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Explore makers, exhibitors and projects coming to Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition

CITROËN harnesses creative flair and technology to enhance well-being. Since 1919, CITROËN has made a major contribution to putting cars within reach of the …

Hans Jørgen Grimstad
The CityBeest is a 20 legged walking robot, inspired by the works of Theo Jansen. Instead of using Jansen's 11 magic numbers, a genetic algorithm and simulatio …
  R8 - CityBeest

CNA, the National Confederation of the Craft Sector and Small and Medium Enterprises, has been representing and protecting the interests of craft companies, SME …

Paolo Bonelli, Domenico Cardinale, Mauro Alfieri, gruppo FB: CoScienza Ambientale
Co-Scienza Ambientale has the purpose to design and build low cost instruments that can monitor water environment and alert to pollution events. Two instrume …
  Z8 - Co-Scienza Ambientale: strumenti per il monitoraggio degli ambienti acquatici

Technology is the foundation of our life, what we want to do is to teach students to "make technology" and not just to use it. In our courses we teach with tech …
  U10 - Codemotion Kids

Gloria Spagnolo, Emma Piccin, Tiziano Maffione
Colorize is an interactive installation that allows to learn (by playing) how Arduino, conductive paint, capacitive sensor and RGB led strip work: all the elect …
  U24 - FabLab Castelfranco Veneto + Treviso Arduino User Group

WASProject Team
Vertical Cultivation

Giorgia Pontetti
Ferrari Farm has created an automatic hydroponic plant in sterile and hermetic greenhouses of new generation, unique in their kind; to do this we have put toget …
  B3 - Coltivazioni Idroponiche in serre ermetiche sterili

Oliver Astrologo, Marcello Ridolfi, Fabian McDonald
Coltiverra, a revolution in agriculture that allows anyone to grow their own food online. A new service which lets users manage and monitor their own plot of la …
  B6 - Coltiverra

Bormioli Luigi
Beverage producers could discover the perfect glass for their products.
  B21 - Come cambia l’aroma il bicchiere?

Marco (fancy name) is an autistic boy who attends our school, the IPSIA "F. Corridoni" in Corridonia (MC). Marco cannot speak and cannot even use the I-Pad b …
  C31 - Comunicatore per ragazzi autistici

CONAI, the National Packaging Consortium CONAI is a private system, created and designed by companies: with more than 1,000,000 members, between packaging prod …

Troy Nachitgall
If we can control the spin on the yarns and threads we use to make knits and woven cloth can we make a more dynamic cloth, shirt or pair of pants? The Conducti …
  X6 - ONEDAY make your own sneakers

A path of contamination between products of traditional and innovative approach of the contemporary makers. Contaminazioni creates new generations of technologi …

Luca Bernacchia, Massimo Vagnoni
Control of Things (COT) is a project that allows you to control the home automation devices from local or from internet. These devices are designed to interroga …
  P44 - Control of Things (COT)

Libelium’s education and open source hardware division, is dedicated to making electronics affordable, easy to learn and fun. Cooking Hacks serves a worldwide …
  G4 -

Dhruv Saxena, Sagar GV
The number of pressure cooker whistles blown is often a good indicator of amount of cooking done. However, most users have a hard time keeping track of the numb …
  B30 - Cookoo - Pressure Cooking Made Easy

Prototype-Factory, Robotfactory
Copperface is a galvanic cell, easy to use to coat the 3D printed objects surfaces with metal, This for aesthetic or functional needs. The metallisation proces …

Mario Mazzullo - Fablab Imola
This system consists of a swarm of cooperating robots for environmental monitoring and data acquisition (humidity, temperature, gas, dust, etc.) in confined are …
  P64 - Fablab Imola - Robotware - Archidron

Paolo Isabettini, Creaticity FabLab Tolentino
"Cromo" is a armchair design, the first born project in our FabLab project (and vice versa). It 's a chair with rounded shapes that has the distinction of bein …
  P32 - Creaticity FabLab Tolentino

We're hosting our members projects

Simone Carcone, Alessandro Borelli
CubeCode is a tool that allows to learn code without using a computer, with all the possibilities of a real programming language. This is possible because we id …

Andrea Sartori, Stefano Lascialfari, Massimo Cicorella, Livio Talozzi
Cubotto è un oggetto dal design ergonomico, che consente l’ utilizzo della videochiamata a persone che hanno difficoltà con la tecnologia digitale. Il sis …

alessio gismondi, luciano bianchi
' cuoresolitario 2.0 ' is a reimagined in dresser's current realized in 2000 and designed by alessio gismondi and giuseppe cerasoli, what was a simple piece of …
  P35 - con_tatto

Andrea Navarini, Filippo Miserocchi
Cuprintha borns from the meeting of an artisan and a maker. This project aims to find a common insterest between the classic handicraft and the 3D printing. On …

Marco Baruzzo
The idea of this project is to improve the 3D printing FFF tecnique modifying the printing angle between the printers vertical axis and the gravity axis; with t …
  P43 - ICTP Scientific FabLab (SciFabLab)

Lupi Paola e Luigi Merz
Casale dei Pozzi's bouillon cube with Antioxy- oleum is the first product in the world to include the concentrate of the olive's vegetation waters (a by- produc …
  B36 - Area macchinari

Rainerum Robotics Team
The Rainerum Robotics Team for years develops drones. He is testing for filming and 3D reconstruction via camera and a special sensor. In the past, the kids hav …
  U4 - Dai droni al 3D

Sergio Gotti
Sergio Gotti offers a reading of a more recent, linking directly to the art of Ceroli, joining together the Arte Povera made with the craftsmanship of skilled c …
  V11 - Dal cartone all'opera d'arte

Bottega SPA
Se l’innovazione è mettere insieme elementi esistenti per produrre qualcosa di nuovo alfine di soddisfare un bisogno, nel campo delle bevande alcoliche tradi …
  B22 - Dal vestito al contenuto: innovazione a 360°.

I.I.S. "C. Rosatelli" di Rieti
Project work : "From the attic to the lab", created by IIS "C. Rosatelli . It is about the reuse of old toys, that digital natives account as uninteresting, …
  C23 - Dalla soffitta al laboratorio

Hackspace Catania
" DART " it's an Open Hardware Midi Controller , based on Arduino . Designed by hackspace Catania it is addressed to the world of musicians , DJs , producers , …
  G27 - Dart - Open Hardware midi controller

DEDALOS is a GNSS innovative system for static geo-physical and static monitoring; it is single frequency and low-cost. DEDALOS is useful for landslide monitori …
  I6 - DEDALOS (Distance Extended Device for Accurate Land ObservationS)

Krizia Mariani e Paolo Isabettini, Creaticity FabLab Tolentino
"Design aPeso" is a collection of products that can be made with the technologies available in the FabLabs. They are objects that can be bought to weight and yo …
  P32 - Creaticity FabLab Tolentino

Team di ricerca DigiFABturing
Durante la Maker Faire Rome di quest'anno presenteremo l'esperienza del cluster di ricerca DigiFABturing che, all'interno del Fablab Torino ha iniziato una sper …
  Y7 - Fablab Torino

Giulio Limongelli
I am an Artisan Photographer from 1985 and I want my work to stay artisanal. I modified an anolag enlarger to digital . I called it DIGINGRANDITORE and so I ca …

Sara Savian and Claudia Scarpa @ Wemake
Digital Fashion is a fashion design project that teaches you how to design, modify and adapt decorative patterns to different clothing designs. DF integrates cr …

DiScienza is a non-profit organization that operates in the field of scientific communication with the objective to develop and spread knowledge of science and …
  U21 - DiScienza

Fiorella Bonifacio + Smontatori
“Dismantle the TV and turn on an idea” is a creative manifestation against trash TV. It was born to make television audience develop a critical sense of how …
  Smonta il televisore - Dismantle the tv and turn on an idea

Colaborativa.eu & Fab Lab Limerick
For the last two years Colaborativa.eu and Fab Lab Limerick have been developing an open-source, low cost and digitally fabricated geodesic dome system. We want …
  Geodesic Pavillion - Domenico.cc Geodesic Pavilion

Matteo Petrangeli e Leonardo pace. Appartenenti al FabLab dell'itis M.Faraday
The project that we will bring is Domopet, an automated kennel for our animals. The microcontroller will distribute food and water to the animal during certain …

Hackerspace Trento
We built a radically new home automation system which not only builds a thermal model of your home, but also can be controlled reliably with just your voice.
  P71 - semplicemente innovativo

Dr-Jack's Team
How it works Dr-Jack connects to all devices, such as smartphones and tablet and with any operating system (Android, iOS, etc.), through the headphone jack and …

Pier Calderan
Drone equipped with propellers for underwater navigation. Equipped with camera can also be controlled from the surface. Can make beautiful underwater videoclips …
  Z3 - Drone robot subacqueo (aquabot)

What is a drone? How does it work and it's hard to fly? We built a space to answer these questions, and allow anyone to experience the thrill of flying and driv …
  Drones for Kids - Drones for Kids

ITI-LS "Francesco Giordani" Caserta - Trasporti e Logistica, costruzione del mezzo: aereo. Il gruppo è stato coordinato dal Prof. Francesco Colussi e dall' A.T. Alessandro Giliberti.
The drones disposable , designed and manufactured in our Technical Institute by the pupils of specialization construction of the medium : air , unmanned aircraf …
  C28 - Droni monouso per missioni umanitarie

Prof Daniele Pauletto
Multicopters equipped drones as speakers that can create different applications, such as Guides experienced in our city (Castelfranco Veneto Italy). The drones …

DWS® is the only Italian company capable of developing systems for prototyping and rapid production through implementation of stereolithography technology, wit …
  R11 -

Massi Mario e FabLab Pesaro
Eco dog is a mechanical tool to collect dog droppings. It is a patented tool that performs its function allowing the user to collect the excrement in a hygienic …
  D6 - Eco dog: un raccogli "pupù" per il tuo cane

Team Efesti
Efesti.com is an e-commerce portal, a window that, thanks to the web, faces directly the stores of the “artists” of craftsmanship. From these unique places …
  X4 - Efesti - Art Makers Store
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