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Precision Farming Course - ITS Agroalimentare per il Piemonte

A new green and "spatial" way to Circular Economy and susteinability approach

  E3 (pav. 6E.03)

lab3841 s.r.l.

Pera® is a compact and rugged IoT sensor that measures temperature, humidity, and other environmental parameters, seamlessly blending into the landscape.

  F14 (pav. 4F.14)


Spirulina farming for extraction of nutraceutical and medical biomolecules

  F13 (pav. 4F.13)

Prof. Roberto Moscetti, Prof. Riccardo Massantini, Dott. Andrea Bandiera, Dott. Alessandro Benelli

Piaccadino^2: Affordable and customizable automatic titrator for organic acid analysis in plant tissues. Precision, wireless connectivity, Python programmability.

Gentile Michele, De Nardis Andrea, Triveri Samuele, Nardone Riccardo

A way to take care of your plants. A way to help our planet.

Matteo Beccatelli

Plantvoice helps farmers save water and maximize production, thanks to real-time plant sap reading.

Marco Ciarletti

Irrigate only when the crop needs it. Saves water, money and resources at the cost of a coffee a day

Università di Pisa

Sensorized aerostatic platform combined with a ground-based wireless sensor network for expert irrigation monitoring and management

Il Frastuca Team composto da: Mattia Azzarello, Andrea Guarnera, Salvatore Papotto e Maurizio Parasiliti.

Particular electronic tank that can be adapted to any drone which allows for the artificial pollination of plants at 360°.

Abbruzzese Marco

Polyter®: The innovative fertilizing hydro-retainer that saves up to 80% water, boosts productivity, and enhances agricultural sustainability. The vital energy for lush growth, sustainable farming, and a greener planet.

  C3 (pav. 4C.03)

marco liguori

POPPASTELLA - a corner of Naples worldwide

Enrico Santangelo (CREA), Silvia Arnone (ENEA), Eleonora De Santis (CREA), Francesca Lecce (ENEA)

An application to organic agro-food waste of CORS (Conversion of Organic Refuse by Saprophages) mediated by Hermetia illucens L.

Simona Errico, Stefania Moliterni, Salvatore Dimatteo, Alessandra Verardi, Anna Spagnoletta, Paola Sangiorgio, Roberto Balducchi

The project promotes the use of an alternative and sustainable biological source for proteic food and feed production

  C5 (pav. 4C.05)

Antonio Durbé, Daniele Tommei

Sistemi di riflessone della luce solare: per illuminazione, cuocere, tostare il caffè, riscaldare, per concentrare l'energia termica.

  B4 (pav. 4B.04)

Prof. Giorgio M. Balestra, Dr. Sara Francesconi, Dr. Daniele Schiavi

From waste to wealth: how nanotechnology can teach us to recycle and save future agriculture.

Ceo Hydrohunter Daniela Tamburrino; Direttore Operazioni Volo Vincenzo Orso

Our technological system uses electromagnetic waves to identify water reserves underground. Ensuring reliability and precision in results, To contribute to the responsible management of water resources.

  I2 (pav. 4I.02)


Systems for the sustainable control of Drosophila Suzukii and other pests relevant to Lazio fruit growing

Sint Tecnologie

Together for an aware agri-food system, more respectful of the environment and the territory.

  C12 (pav. 4C.12)

Kseniya Lenarciak, Davide De Marchi, Max Lenarciak

SLY monitoring as a service solution combines ultra-early detection using on-the-ground edge AI sensors and predictive modelling of fire risk.

Francesca Costantini, Nicola Lovecchio, Cesare Manetti, Massimo Reverberi, Giampiero de Cesare and Domenico Caputo

Agritech is an ambitious project funded by PNRR which deals with proposing innovative solutions to transform the Italian agri-food sector. It is divided in 9 sub-projects, namely "spoke" each one with a different target to achieve. Spoke 9, New technologies and methodologies for traceability, quality, safety, measurements and certifications to enhance the value and protect the typical traits in agri-food chains, aims to develop sensors and tools to create a large retrievable database concerning the farm to fork chain which, eventually, will be available to stakeholders as a DSS.

IISS Colamonico-Chiarulli - Acquaviva delle Fonti (BA)

SmartBreak is a web application that revolutionizes school cafeteria orders, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and convenience for students and staff.

  A1 (pav. 8A.01)

Annamaria Bevivino, Roberto Balducchi, Gianfranco Diretto, Antonio Molino, Claudia Zoani, Silvia Massa

The ENEA projects funded by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNPRR) on Sustainable Food Systems.

Flavia Seno - Spesabus

Challenge your friends and your senses by playing with tasting boxes of typical products directly from small farms

  F1 (pav. 4F.01)

Antonio Idà

a green advancement in spirulina production


Fortune Italia Startup Awards - Foodtech & Agritech Edition 2023 individua e premia le startup che stanno avendo un impatto positivo nei settori Agritech/Foodtech attraverso attività che fanno parte della loro strategia di core business.

  F2 (pav. 4F.02)

IIS Marconi Civitavecchia

Yet another weathering station… but really different! A multidisciplinary approach from MicroPython to Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality.

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale DII, Università di Trento

New class of sustainable robotic technologies: mobile, flexible, collaborative, wearable with sustainable and multifunctional materials to reduce the environmental impact.

Franco M. Battagello, Michela Mascia, Ivano Basile, Marco Granati, Federica Saponaro, Fulvio Petti.

Multi-channel integrated solution of A.I. digital models to manage criticalities and climate change challenges. The current focus is on Agritech: viticulture.

Giorgia Pontetti

How can food be produced in the future? How can food be produced in extreme environments? What does it have in common with future space food? These are some of the topics we want to "tell" at maker faire. Futuristic hydroponic crops within everyone's reach.

  F11 (pav. 4F.11)

Roberto Simmarano

This smart wearable patch is part of a kit for AI health diagnostic devices, offering diverse physiological measurements and data processing capabilities

Annamaria Gerardino (CNR-IFN), Francesca Romana Bertani (CNR-IFN); Luca Businaro (CNR-IFN); Fabio Chiarello (CNR-IFN);

We use spectroscopy, i.e. light analysis, to understand the characteristics of products and verify what they contain

prof. carlo Giuseppe Rizzello

A team of researchers in Food Science and Technology of the Sapienza University is working to develop, together with industrial partners, innovative bio-processes for foods and beverages making.

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