Exhibitors 2017

Category "Electronics "

Roberto Lo Giacco, Matteo Chiessi
Boost your CNC milling skills with a simple spindle attachment: you never thought it could be so easy!

Silvio Scena
Modular Musical Instrument. Each module (12 dynamic keys ) can be assembled with others composing a full piano keyboard.

Silvio Rossetto, Mirco Piccin
Turn (almost) any electronic device into an digital one: IOT without pain.

Laboratori Didattici di Fabio & Giulia e La Tata Robotica

Pasta Diamantata
  B22 (pav. 9)

Società FITH S.r.l.s.
Motorized LifeSaving electric roller skate with too motor voters To low tension and sistem of recovery wich BACK.

Elisa and Paolo Legnani
Simple and lightweight Pellet Extruder compatible with Prusa i3 and many other personal and professional 3D printers.

François Xavier Faucher & Fabien Jonckheere

Daniele Leandri
Pitturino is a Device to create color from a selected pixel in a picture.

Edoardo Taori
Plants Play is a pocket device that allows you to listen to the Music generated by Plants and Trees. Through two electrodes settled on the leaves, Plants Play converts electric plant variations into music notes, and send them by bluetooth on your smartphone.

This project mixes VR with physical interaction as a mixed-interactive sound installation.

Mirco Piccin
playROS is a project to explain how ROS (Robot Operating System) works, by playing a simple and well known game: Tic Tac Toe.

PlayWood team
PlayWood is a innovative modular furniture system that combines connectors and boards to create custom furinutre. Download design, assemble and disassemble your forniture, realize new shape, recycle the material. PlayWood furnitures are not only products but a contemporary sharing platform for maker and designer.

Polizia di Stato
The Postal and Communications Police exhibits two digital forensics tools which copy and analyze data stored in the memory of devices. One can be used with desk …
  F5 (pav. 7)

Flavio Prattico, Carmine Gianfagna, Carmelo Cera, Tomassino Ferrauto
ThePolyShaper technology is the mean through we can reproduce 3D models on the expanded polystyrene.

José Salatino
Portrait Painter: A robot that paints portraits with brushes and paint. No points, no lines, only real brush strokes

Alessandro Squatrito, Tommaso Laterza, Davide Gomba, Pier Luigi Vona, Silvia Galfo, Cristina Bignante, Edoardo Tenani, Officine Innesto
The apartment of the future, the testbed for IoT solutions and Open Design Casa Jasmina is represented from a nice, interactive, Postcard! Come and see us and chat with the home of the future.

Pasquale Longo, Michele Longo
Powahome is a small wifi device that allows you to control the switches you already have in your house.

Poggioni Giuseppe
A device that protects the environment from carbon monoxide leaks, from dangerous gas leaks and resulting dangerous deflagrations.

stars, planets, satellites become detailed hand painted lamps. to touch, learn and have fun with science! ..and for charity :)

Qmod is a fun way for children to learn, explore and create with electricity found in common everyday objects.

Daniele Leandri
Quattroquarti - Musical run is an innovative tool to learn music. It is a third person videogame in wich the player should catch and play the more correct notes he can in the right tempo and with the correct expression.


  F8 (pav. 7)

Marco Casalgrandi
ReCycle was born in 2008 to restore old bikes, customizing them according to the needs and desires of the owners. ​ In 2013 we created the first prototype of Cargo Bike starting from an old '90s MTB frame. After 3 years of testing and feedback collection, in 2016 we designed a new frame and started our first production batch.

Mattia Morghen , Marco Marini
Much more than just a wireless charger for your smartphone : Alarm - Cinema - Date - Photoslider -Weather

Alessandro Cives
The Tonal Ruler helps to identify the notes that are needed to perform or even to the composition of a musical track whose tonality has changed by necessity.

Daniele Dondi, Diego Savio Branciforti, Simone Lazzaroni
Development of light curable resins from vegetable oils

ResQ is also of help for immigrants: through the exchange of social experiences it is in fact possible to develop integration and emancipation of the single user.

Francesco Di Luzio & Luca Paolo Vasa (Noii Design Studio)
RIALZOO is a booster seat for children, made entirely of corrugated cardboard, easy to assemble, lightweight, transportable and eco-friendly.

KRICA design
Ideal Accessory for your wardrobe. Riccia la gruccia is the solution to organize your space. Designed to Hang any garment.

Francesca Leone
The recycling of inner tube. It is has proven to be a material very well suited to make handmade jewellery and accessories.

Dmitry Vasilenko, Maksim Masalski, MRobot Team mrobot.by
RoboCards -an electronic DIY-postcards for present and for creation. RoboCards it is eye-catching and imaginative electronic postcards kits that can be assembled without glue or soldering.

Maksim Masalski, MRobot Team mrobot.by
RoboCat K1 -educational toy-robot for kids aged 8-14, which was specially designed to study STEAM disciplines, practical and not boring programming in Scratch, robotics, physics and electronics.

Silver Kuusik, Ivana Atanasova
RoboKoding enables children to learn electronics, robotics and programming in a fun, interactive and collaborative way.

Giorgia Pontetti
A new generation appliance for fresh & clean food directly in your home. No expertize...just seed and let RobotFarm cultivates for you!

Rural Hack
  A5 (pav. 9)

Roberto Lo Giacco, Alessandro Surian, Annamaria Marini, Rosario Tedesco, Alberto De Nichilo, Toni Scotti
StarWars galaxy might be not as far far away as you thought with a LEDsaber in your hands.

Luca Cassioli
Keep your battery safe and your standby consumption low thanks to this device.

Luca Cassioli
Electronically lock furniture containing dangerous stuff for children (knives, soaps, lighters,...), and unlock with your NFC wirstband!

Cultura Italiae, GmgProgettoCultura, Franco Losvizzero
Cultura Italiae in collaborazione con GmgProgettoCultura, porterà l'arte contemporanea all'interno del Maker Faire. L'arte, appropriandosi del processo innovativo e delle tecniche del nuovo artigianato digitale, propone ai partecipanti una immedesimazione e una compartecipazione all'interno di uno spazio virtuale e reale allo stesso tempo, che si traduce in una materialità visiva, circolare e prismatica, dell’ immaterialità del pensiero artistico. Ad opera dell'artista Franco Losvizzero il processo si fonde con la realtà aumentata per permettere al partecipante di comprendere il qui e ora della creazione artistica. Accanto all' opera di Franco Losvizzero, verrà proposta un'installazione che nasce dall'esperimento realizzato da una rivista letteraria internazionale on-line, dove prosa e poesia sono generate da un' Intelligenza Artificiale.

Maurizio Sergiusti G.
Scoobafish is a sustainable project for the recycling of junk in our environment.

Lorenzo De Luca, Leonardo Marcato
An easy keyboard for elder people.

Davide Tranchina, Andrea Petrucci
Shell-O is a shell of shellfish, able to shell out 1kg of telline in 5 minutes. at no extra cost and using fresh products.

Gaia Fior
It's a modified IKEA table with a sensitive glass surface that can sense the weight of an object and give a feedback using RGB LED under the glass, right on the spot where an object (or a hand) is placed. It uses a triangulation algorithm that read data from three load cells on which the glass surface is placed. All is controlled by an Arduino and it's opensource.

Mattia Fochesato
You can drive LEGO models as a real car with steering wheel and pedals.

Sintesi Sud srl
  B16 (pav. 7)

Roberto Basile, Irina Zinitch
Our invention relates to a heel replacement system in women shoe specifically designed with engagement devices to replace the heels.
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