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Team NAO&SFCS I.I.S. "G. Marconi" Nocera Inferiore (SA)

The project called (NAO&SFCSacronym of AO &SMART FOOD CONSERVATION SYSTEM aims to create a low-cost solution based on an IoT and AI architecture to monitor and manage food conservation.

Alunni della classe 3C del Liceo Scientifico Alessandro Volta di Foggia

The project intends to recycle old toys making them robotic through microcontrollers that allow them to be reused in a fun and creative way.

Claudio Gasparini

Build Your Own Cardboard Robot #OttoCardy made with both Arduino and micro:bit that is an example of creative robotics at a very low cost.

  D13 (pav. 5D.13)

Khaled Megahed CEO and Business Development Manager,Dr M.Nazmy Co-Founder e CTO

RML (Rome Mobility Link) unites sustainable transport, school management, and accessibility through innovative RFID wearables and cloud connectivity.

Khaled Megahed CEO and Business Development Manager,Dr M.Nazmy Co-Founder e CTO

Transforming parking management with Parko: a cutting-edge solution for efficient and sustainable parking services. #SmartParking #Innovation #Sustainability

Gabriele Galbato Muscio

We made a cheap high resolution laser profilometer with high vertical resolution (up to 5 micron) and large available surface

  H3 (pav. 6H.03)

3CE _ ITIS "G.Galilei"_IIS Pontecorvo

This is a project about an intelligent system which, through an IoT application, makes waste collection more efficient and smart

Giorgio Marcatili

Revo5 is the modular and innovative CNC machine, ideal for every work requirement.

Giovanni di Dio Bruno

An open source autonomous car-like rover based on ROS 2

  D6 (pav. 5D.06)

Denis Oliviero, Giuseppe Pirillo, Gaetano Carlino, Salvatore Sgariglia, Antonio Amato

RoboButts is a mobile robot equipped with a robotic arm with the purpose of collecting cigarette butts.

Studio 5T & Paolo di Gregorio Zitella

The goal of the Robot Arena Challenge project is to create the first community on competitive robotics in the "Antweight 150gr" category, respecting the international regulation.

  C5 (pav. 5C.05)

Classe 4B "ITI RENATO ELIA" C/mare di Stabia

RobotElios is a six-wheeled rover used to look for new archaeological finds. It uses sensors to scan objects it finds

  A3 (pav. 8A.03)

Elettra Robotics Lab

Lambda is a multifunctional robot designed to operate in a domestic environment.

  D14 (pav. 5D.14)

Elettra Robotics Lab

Uranus is a humanoid robot with 24 degrees of freedom (DOF) developed by ERL with the objective of reaching a height of 80 cm, surpassing the limit of our previous projects.

  D14 (pav. 5D.14)

Autori: prof. Luciano Maggi, studente Matteo Grena e Christian Persizza - classe 5^EA indirizzo elettrotecnica dell’Istituto Superiore “Pietro Paleocapa” di Bergamo –

A PLC controlled plant for sorting and recycling materials. A refurbished Robotic Arm (Scorbot ER3) sorts objetcs based on colours and code.

Code Academy APS

Robotics and Coding education workshops for kids, presentation of new robots created by our 9-14 yo students.

  G12 (pav. 8G.12)

E. Menegatti, L.Tonin, S. Tortora, A. Del Felice, A. Pretto, S. Ghidoni, R. Carli, G. Rosati, G. Boschetti

This booth hosts the joint exhibition of all the research laboratories of the University of Padova active in the field of robotics.

  D8 (pav. 5D.08)


Robotizr helps people and companies in adopting and purposefully using robotics and advanced industrial automation machines.

HULKs - Hamburg University of Technology

Roccer Robot Players from RoboCup SPL - Team HULKs, Hamburg University of Technology

  A10 (pav. 5A.10)

Kristijan Nelkovski

A sensor packed DIY robot kit with an Arduino sized footprint

  D12 (pav. 5D.12)

Simone Tolomei

A small and versatile ROS-based robot built over a Jetson Nano to experiment with AI and Machine Vision algorithms.

  D6 (pav. 5D.06)

Cristian Vendra

Sanitron is the most effective solution on the market for sanitizing shopping trolley handles, positioned directly between the rows of stored trolleys.

  A14 (pav. 6A.14)

Sapienza Flight Team

The project brings together a group of students from various Sapienza departments to realize UAVs for internationals universities Competitions.

Sapienza Rocket Team

Sapienza Rocket Team is a student team that designs, builds and launches sounding rockets and model rockets.

  L11 (pav. 3L.11)

Sapienza Space Team

Sapienza University Student Team building space-related projects and prototypes taking part in international competitions and space mission simulations.

  L10 (pav. 3L.10)

Sapienza Technology Team

We build planetary rovers with manipulators to participate in international competitions, using AI the rover autonomously perform martian missions and collect samples.

  G9 (pav. 3G.09)

Chiarelli Giovanni, Corsi Filippo e Obinu Cristian classe V A Elettronica Robotica IIS Tito Sarrocchi Siena

The objective is to implement a wheelchair with an electrified head-controlled system specially thought for paraplegics, i.e., person with inability to voluntarily move the upper and lower parts of the body; a series of sensors were placed on the perimeter of the chair to avoid obstacles and to provide information on the surrounding environment.

Giacomo Alessandroni

Learning robotics has never been more fun. We want the pupil overtaking the teacher: otherwise there is no progress.

Pasquale Pepe e Agnello Pepe

Shadow Project is a program that thanks to the A.I. it is able to convert the movements inside the videos, in a replicable file and accessible by robots that can replicate it and save it in memory.

  E7 (pav. 3E.07)

Alessio Morale

Slammer: An open-source, autonomous rover, developed as a project to learn robotics

  D6 (pav. 5D.06)


A robot with artificial intelligence capable of monitoring and acting on the malfunction and structure of the wind turbine blade.

NaoDevils - TU Dortmund University

The team Nao Devils participates in the RoboCup competition playing 7vs7 soccer games with fully autonomous robots.

  A10 (pav. 5A.10)

Ferrarini Fabio , Paolo Cirinei , Leonardo Pacini ,

MARRtina the first Italian social robot is able to communicate with people and show social behaviors by interacting through the voice, facial expressions and body movement.

Centonze Simone, Costa Eugenio, Graci Edoardo, Zuccoli Fabio.

Space treasure hunt! team up to unearth all the hidden aliens and win the game

Spark Srl

Autonomous rover for archeological operations that explores and creates 3D maps of inaccessible sites using AI algorithms.

Giorgini Alfonso Maria

Sport-graf is a device which, through a wave amplifier, is able to detect the electrical activity of the muscle by applying three electrodes to the skin.

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale DII, Università di Trento

New class of sustainable robotic technologies: mobile, flexible, collaborative, wearable with sustainable and multifunctional materials to reduce the environmental impact.


Rese.Q is an innovative modular robot for search and rescue operations built by our student team at Polytechnic of Turin.

  G20 (pav. 6G.20)

Massimiliana Carello and the Politecnico di Torino Teams

The Politecnico di Torino presents the most important students Teams involved in sustainability, ecological aspect, low consumption, mobility, recycle, reducing environmental impact and promoting circular economy.

Stefano Del Bufalo

A game for learning to read the time in a fun way

Gianluca Masi

Explore the real Universe live, from the comfort of you home, via our robotic telescopes: be an astronomer for one night!

Farzam Safarnia, Luciano Fattore, Javad Shahidi

Automatic Page Flipper for Book Scanner

  H3 (pav. 6H.03)


Weart develops wearable and portable technology products for the digitalization of the sense of touch, to be added to our multimedia experiences.

  E3 (pav. 5E.03)

Manuela Quaglietti, Emiliano Gatti

We create and create sustainable and original and technological "things", beautiful to wear or exhibit, made of wood, these objects are able to communicate data, messages and emotions.

Lucrezia Grassi, Carmine Tommaso Recchiuto, Antonio Sgorbissa

Caring AI & Robotics: An autonomous robot promoting inclusive and engaging group conversations.

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