Exhibitors 2018

Category "Circular Economy"

Reclamation of polluted water and soil by using plants

SPIRULINA, A SPECIAL TYPE OF MICROALGA OF FRESHWATER, IS ONE OF THE MOST COMPLETE FOOD THAT THE NATURE GIVES YOU. Spireat is a start-up that produce spirulina and spirulina based products thanks to its innovative methods based in a circular economy way
  D11 (pav. 6)

ApuliaKundi si occupa di ricerca sulle micro alghe; in particolare produce SpirulinaK biologica, naturale, pura e Made in Italy.
  D10 (pav. 6)

Elisabetta Macchi
Digital pronto in ceramics support or thinks

Sandro Giammellucca
create a musical instrument with any waste or raw material

Danny Scheible and Eben Burgoon
Masking tape meets imagination forming an entire ever-expanding city made of tape!

E-GAP is the first mobile recharging operator for electric vehicles. It provides on-demand recharging services through special electric Vans. After downloadin …
  B1 (pav. 6)

AgriMax biorefinery approach will turn food residues into new valuable products for the food, packaging and agriculture sectors
  D14 (pav. 6)

Black Studio
In the Upcycled collection the Eco-Sustainability concept is applied to the field of Fashion Design. The name itself indicates the main feature of this line created by converting waste into a raw material and thus adding value to the final products.

eTa Blades
uTo - indoor and outdoor design lamps made from materials produced by the production of wind turbines

Conoscere per rispettare, conoscere per valorizzare. Il Mare subisce costantemente l'impatto delle nostre attività. Da qui una maggiore consapevolezza per sviluppare idee innovative volte alla tutela e valorizzazione delle risorse marine.
  I4 (pav. 6)

Monitor wifi display for viewing the production and consumption data of an off-grid MPP-SOLAR photovoltaic system.

Marco Guglielmi e Angela Conte
Bag out of the dark The Vintage Bag was born from the union between the manufacture craftsmanship and innovative Italian genius. Conceived for have an original design, quality in materials and a usefulness unexpected: that of lighting up thanks to an Arduino control board which commands the understanding of the light inserted in the intact part e charging external devices.

Research on poor materials and their interaction with light brings to Wanda; a lamp made of polypropylene straps intertwined completely by hand on a laser-cut Plexiglas support. 150 holes - 600 intertwined Beauty, inventiveness and patient manual work are combined in a unique piece of furniture.

WaterSave it's an innovative domestic water managment system. It can reduce a lot the incredible wast in the world.

Davide Golzio
collection of bijoux-jewelry made with 3D printing in different materials such as: pla, resin, steel, silver. The result is something extremely original and innovative.

Comparison of a fossil-based and bio-based process chain in the cosmetics industry

Scott Stevenson
We are pulling apart the technology in the Zano Drone!
  G13 (pav. 6)

Team zeroCO2 (Andrea Pesce, Giorgio Jaupi, Irene Culcasi, Raffaele Ventura)
zeroCO2: plant a tree with a click and offset CO2. Wear the only 100% recycled T-shirt or subscribe to monthly plans.
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