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Gli studenti del corso specialistico di Multimedia Design dell’ISIA di Pescara, (Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche - parte del comparto AFAM / MUR)

An interactive exhibition about scam that projects visitors in a serious-game that entertains and informs through experiential learning.

Biagio Todaro, Nicolò Carta.

Biomedical device for non-invasive and in-home prostate cancer early diagnosis and monitoring, just by introducing a urine sample.

  D.35 (pav. D)

I quantum technologists di Roma Tre

How we are fostering disruptive technologies at Università Roma Tre

  D.05 (pav. D)

Relio Labs

A open-source multispectral illumination platform made for science, art and cultural heritage, to help research institutes during restorations and digital imaging tasks.

  L.1.25 (pav. L)

Domenico Palombo, Patrizia Perego, Pier Francesco Ferrari, Bianca Pane, Giovanni Spinella, Bahar Aliakbarian

Development and validation of vascular prostheses with small diameter that are biodegradable, biocompatible, gelatin-coated, and engineered with bioactive compounds.

Nao Devils - TU Dortmund, SPQR Team - Sapienza Università di Roma

Robotic competition among two teams of fully autonomous humanoid robots playing soccer.

  C.A1 (pav. C)

Dott. Maurizio Serra, Dott. Giuseppe Cittadino

The S-Coclear App includes five functions to treat tinnitus and train hearing: COCHLEAR STIMULATOR, MELODIC MASK, TIN SUPPRESSOR, ENVIRONMENTAL AMPLIFIER, RELAXATION TECHNIQUES.

  L.T.24 (pav. L)

Sapienza Technology & Flight Team

Our two teams design and build prototypes of rovers and drones, our focus is on aerospace, robotics, autonomous flight, and AI.

Alessio Morale

Slammer is an autonomous rover project designed as a learning platform for robotics in general and ROS.

ESA - European Space Agency

What is the future of space exploration? What are the boundaries and limits to be overcome? Exploring space means traveling farther, visiting new places and returning with new experiences and knowledge to help us on Earth

  B.14 (pav. B)

Annalisa Santucci, Ottavia Spiga, Adalgisa Sinicropi, Elena Petricci


The Department of Excellence of Biotechnology Chemistry and Pharmacy of Siena University is a brand new Second Cycle Master’s Degree in Sustainable Industrial Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (SIPhaB).

PhD Antonello Bonfante (Senior Researcher at CNR)

Sustainable models of grapevine cultivation: new approaches to support precision agriculture in the vineyard

  E.14 (pav. E)

Zuffellato A, Pieretti E, Spagnolo D, Framarin A, Tonietto M, Caichiolo A, Zampogna A, Petkovic N, Fumene Feruglio P.

Digital sport system, closely integrated with the cloud for a dual monitoring of sport performances and environmental conditions

  O.03 (pav. O)


Real-time monitoring and localization of RF emitters by means of multilateration techniques.

Antonio Ianiero

An exhibit of machines that shares the common feature to make unexpected and surprising things.

  L.1.07 (pav. L)

Sebastiano Foti, Debora Fino, Giuliana Mattiazzo, Massimiliana Carello

The Politecnico of Torino involves the students in Teams with a mission: “learning by doing” with the goal to grow up a new generation of engineers able to accept challenges and solve problems. The main goal of the teams is a practical training of the future engineer: to design means to compromise between an idea and what is actually buildable.

Mattis Eynard, Eléa Bois, Jeanne Lallemand, Blaise Depauw, Lucile Cerda, Jules Jalon

We are developing an electrified mosquito net in order to offer an alternative to insecticide-impregnated mosquito nets, toxic for humans.

  L.T.15 (pav. L)

ISTC-CNR group: Valerio Sperati, Beste Ozcan, Flora Giocondo, Massimiliano Schembri, Francesco Montedori, Gianluca Baldassarre

Transitional Wearable Companions: interactive soft toys to support early therapy with children with Autism Spectrum DIsorders

  E.14 (pav. E)

Ingenuity Labs Research Institute

Wonderful, wacky, and unusual robots wiggle and walk

  B.25 (pav. B)


A vision-aided positioning system for autonomous vehicles which exploits both cutting edge and consolidated vision technologies together with GNSS information.

Antonio Zarlenga and HyAware Lab of the Engineering Department of the University of Roma Tre.

How do contaminants and water move in aquifers? The project simulates the main phenomena of the hydrological cycle in groundwater

MUltimedia & SEcurity (MUSE) Group

AI-based motion recognition through body language aiming at evaluating the quality of experience of the user in a virtual museum.

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