniya Lenarciak, Davide De Marchi, Max Lenarciak

SLY monitoring as a service solution combines ultra-early detection using on-the-ground edge AI sensors and predictive modelling of fire risk.

Roberto Pompermaier

Connect any camper or van in a few simple steps. Add smart features for your safety, resource monitoring and increase passenger comfort.

Dropper S.R.L.

Innovative radar-based system for real-time urban pedestrian traffic monitoring, enhancing safety and urban planning capabilities in crowded environments.

Leonardo Minervino e Classe II B

The SPARC project promises to revolutionise the smartphone industry, making devices more self-sufficient and sustainable

  C4 (pav. 8C.04)

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale DII, Università di Trento

New class of sustainable robotic technologies: mobile, flexible, collaborative, wearable with sustainable and multifunctional materials to reduce the environmental impact.

Franco M. Battagello, Michela Mascia, Ivano Basile, Marco Granati, Federica Saponaro, Fulvio Petti.

Multi-channel integrated solution of A.I. digital models to manage criticalities and climate change challenges. The current focus is on Agritech: viticulture.

Massimiliana Carello and the Politecnico di Torino Teams

The Politecnico di Torino presents the most important students Teams involved in sustainability, ecological aspect, low consumption, mobility, recycle, reducing environmental impact and promoting circular economy.


The realization transforms a muscle bicycle into an ebike while remaining so. The two modes remain the same but do not interfere with each other.

  B3 (pav. 7B.03)

Grupal srls

Innovative vertical axis wind turbine for the production of electricity for domestic use.

  I10 (pav. 4I.10)

4BM ITIS "G.Galilei"_IIS Pontecorvo

Two-stroke engine created with a 3D printer in PLA material with planetary gearbox driven by an electric engine

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