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Associazione LOfficina - Riccardo Vittorietti - Stefania Ferroni
LOfficina deals with the design and construction and maintenance of scientific instruments including electrostatic generators. The Wimshurst electrostatic gener …
  V33 - Scienza interattiva

  Genuino -

Genzyme has pioneered the development and delivery of transformative therapies for over 30 years. Founded in 1981 in Boston, Massachusetts, Genzyme evolved from …

SPEEDY BOARD: electronic control board for 3D printers. The fastest and most powerful in the world! Technical features: -180MHz ARM Cortex M4 controller with FP …
  A5 -

Google is a global technology leader focused on improving the ways people connect with information. Google’s innovations in web search and advertising have ma …

Gr-in Team
Gr-in House is an Arduino based greenhouse. The user is able to control, air humidity and air temperature, soil humidity, light brightness. The greenhouse also …
  P60 - Gr-in House

Taslim Owonikoko
BIG PERENNIAL MAL-ODOR PROBLEM IN LEATHER PROCESSIING SOLVED IN MINUTES The fouling of environment, excessive water use and threat to workforce are the underl …
  N5 - Greening Leather

Mastro Gippo
This small, open source board makes cricket sounds at random intervals and can be hidden in your friends house as a practical joke.
  S8 - Crunchlab

Grinding Project was founded in 2013 to produce design objects developed from used engine components It was developed applying and experimenting social responsi …

Gruppo RepRap Italia
RepRap is about making self-replicating machines, and making them freely available for the benefit of everyone. 3D Printing is now starting to reach every home …

Mattia Ciurnelli
My project was born during my training course at Fab Academy project in 2015. I tried to include as much as possible of what I learned and learned in the five m …

Hackerbot 3D printer is based on Ultimaker design and on various RepRap parts. It was build using a lot of aluminium parts, chromed shafts, a reliable DD1 extr …
  A31 - Hackerbot 3D FFF printer

Frank Andre
The Hacklace is an electronic trinket, which conveys your personal message in an individual and original way. The Arduino-compatible microcomputer has a luminou …

Biancamaria Marchioro
When you build a 3D printer the first things that you'll print are cubes. You need them to understand if the machine is calibrated. My first results were more o …
  D21 - Handcraft porcelain jewels from 3D print

Giorgia Sperandio
Hands(H)ome would be an opensource and low cost alternative for the home management and household consumption monitoring. It is an accessible, simple and intuit …
  P43 - ICTP Scientific FabLab (SciFabLab)

Siobhán ní Chofaigh
It's about surface mount assembly on printed circuit boards. Using a simple flip flop PCB, a toaster oven and a reflow controller you assemble components and cr …
  U29 - Hardie Kids - Surface Mount Assembly made real easy!

Andrea, Leonardo, Valerio
V-Slot are revolutionary linear motion system, with v-slot system the guides become the structure of machine. is a simple but innovative system, aluminum profil …
  R9 - hardware meccanico per makers

Marco Fabbri e Nicola Bellon
Herby cuts the grass autonomously and automatically. It requires no help or assistance; it operates according to programmed work intervals, alternating cutting …
  R3 - Officine Robotiche

Cesare Pizzi
Problem: I have two dogs. When we go hiking outdoor, sometimes I leave them without leash. I'm always worried about loosing them. I know there are plenty of tra …

Flavio Mastracci
With Homegrown RC the user will have the opportunity of self build radio controlled vehicles like cars, boats or airplanes starting from a library of parts a …
  U26 - Homegrown RC

Fabio Romoli
An object of design, born from the personal story and passion of the maker and the history of electronic analog technologies, mixed up with the actual digital …
  L5 - HORGONIC a fusion of art and technolgy

La House of Drones è la grande novità di quest'anno alla Maker Faire. Per la prima volta, in una grande area chiusa e protetta, piloti professionisti e person …

Luca Randazzo, Roberto Rossi
Hubotics is a low-cost wearable actuated exoskeleton for at-home elbow rehabilitation of motor disabled people. The project is addressed to patients who need co …

Tanned's Group
It presents the project of a robotic arm capable of reproducing the movements of a human limb. The movements of the human arm are detected by means of three acc …
  R6 - Hypertrophic Arm

Gruppo collezionisti I-TELEX
The TELEX service: how it worked, how we bring it back to life in today's internet era with some extra features, like to send an email to a teleprinter and chat …
  P73 - I - TELEX "the teleprinter reloaded"

IIS Volterra-Elia Ancona Davide Carboni, Alessandro Carra
iBin: automatic bin for separate waste collection that can facilitate it for older and disable people and any other user. iBin is characterize by 2 cylindrical …
  C1 - iBin

A major player in the Information Technology industry, IBM has marked the 104-year anniversary of its founding in 2011. During its long history, the company has …

For more than forty years, the Istituto Europeo di Design has been operating in the fields of education and research in the disciplines of design, fashion, visu …
  D23 -

Michele Sorgi, Enrico Maria Castaldo, Giacomo Salvemme, Gianlorenzo Sabatini, Lorenzo Martini, Mattia Olcuire, Francesco Mariotti.
"Il Bolide della Spesa" consists in creating a shopping cart motorized. To give life to the realization we used dismissed components. Its stability, because of …
  P21 - Il Bolide della Spesa

Giancarlo Pellis
Three systems to determine the center of the knee are presented; the first based on the study of the trajectory of the leg in flexion-extension through a "robot …
  O6 - Il centro di rotazione del ginocchio

Traditional recipes created with innovative equipments
  B36 - Area macchinari

Cultivate and reclaim the land of their fathers , bring them back to be productive and a source of income , thanks to the favorable position of the place and th …
  B17 - Presidi Slow Food

paola volpi
Contamination Contemporary jewelery makes use of non precious materials, and materials originally intended for other uses, all of which enhances its conceptual …
   - il gioiello e la stampa 3D , la trasformazione dei materiali

  Il Messaggero -

Alvaro Passeri
The Parrot robot is about 90 cm high, on a pedestal, can answer my case of applications, to imitate animals, singing and dancing, while I accompany with the pia …

Daniela Donigaglia, Davide Dalfiume
The Flux Capacitor is a multifilament extruder made for the 3D printers. It allows to use up to 4 materials on the same printing with a single hotend, in that w …
  A33 - RepRap Italia

Loic De Buck
Industruino is a robust DIN-Rail mountable Leonardo compatible industrial controller with LCD. It lets you take your existing Arduino projects and swiftly trans …

IngDan is an online and offline platform focusing on the hardware innovation sector. The platform provides information of hardware innovation, knowledge of the …
  F20 -

Gael Langevin and Greg Perry
InMoov is the first Open Source 3D printed life-size robot. Replicable on any home 3D printer with a 12cm3 area, it is conceived as a development platform for U …

Giangiacomo Prunotto
Instatwin is a new Millenium Portrait Platform for the realization and marketing of mini figurines from Body scanning. Exactly copy of yourself,3D printed in co …

Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) is a world leader in computing innovation. The company designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the w …
  S13 -

Innovative system that allows people with hearing problems to be notified about noises of everyday life, thanks to a patch placed on the sound sources able to d …
  O20 - IntendiMe

cristiano vanzolini, michele di berardino
The very first things a user look for - when in the metaverse - are his hands. This project aims to enable a full upper limb real time tracking for grasping obj …
  O1 - intentoVR dataglove - metaverse editor

Mattia Fabrizi (laureando), Tommaso Empler (relatore)
This installation is designed to improve Cultural Heritage communication through an interactive experience. The user, simply pointing out parts of the object of …

@tamberg, @dr_m_kroll and other @iotzh members
The Internet of Things is quite a hype. We believe in bottom-up innovation of Internet-connected products and try to critically explore this new technology with …
  G38 - Internet of Things Zürich Showcase

Marco Bestonzo, Dario Trimarchi
INTOINO KITS are plug&play DIY educational KIT to rapid prototype I.o.T. projects without coding or soldering. Perfect to learn IoT in a fun and easy way!! The …
  U22 - INTOINO: impara a programmare con un KIT!

Invitalia is the Government Agency for inward investment and economic development, aimed at increasing the country’s competitiveness, particularly in southern …
  K16 -

Sfera Labs
iono is a general-purpose, professional input/output DIN-rail module, CE compliant, based on a standard Arduino. iono allows you to use your Arduino programming …

Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV) collects into a single institution all the major italian scientific research centers about geophysics and …

Italia Lavoro è l’agenzia tecnica del Ministero del lavoro e delle politiche sociali. Promuove e gestisce progetti nel campo delle politiche del lavoro, dell …
  L11 -
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